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Hello hello, I'm Amber.
This account is newer, but I've been around Marapets for over 11 years.
Feel free to mm/mt me about my trades/wl items!
Not trading my pets currently, sorry!
Don't be afraid to come say hello. : )

upd8: I switch between my phone and laptop often, both while I'm out and while at my apartment/family home!

tumblr_n51er3943d1rgpbqio1_500.gif Thanks for clicking! Once again, I'm Amber!
I am a 21 year old university student studying plant sciences.
I live in the United States.
I'm a super fan of flowers.
My favorite color is green!
I love all sorts of music, but I primarily listen to rock, metal, and pop punk.
I have a HUGE weak spot for Ghibli movies and anime (especially goofy shonen!) and I will talk for HOURS about Naruto...
I love to chat, so if you'd like to, feel free to mm/mt me!
Player for 6 years & 9 daysJoined 27th Jul 2014 15:26
MM, MT, and FR all open.
Looking for WL items!
Good to be back. :^)
Player for 6 years & 9 days Joined 27th Jul 2014 15:26

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