The newest vault code is: look-whats-changed-at-marapets
which gives you Book of Smelly Socks and 13,000MP.

On my marasite there's some useful information about all kinds of things including how to change the color of links you've already visited, games, vault codes, sudoku answers, crossword answers, and much more. Please feel free to check it out!

I'm dealing with my mother's terminal illness and my divorce right now. I'm also extremely happy in my new relationship and am engaged to be married hopefully in September.
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  • New Vault Code: try-your-luck-at-marapets

    Posted on : 10th Mar 2019 22:37   Posted by : Dani
    The newest vault code is: try-your-luck-at-marapets
    which gives you Lucky Silver Clover and 20,000MP.

    Last I heard the following codes still work:
    (Please if you come across one on this list that doesn't work anymore let me know so I can update the list.)

    2019-valentines-marapets which gives you Black Sorry Candy Heart and 11,000MP. (released February 11, 2019)

    2019-gift-from-marapets which gives you Punk Bandana and 12,019MP. (released January 30, 2019)

    welcome-to-marapets which gives you 25,000MP

    ATM Club Commercial Contest

    Posted on : 25th Feb 2019 20:34   Posted by : Dani
    This one's pretty simple. Create a commercial for an item, it can be a real item, a fake item, an item on mara, it doesn't matter. You must include at least 3 benefits the item gives and a price. You may include any other information about your item that you like, including any bonus offers ("Buy within the next 10 minutes and receive this lovely bonus gift...", "But wait, that's not all, act now and we'll double the offer!", "Be one of the first x to order and you get shipping free!", etc). Your commercial can be as long or as short as you like. Everyone who participates will be entered into a drawing, and there will be up to 13 winners (if less than 13 participate I keep the extra prizes lol).

    1st, 2nd, and 3rd place all receive 1 au each.
    4th to 13th place all receive 200k mp each.

    Winners are determined by random drawing. If there's an entry that I find particularly spectacular or amusing I may send bonus prizes to that person, but bonus prizes are not guaranteed, and at my discretion.

    This contest will last for one week ending at 0:00 MST (maratime) Tuesday, March 5.

    To enter, simply post your commercial in the comments Smile

    ATM Plate Contest

    Posted on : 8th Feb 2019 02:31   Posted by : Dani
    The photo contest went over very well, with 1705 photos donated! Congrats to the winners of that one Smile This time it's plates we're after.

    This contest ends on February 16 at 0:00 MST (maratime).

    Same as last time, each plate counts once. The top 3 people who donate get guaranteed prizes, and there will be a drawing done from everyone else for 10 100,000 mp prizes. Just like the photo contest the more you donate the better your odds of winning! Again you can only win one prize, so there will be 13 guaranteed winners.

    First place wins Red Poera Potion
    Second place wins Pixel Azul Potion and 1 million mp
    Third place wins 1.5 million mp

    There will be 10 winners drawn from everyone who donates, but is not one of the top 3 winners. Each plate you donate is another entry, so even if you don't win one of the big prizes, your odds are still better the more you donate.

    All plates (and photos) donated go straight to club swaps, so you're truly helping the club with your participation! Even a few plates can help someone who's trying to find plates to swap for, and plates others donate might help you Smile We did a great job getting the photos up, now it's the plates turn!


    ATM Club Photo Donating Contest

    Posted on : 31st Jan 2019 10:30   Posted by : Dani
    Ok so the title needs work lmao, but oh well.

    So here's the deal, I want to see us have tons and tons of pages of plates and photos, so that people trying to expand their collections have plenty to choose from to help them (myself included lol).

    So to that end, I decided to hold a photo donating contest. Everyone who donates any photo to the club from now (January 31, 10:29 mara time) until 0:00 February 8 mara time will get one entry per photo. The person with the most entries wins Genie Costume and two million mp. The person with the second most entries wins Recycled Costume and one million mp. The person with the third most entries wins 1.5 million mp. Everyone else who enters will be in a random drawing where 10 prizes of 100k mp will be awarded. Each person can only win one time, so there will be 13 winners of this contest.

    I will personally be going over the donations to the club looking and counting photos, however if you want to post your count here you are more than welcome to!

    This contest is to help everyone's collections, every photo will count, but please do not donate a ton of photos that are not much use to anyone, such as the priscilla photos, light fairy photos, or naga photos. Of course if you do donate only those 3 you will still be entered, but this is an effort to help our club members and you just might be helped as well by finding photos that were donated (they all go to swaps when they're donated) that you need to swap for!

    If this contest goes over well enough there will be a similar one for plates later. The prizes will be different of course though lol.

    New vault code: 2019-gift-from-marapets

    Posted on : 30th Jan 2019 14:48   Posted by : Dani
    The newest vault code is: 2019-gift-from-marapets
    which gives you Punk Bandana and 12,019MP. (released January, 2019)

    Last I heard the following codes still work:
    (Please if you come across one on this list that doesn't work anymore let me know so I can update the list.)

    which gives you Gingerbread Ornament and 12,500MP. (released December 3, 2018)

    thanksgiving-2018-is-here which gives you Drumstick Plushie and 10,000MP (released November 20, 2018)

    maraween-2018-is-here which gives you Fake Cursed Costume and 666MP (released October 18, 2018)

    baspinar-has-a-new-castle which gives you Rainbow Chibs Plushie and 13,000MP (released October 8, 2018)

    welcome-to-marapets which gives you 25,000MP

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