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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
I am trying to 100% the game. which means collect everything. and it is not cheap. and it is not easy lol.

i do not resell retired 501k+ MP items bought through wanted ads!

not everyone has a shop pricer gift box, selling stuff isnt easy for everyone. so if my 250k wanted ad helps someone get their money instantly, and i take the risk and time trying to sell it for 100k profit, then im glad its easier for them! it only takes 10 minutes of not updating your shop to already be undercut on 80% of your items. and not everyone can sit there fixing their prices manually just to sell something.

so please dont block me because of all my Wanted Ad's v__v

also Monkey D. Luffy could beat Naruto EASY. cant change my mind lol If anyone needs me to buy out their entire shop please let me know!! always willing to help anyone who needs lots of MP.

the only rules are

1. all your prices must be up to date so they are same price as lowest on shop search, that way when i resell everything from your shop i break even and lose no MP, but you still sell your stuff.

2. i prefer that only people who dont have a shop pricer giftbox ask me, since i know how hard it is trying to manually price your own shop. chances are its impossible to sell easily doing it manually

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