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Jerm joined marapets on March 22, 2007, 11:11 pm

Note to staff. I log on from multiple devices.

This is the very first time i have ever wrote in my profile info page. I never know what to write.. Well, the names Jeremy, or just Jerm or Jer. Some even call me J. Im 25 and still come on! I dont know why. Ive been on and off mara for 11+ years now. Even before then i had an older account. So much has changed over the years but glad to see some of the same familiar people. Im not the only one! Haha

So here it goes..

One, my pets are for trade if they are in the pet trades. If your interested in any that aren't, you can ask but cant promise anything as soon will be harder to pry from me then others.
Two, the items i sell always have a price on them. I will not go any lower unless stated on each individual trade. I am not looking to trade for your items unless i ask. Junk offer will just be ignored. I have the lowest prices! Always looking for a deal.
Three, if you decide to be rude or ignore me multiple times i will just block you. I understand your busy, but if i contact you multiple times and you still ignore, i will just do the same. Its funny when those people then try to buy things from me or ask to trade pets. Sorry not going to happen!

I think that sums it up! If you got this far, thank you for taking the time to read my rant. :)

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