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Hello. I am Khrysi.
My pets are never for trade. I have worked too hard on them. My online status is not always correct. I always answer every MM or MT, so if I don't answer you within 10 minutes, I'm not on. :(
I like to lend any pets, minipets, or anything else for a avatar or goals, please let me know. Also, look through my gallery as I do lend for missions from there. I worked hard for all my items, and that is why I only lend things, sorry. I do not believe in receiving tips, I like to do things for people. I do give tips though! :) MY PETS ARE NOT FOR TRADE, SORRY!
Please do not ask. I have worked hard on each one and grown attached!
I am an adult player, and I play for relaxation. Probably the oldest person on the This is my decompression time!
I am kind and generous. Please do not mistake these qualities for stupidity.
Please do not MM or MT me and beg or *tell* me to do things, like trade with you. You will be unceremoniously unanswered and blocked. Please and thank you are wonderful tools. If you are going to write me about trading, please use them!

Player for 15 years, 11 months & 11 daysJoined 6th Jul 2005 06:56
Player for 15 years, 11 months & 11 days Joined 6th Jul 2005 06:56
~also Absolved, PostApocalyptician, Punishments, Unforgiven, Khrysi, Sif, MomOfDoctors, Australopithecus, FemaleCenobite, UndeadPriestess, Usurper

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