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Marapets is mobile friendly

Just message me if you need something.
Click here for trade/club/pet info/etc.!
Welcome! ~♣

Friends: Completely closed.
Pets: Check pet trades and/or pet status. Pet Trades > Status.
Club:Please, don't invite me unless I ask.
Maramail:Preferably not random 'hi' mails.
Maratalk: Best Friends Only.
Tagging me doesn't work.
I do NOT vote. I will report you if you mail me about voting.

Need something from my trades?
• Mail to haggle the price.

Need something from my gallery?
• Sorry, it's not for sale at the moment!

Want more from my wanted ad?
• I will not offer more if it's a temple or current CM item.

If you mail me about something apart from my trades, then you may not get a response.

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