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The newest vault code is: look-whats-changed-at-marapets
which gives you Book of Smelly Socks and 13,000MP.

On my marasite there's some useful information about all kinds of things including how to change the color of links you've already visited, games, vault codes, sudoku answers, crossword answers, and much more. Please feel free to check it out!

I'm dealing with my mother's terminal illness and my divorce right now. I'm also extremely happy in my new relationship and am engaged to be married hopefully in September.







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  • ATM Club Contest List

    Posted on : 5th Oct 2018 10:11   Posted by : Dani
    To make life easier on everyone I figure someone should have a place where all contests can be found. So this blog is it! Make sure you check it here and there as new contests will crop up. If you are hosting a club contest of any kind please let me know so I can post the link to the blog here! The contests will be listed with the ones ending soonest first, and will be updated as contests end.

    None at this time so sorry! Check back soon though!

    Tim came home!

    Posted on : 30th Aug 2019 05:43   Posted by : Dani
    Ok so a lot's happened, I'm still barely active though... but we were engaged. Then we were broke up. Now we're living together, but we're not talking marriage at this time. I'm more than fine with that for now. Later I might start the marriage dreams again (he is the one who asked me twice after all lol) but for now I'm just happy he's home!

    My engagement is over.

    Posted on : 14th Aug 2019 19:14   Posted by : Dani
    I was engaged yesterday. Today we're done. He's moving an hour an a half away on Friday. It's destroying me. I have all the love and support I need, but I've not been active and I know some people have been wondering why. I won't be active for awhile until I heal I think or I might do like I did when my marriage fell apart and ended and throw myself into mara. I don't know. All I know is right now I hurt so bad I want to die. I'm trying to fight it, I'm trying to fight for him and he just wants to be free. I love him enough that even though it kills me, even though it destroys me, I have to give him what he wants. So I'm trying to let go, and I just don't know how. I want him to be happy, and he can't help how he feels. I can't help how I feel either though.

    Some jumbled thoughts

    Posted on : 6th Aug 2019 19:37   Posted by : Dani
    Ok so I've not been active lately really. I check in a few times a day for a moment or 2 here and there and just don't have the energy to do much more. I do have some thoughts I need to record somewhere, preferably where my fiance can't or won't see them and as he's not into mara this seems like as good a place as any. Right now my life is falling apart, and has been for awhile. I'm trying to hold it together, and while I wait to make the hardest decisions everything I don't have a death grip on is falling apart even more. There's some positives though, and I need to make sure I remember them! Like how scared Tim was to drive the first time, but he bit the bullet and he did it. Everyone in my family was down on him for not having a license already and not knowing how to drive at all, but he grew up in a large city with public transportation and a license and car wasn't a necessity like it is here. Here there's no public transportation at all, not even a taxi cab or uber. So of course he didn't know how to drive, but he learned, he didn't have a single accident, and he got himself his license. I was so proud of him for that, and he was proud of himself. He still shows his license to all his friends, and I can see some of them thinking "big deal" but it is a big deal and it's a good thing. He wakes me up with a kiss in the morning, and goes to work. He works hard, and even though the hours and the 6-7 days a week is killing him he still goes to work. He makes time for me, even if it's not as much time as I'd like or need, and he makes sure he still does the little things that attracted me to him. He does different things than he did in the beginning, but they show his heart is in the right place. He told me once he was scared I'd say no when he asked me to marry him the first time. He whispered in my ear "I love you, marry me?" and I paused. There was absolute silence for a few moments, he said that it seemed to stretch into forever but it was really only a minute or 2 at the most. Then I clearly said, "Yes, I will marry you Tim." He told me that his heart didn't beat the whole time he waited for me to say yes or no. I love him, and I try to please him in every way I can. He worries he'll lose me to my soon to be ex husband, but he won't. As more time goes on I think he sees that though. I worry I'll lose him too. We're trying, and that's all we can do right now. We've had so many losses between us, his dad died, our baby was miscarried, my mom is dying, our oldest cat Cali (who was 14) died Sunday... I've had health issue after health issue, and now I have tumors that are growing scarily fast. He's terrified I'll die from it, meanwhile I'm getting more and more ummmmmmmmm grumpy we'll say, from the pain. We're trying. That's all we can do. I'm trying, that's all I can do. There's been so many major downs, but so many ups too. It's a roller coaster, and we're just hanging on for the ride at this point. I just need to get my thoughts organized some.

    ATM Contest

    Posted on : 3rd Jun 2019 19:43   Posted by : Dani
    Ok so this is gonna be an easy one. Everyone in the ATM club no matter what band team they are on can enter. Simply get your badge for 6/3 and then type enter in the comments. I'll do the drawing sometime tomorrow. I get my car tomorrow lol. There will be 3 winners chosen by random generator.


    100 random crystals- cutebutpsycho07
    Jinn Lamp Stamp- DragonLady1
    Trench Coat- Chall231
    500k mp- Aster
    5 random toy blocks- JgBcGirl
    5 random simerian slates- Gold
    Pink Blood- bebbs
    Music Stand- DunD
    5 random minipet poops- Moonbeam_55

    Four Corners
    in 13 minutes
    174,239MP Prize

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