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This is very out of date.

I am a Mom of two and both my kids have accounts here. We have 2 computers and a new tablet which I rarely use for mara but I have a few times. Update 2016. My Son rarely plays but my daughter plays at times then stops for a while then plays again. lol She mostly logs in on her laptop and I use my computer or tablet. Update 2019 My son has not played for several years. My daughter atm is not playing and hasnt' for a while but I would not say she never will as she has invested a lot in her account. I continue to play on my laptop mostly but am getting the desktop going again as well. Update My daughter has recently signed in. Not sure if she plans to continue playing

I'd love to have a viotto named Blitzen!!

New Stats! Which are old now. lol 2019 so very out of date haha
Breeno reached Level 100 with all other gym stats at 200 on October 26th, 2007
Mr.JoeChibs reached Chibs Warrior Level on October 26th
See my many blogs for more stats.

Wow its 2020 now!!


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