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Hello. I am Khrysi.
My pets are never for trade. I have worked too hard on them. My online status is not always correct. I always answer every MM or MT, so if I don't answer you within 10 minutes, I'm not on. :(
I like to lend any pets, minipets, or anything else for a avatar or goals, please let me know. Also, look through my gallery as I do lend for missions from there. I worked hard for all my items, and that is why I only lend things, sorry. I do not believe in receiving tips, I like to do things for people. I do give tips though! :) MY PETS ARE NOT FOR TRADE, SORRY!
Please do not ask. I have worked hard on each one and grown attached!
I am an adult player, and I play for relaxation. Probably the oldest person on the This is my decompression time!
I am kind and generous. Please do not mistake these qualities for stupidity.
Please do not MM or MT me and beg or *tell* me to do things, like trade with you. You will be unceremoniously unanswered and blocked. Please and thank you are wonderful tools. If you are going to write me about trading, please use them!

  1. Rules for avatar items/minipets
    30th Jan 2021 13:28
    4 months, 11 days & 11 hrs ago
  2. Misc. Avatars for lend
    9th Jan 2021 22:37
    5 months, 1 day & 2 hrs ago
  3. Aged and attached avatars
    9th Jan 2021 18:05
    5 months, 1 day & 6 hrs ago
  4. Plates, Random Plates to lend
    9th Jan 2021 17:44
    5 months, 1 day & 7 hrs ago
  5. Pets for Avatars
    16th Dec 2020 12:02
    5 months, 25 days & 12 hrs ago
  6. Siggys for different times of the year
    26th Dec 2018 06:05
    2 years, 5 months & 16 days ago
Rules for avatar items/minipets
4 months, 11 days & 11 hrs ago
30th Jan 2021 13:28

Hello, my name is Khrys, or MomofDoctors. I have a bunch of minipets or just items to lend for avatars. I like helping people.
There has to be rules, rules stink, I know.

1) There is no tip ever expected. I do this because I like to help! If you wish, I am trying to get my photos/plates up so if you want to send one I do not have, by all means, do, but it is not a requirement to lend.
2) I will lend some pets out for a couple days, especially the ridiculously pricey ones, basically for goals. But that means I cannot lend any more pets out during that time unless Ian changes things, and I don't think that is on his priority list! I try to keep up with the price changes, but please have a little extra MP on hand in case it is not right on the money.
3) I do lend minipets up to 200 days. I will send you the date by MM when I expect them back by when I send the minipet. I will send another MM out to you the day you are supposed to have them back as well, just to remind you. I talked to a moderator and she said to have anyone who borrows just fill out a contract:
"I am borrowing this *name of minipet(s)/items* from MomOfDoctors and will expect to return them in the timeframe given or I will be reported to staff due to failure to return item.
*signed with your username*"

I know people just forget, real life, ya know!?! Plus, this is only for long term minipets/items!
4) I am usually on a bit during the day, when my job has downtime (sometimes a lot, sometimes very little). I get off of work at 11 MST and go to bed at around 1700 or 1800 MST every night. What can I say, I'm older and 0200 MST comes real early!
5) If you do lose, eat, or break an item (without the carpenter), you must replace it. I hate to do that, but I have worked hard for some of these minipets/items, and even paid for them with AU just to get an avatar and lend it to you. Please do not be nervous to tell me you lost, broke, or had one of your pets eat an item/minipet. I am understanding, and we will privately set up a time frame that it has to be replaced. If we stay in touch, you will get an extension usually. If not, it will be reported in a support ticket. It has never happened to me here, so that is not really on my worry list! Wink
6) I know some of these avatars are silly, the cheaper ones. But remember, these are for everyone to enjoy and be helped!
7) Also, I do lend from my gallery as well, for missions. Again, we will set a time frame for it to be returned. I have worked VERY hard on my gallery, so whatever item you need needs to be replaced. I am a nice person (I don't bite) so do not be afraid to ask for an extension if you just can't get it. I understand! Smile
8)*If I say "May borrow" it is one that is usually under 200 days. If I stated "Must borrow, you must borrow that pet with the aged avatar on it.*
9) Thank you so much for letting me help you get avatars in this game. You don't know how much I appreciate you!

Misc. Avatars for lend
5 months, 1 day & 2 hrs ago
9th Jan 2021 22:37

I am very happy to have a list of miscellaneous objects/minipets etc. that you can borrow. Of course, no tip needed!
By reading this and borrowing, you understand that, as soon as you get the avatar, you must send me the minipet/item back. I have worked very hard for some of these, to lend out to you!

you MUST have the carpenter up and ready when these toys break as some are very pricey!

balloonereclipse.gif - Play with a moon or sun balloon until it breaks
butiwantedcandy.gif - Play with spider ring until broken
cuddlebuddy.gif - Play with a Plushie Quell plushie
die.gif - Play with the Grim Reaper plushie until broken
doh.gif - Play with Play-Doh
enoughpuppets.gif - Play with a Hand Puppet until it breaks.
evil.gif - Play with an Evil Clown plushie until broken
fidgety.gif - Play with a fidget spinner until it breaks
gotcha.gif - Play with a water Gun
guard.gif - Play with a British guard doll until broken
happyeaster2018.gif - Play with a bunny jack in the box until broken
husband.gif - Play with a groom doll until broken
imlost.gif - Play with compass until broken
playtime.gif - Play with figurine
melted.gif - Play with Snowman candle
msclaus.gif - Play with a Mrs Claus plushie until it breaks
floatmyboat.gif - Have a Newth play with a toy boat till broken
ohdeer.gif - Play with a Rudolph ornament until broken
iwasbad.gif - Play with a coal stocking until broken
oldschool.gif - Play with a Game Brick
oops.gif - Play with any snowglobe until it breaks
outofthebox.gif - Paly with a Beast in the Box until broken
possessed.gif - Play with a Possessed Doll until broken
ribbit.gif - play with a frog plushie until broken
shellyeah.gif - Play with a shell from the 15th birthday until it breaks
spooked.gif - play with a ghost tissue until broken
jungle.gif - Play with Safari postcards
whatasham.gif - Play with a happy or sad shamrock until broken
wife.gif - Play with bride doll until broken
beehive.gif Random when playing with the beehive
youmeltmyheart.gif - Play with a broken heart candle until broken
sleighme.gif - Play with a sleigh ornament

Things to have in your attic, inventory, or gallery

burningbright.gif - Have 30 candles in your your inventory
candy.gif - Have 10 candies in your inventory and visit Candyland
darkchocolate.gif - Have 40 dark choclates in your inventory
devil.gif - Have a devil staff on your pet and view it's weapons
fatty.gif - Attach 5 different color Fattys to your pet then view
festival.gif - Have a festival in your inventory. View
fizzy.gif - Have 10 cola marapops in your attic. View
gallery.gif - Have 32 different Newth items in your gallery. Explore gallery
gumballaddict.gif - Have the original 43 gumballs in your inventory. Refresh
hotdawg_mini.gif - Have a Hot Dawg in your inventory. View
milkchocolate.gif - have 60 milk chocolates in your inventory
mint.gif - Have 25 Mint Chocolates in your inventory
orangechocolate.gif - Have 50 Orange Chocolates in your inventory
pearls.gif - Have 46 original pearls in your inventory
poop.gif - have 59 original poops in your inventory
pretty.gif - Have 25 Red Roses in your inventory
sketch.gif - Have a sketch cossie in your inventory and look at the sketch costume page
toki-avie.gif - Have a Toki in your inventory. View
toomanysocks.gif - Have 50 socks in your inventory. View
upupandaway.gif - Have 60 balloons in your inventory. View.
volum.gif - Have 100 Volums in your attic
whitechocolate.gif - Have 30 white chocolates in your inventory. View

Just Misc stuffs

baby.gif - Win a baby costume in auctions. MM/MT me about this one please.
fakeav.gif - Withdraw 5,000 Fake Dukka Coins from the Fake Dukka Exchange. MM/MT me about this one. Staff may not let it go through without explanation
giant.gif - Bid on a giant turnip in auctions
secretadmirer.gif - Send the notes back to me
sizzle.gif - Win a Marapal only auction on a Fried Egg plushie. MM/MT me on this one.
skinny.gif - Visit the Pampered cossie page when there is 50 fast food items in your inventory
soppy_mini.gif - View an attached Soppy when it's rainy or stormy
toadleeclipse.gif - Have a Toadle turn black at Fasaro Falls. No guarentee!
tornapart.gif - Send Torn Love Letters back to me
whatthefloof.gif - Wrap a floof in any ball of yarn. you do not need to set him back to any certain color. Yarn not included

Aged and attached avatars
5 months, 1 day & 6 hrs ago
9th Jan 2021 18:05

I will lend up to 200 days. I do wish for a contract stating:

I am borrowing this *name of minipet(s)/items* from MomOfDoctors and will expect to return them in the timeframe given or I will be reported to staff due to failure to return item.
*signed with your username*

Please understand that I have worked very hard for some of these, some with AU, I do not want to lose them. I will send you a letter on the date you should have them back if it is long.
*If I say "May borrow" it is one that is usually under 200 days. If I stated "Must borrow, you must borrow that pet with the aged avatar on it.*
Of course, no tip needed. But if you want to send a photo or a plate I am missing, I would appreciate it!
Thank you for checking this blog out!

anjet.gif - 157+ days. You may borrow Wallypocket
anlur_mini.gif - Attach to a Vixen pet. May borrow Phea
arizona_mini.gif - Attach to a Fire pet. May borrow Wallypocket
ata.gif - 22+ days
bacon.gif - 160 + days. You may borrow AC
balloonimal_mini.gif - Attach to a Piñata pet. Must have own pet.
batty.gif - 170+ days
batz.gif - Unattach after 11+ days
baxter_mini.gif - 3+ days
bitty_mini.gif - Attach to Easter pet for 30+ days. May borrow Zoop
blake_minipet.gif - 22+ days
blittle_mini.gif - Attach to a Blitzen pet. Must have own pet
blub_mini.gif - Attach to a Water pet. Must have own pet.
boose_mini.gif - Attach to Ghost pet. Must have own pet.
boris_mini.gif - 31+ days
bubbles_mini.gif - 102+ days to an underwater pet. Must have your own pet
bugsy.gif - Attach to minipet.
bullo_mini.gif - Attach to Daisy pet. May borrow Baron Kriminal.
buzzy_mini.gif - 51+ days. Can borrow Baron Kriminal or Zanthe
charmer_mini.gif - 50+ days
chevron.gif - 220+ days. Can only borrow when borrowing Wallypocket or Tint
chibi.gif - Wear a chibi onesie or a chibs mask and attach a chibi
chook.gif - 600+ days. Must borrow Wallypocket
christmasmini.gif - 200+ days. You could also borrow Zoop
chuckles_minipet.gif - 16+ days
clovite_mini.gif - Attach to Leprechaun pet for 20+ days. Must have own pet
covidiot_mini.gif - Attach to Bootleg pet. Must have own pet.
crabs_minipet.gif - 26+ days
crush_mini.gif - Attach to Valentine pet for 50+ days. Must have own pet
dasher.gif - Attach a dasher to a snowy pet. must have your own pet
damaged_mini.gif - 37+ days
daniel.gif - 780+ days. May borrow only when borrowing Wallypocket
dantiz.gif - 1000+ days. May only borrow when borrowing Wallypocket
decapitate.gif - 30+ days.
deci_mini.gif - 10+ days
delayed.gif - 820+ days. May only borrow when borrowing Wallypocket
doomed.gif - 50+ days
drab_mini.gif - 56+ days
dracone.gif - 56+ days
drenched_mini.gif - 62+ days
eggy.gif - 590+ days. May only borrow when borrowing Wallypocket
erto.gif - 300+ days. May only borrow when borrowing <:3--)~~
elektro.gif - Attach to Lightning pet. Must have own pet.
elfee_mini.gif - Attach to Elf pet. Must have own pet.
experiment667_mini.gif - 40+ days
eylian_mini.gif - Attach to Enpiah pet. Must have own pet.
fandor.gif - 900+ days. May only borrow when borrowing Wallypocket.
fang.gif - 10+ days
fidge.gif - Attach a pink Fidge to any pet
fiffo.gif - Attach a Fiffo to any pet.
float_minipet.gif - 158+ days
flobberbat.gif - 1100 days. may only borrow when borrowing Wallypocket
floof_mini.gif - Attach to Hairy pet. Must have own pet.
floss.gif - 580+ days. May only borrow when borrowing Wallypocket
frolan_mini.gif - Attach 10+ days to Frostfire pet. Must have own pet.
glitch_mini.gif - Attach to an Arcade decadal. Must have own pet.
gromps_mini.gif - 40+ days
hag_mini.gif - Attach to a Witch pet. Must have own pet.
hammy.gif - Attach to a pet with 50+ Music stats. May borrow Kona
hart_mini.gif - Attach to Valentine pet. Must have own pet.
heart.gif - Attach to a Love pet. Must have own pet.
high_minipet.gif - 230+ days. May only borrow when borrowing Muninn
hocus_mini.gif - Attach to Halloween pet. May borrow Voodoo Cursed, Jelen, Muninn, or Baron Kriminal
inferno_mini.gif - Attach to Fire pet. May borrow Wallypocket
jacked_mini.gif - Attach to Evil Clown pet. Must have own pet
jacko.gif - 940+ days. May only borrow when borrowing Wallypocket
jinn_mini.gif - 7+ days
klik.gif - 40+ days
lela.gif - Attach to any pet
liam_mini.gif - Attach to Rotten pet. Must have own pet.
lovebug_mini.gif - Attach to a Love pet for 10+ days
lubadore_mini.gif - Attach to Love pet. Must have own pet.
lucky.gif - Attach to a Christmas pet for 99+ days. Must have own pet
luffley_mini.gif - 30+ days
lurve.gif - Unattach from pet after 30+ days
lustress_mini.gif - Attach to Valentine pet. Must have own pet.
maddox_mini.gif - 85+ days
marney_mini.gif - Attach to Alien pet for 50+ days. Must have own pet
miort.gif - Attach to any pet.
myer_mini.gif - 106+ days. May borrow Tint
nesasio_minipet.gif - Attach to any pet. View
noot_mini.gif - 14+ days
olvic.gif - Attach to any pet. View.
omen_mini.gif - 25+ days
oogie_mini.gif - Attach to Midnight pet. Must have own pet.
phantasm.gif - Attach to Phantom pet. Must have own pet
pingi_minipet.gif - 75+ days. May borrow Tint or Muninn
pinto.gif - Attach to any pet. View
pixel.gif - 560+ days. Must borrow Wallypocket
plague_mini.gif - Attach to Basil pet. May borrow <:3--)~~
plug.gif - 50+ days
poco_mini.gif - Attach to millionaire pet. Must have own pet.
polar_mini.gif - Attach to a Polar pet. May borrow Arctic Chill
pongin.gif - 700+ days. Must borrow Wallypocket
prancer_mini.gif - 127+ days
princessmini.gif - 240+ days. Must borrow Voodoo Cursed
psyclone.gif - Attach to a Psyclone pet for 30+ days
pudine_mini.gif - 20+ days
pulika_minipet.gif - 126+ days. May borrow Zazie
pumkin.gif - 980+ days. Must borrow Kona.
pumpkined.gif - 1050+ days. Must borrow Wallypocket
punkmini.gif - Attach to Punk pet. Must have own pet.
pyri.gif - 90+ days. May borrow <:3--)~~
rat.gif - 800+ days. Must borrow Wallypocket
reaper_mini.gif - 139+ days. May borrow Muninn.
reon.gif - Attach to Stoneage pet for 75+ days. Must have own pet.
rogue_mini.gif - Attach to Halloween pet. May boorrow either Baron Kriminal, Jelen, Voodoo Cursed, or Muninn
rubble_mini.gif - 15+ days
schmog.gif - Unattach after 81+ days.

sixth.gif - 180+ days. May borrow Wallypocket.
sk8er.gif - 850+ days. Must borrow Wallypocket
skelly_mini.gif - Attach to Skeleton pet. Must have own pet
skiddy_mini.gif - Attach to a Skater pet. may borrow Zanthe.
snooty_mini.gif - Attach to Princess pet. Must have own pet
snoween.gif - 300+ days. Must borrow Arctic Chill
sphinx_mini.gif - 166+ days. May borrow Tanga.
spidly.gif - 16+ days
springo_mini.gif - Attach to Easter pet. May borrow Zoop.
stitch_minipet.gif - 167+ days. May borrow Muninn
superhero_minipet.gif - Attach to Superhero pet. Must have own pet
swoop_mini.gif - Attach to Nimbus pet. Must have own pet
tinsel.gif - Attach to a Christmas pet for 10+ days. Must have your own pet.
tokem_mini.gif - 60+ days.
tri_minipet.gif - 191+ days. May borrow Muninn
tundra_costume.gif - Attach a winter minipet to a Tundra pet. Must have own pet.
tut_mini.gif - Attach to Desert pet
tweblud.gif - Attach to Angel pet for 75+ days. Must have own pet.
twittle.gif - 350+ days. Must borrow Malvado
twomillion.gif - 210+ days. May borrow Baron Kriminal
unlucky_mini.gif - Unattach from Voodoo pet. May use Illnesses
vamps.gif - Attach to a Vampire pet. May use Outbreak
vampry.gif - 1020+ days. Must borrow either Arctic Chill or Berzerker
vorto.gif - Attach to Tornado pet.must have own pet.
wacky_mini.gif - Attach to Mad Scientist pet. Must have own pet
wallet_mini.gif - 196+ days. May borrow Arctic Chill
wax_mini.gif - 226+ days. Must borrow Malvado.
weiji_mini.gif - Attach to Voodoo pet. May borrow Illnesses
witchlet.gif - 18+ days. May borrow Muninn.
yhing_minipet.gif - 450+ days. Must borrow Wallypocket
zorg_minipet.gif - 351+ days. Must borrow Malvado.

Pets for Avatars
5 months, 25 days & 12 hrs ago
16th Dec 2020 12:02

These are different avatars attached these pets offer. Their approximate lending fee follows each pet. They are not always correct, as I feed, read, watch, and listen with each pet more, but they will be as close as possible. I am constantly reading, feeding, listening and watching items as they come about! Please understand that my pets are not mission killers (they don't have everything), but they are close!
I require no tip, but if you want, a plate or a photo I do not have would be great! Please remember to take all the photos/plates you need as well! Smile
Thank you for looking
Berzerker is my transformation pet
He has also read over 2,000 magazines and 1,000 newspapers. I am willing to lend him out for days for Tarquin or goals
Fee: 3,245,840 mp's

Kul is my DVD pet. He has 514 DVDs. I am also willing to lend him out for days for Trotter.
Fee: 746,360 mp's

Hi, my name is Wallypocket. I have the most avatars
Fee: 1,448,180 mp's


My name is <:3---)~~. I have listened to 628 CD's at this point. I am also available for days for the Theatre.
Fee: 851,320 mp's


My name is Arctic Chill (AC for short).
Fee: 454,120 mp's


My name is Malvado, after my Dad.
Fee: 436,080 mp's

My name is Osteologist, and I like to learn about bones and eat! I have 4,670 GF's at this point, and my lending fee is high. But if I have something you need, for GG..well, I'm worth it sometimes. I'm willing to be lent for days for that greedy tantua.
Fee: 4,218,280 mp's


My name is Kona
Fee:497,720 mp's

My name is Muninn
Fee: 420,160 mp's


My name is Tint
Fee: 584,560 mp's

My Name is Kinzoku.
Fee: 314,840mp's

My name is Zoopadoopa, or Zoop for short Wink
Fee: 453,400 mp's


My name is Illnesses
Fee: 303,120 mp's

Hi! My name is Phea
Fee: 235,920 mp's

My name is Voodoo Cursed
Fee: 6,000 mp's


  1. Rules for avatar items/minipets
    30th Jan 2021 13:28
    4 months, 11 days & 11 hrs ago
  2. Misc. Avatars for lend
    9th Jan 2021 22:37
    5 months, 1 day & 2 hrs ago
  3. Aged and attached avatars
    9th Jan 2021 18:05
    5 months, 1 day & 6 hrs ago
  4. Plates, Random Plates to lend
    9th Jan 2021 17:44
    5 months, 1 day & 7 hrs ago
  5. Pets for Avatars
    16th Dec 2020 12:02
    5 months, 25 days & 12 hrs ago
  6. Siggys for different times of the year
    26th Dec 2018 06:05
    2 years, 5 months & 16 days ago