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I love cats :3 And christmas :3

My name is Natalia, And im a feline rescuer and socializer.
I love my job, it makes me happy :)

Banner made by kanga_ :)
Im Natalia
Im 23 :)
Ive been playing marapets for about 9/10 years, restarted the other year!
I love cats, any type of cats. I also collect cat items :)
I have 4 kittens and 3 older cats, and they are my world.(Edit; 1 kitten and 10 older cats <3 )

I dont really have any goals on marapets. Just to get a chibs, and try and get a figaro.
In mickey mouse, there was a little kitten called figaro (go look it up :3 ) so thats more of a reason that im trying to get one.

Im very friendly, you can always message me and feel free to send me friend requests.

Oh, and i love NCIS and Lethal Weapon (tv show)!


I love cats :3 And christmas :3
Player for 8 years & 26 daysJoined 1st Sep 2014 09:20
I have a tubby collection :3
I Collect PUMPKIN and CAT items :) in real life and on mara :)
DaisyKitten became a figaro on 3rd October 2014
PatchTheKitten became a chibs on 3rd October 2014
Player for 8 years & 26 days Joined 1st Sep 2014 09:20

Purrrr has pets