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Undying Woods
The Undying Woods Pumpkin Patch is busy all year round growing pumpkins in time for the annual Pumpkin Hunt. Ed, Ted, Fred, Dead, Wed, Dread, Unwed, Shred and Misread the patch scarecrows take turns protecting the pumpkins. It's time to clear these pumpkins for Halloween. Tap to shoot the scarecrow's head towards the Pumpkin Patch. The pumpkin in the scarecrow's hand is what will be next to shoot. Match three or more of the same Pumpkin to clear them.

There are 50 levels to complete and you will win these Level Reward Prizes the first and only time you complete each level. You must send score when you complete a level to unlock the next level and receive your prize. Level rewards include the chance to feed one of your pets any Pumpkin from a past Pumpkin Hunt event. You will not receive the item but can select any pet to eat any pumpkin and it will be added to their Gourmet Food Collection.

Earn 1MP per 2 points. Earn up to the maximum of MP2,000MP each play.

You can play Pumpkin Patch up to 3 times per day for FREE. Game resets at 00:00MST.

Complete all 50 levels to earn a Gold Trophy
Complete level 45 for a Silver Trophy or level 40 for a Bronze Trophy