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Marapets is mobile friendly
I am SWAPPING photos and plates for ones I do not have yet, and
ONLY trading pets AFTER my pet Jenir in my pets list!
Please do not ask for other pets, or for RP / BP as i am using that myself.
I do only sell things from the gallery if i have double items in there, so i am not selling if there is only a single item in there.

When an angel sang,

it was the most beautiful Song ever heard,

she suddenly lost her voice,

and her wings became golden

She started to cry, but could not be heard,

Everyone felt pity but turned around,

and nobody offered her some comfort...

No comfort,

No arm around her,

No friendly voice,

no love,

no friendship,

and so she came down......

And so she came down,

and changed into a Bird,

A lovely Swan,

With tears in her beautiful eyes

She tried to tell her story......

The days, months and years passed and she forgot,

There was no past any more, she was a Swan,

and one days she was totally Swan,

There was another Swan and they had eggs.

She cared deep and loved them,

when they broke the eggs, she gave her Love,

And when the last one was grown up,

and all had offered their love to Her,

she remembered her past,

and flew high, and higher still

and found her voice....

If you are still, and Listen,

You will hear her Song..

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My name is Elise



I am in Club ATTIC!




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