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Marapets is mobile friendly
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Abracadabra! Don't miss our new event starting June 1st
26th August 2005
14 years, 8 months & 29 days ago

Since the Battle Arena opened on the island, so many Addows have been spotted in Marada that the pet is no longer Limited Edition. You can now create an Addow whenever you want.

Here is a preview of how the new Doyle will look!

How do you find this Mechanic Avatar?

There are now nine new Wardrobes restocking in the furniture shop.
25th August 2005
14 years, 8 months & 30 days ago

NEW LAYOUT - Our brand new layout has been introduced. Most of you know that our old layouts were very very basic, and ugly, just to make them load faster and less demand on the servers. Now we do not have to worry about this and have our brand new server. After testing it with some browswers and some computer's resolutions we found that having adverts on the right made the whole layout too wide so we have moved them to the top - it was not by choice, but they actually do not look too bad there. Hope you all like the changes!!

We thought you might to know what is happening next, as Marapets continues to improve th quality of some of its very old content. We are revamping the normal poses (basic colours only) to 19 of our Marapets. These drawings were done over a year ago, when quality was not top on our list! Here is a preview of how the new Equilor will look!

Oooh.. a Water Avatar!

There are now nine new Baths restocking in the furniture shop. All of the other furniture was not added because the furniture shop was hidden and it was unfair. Now it is in Minipet Island and all new furniture is restocking.
23rd August 2005
14 years, 9 months & 1 day ago

It has been so long since we have had some new avatars, but this Laiyee Avatar has now been hidden!!

MARAMAIL UPGRADES - As so many people have contacted us asking for an email address from Marapets, we have come up with Maramail Upgrades! We have tried to keep it very cheap, at $2.50 one time donation per 25MB space. For more information, please go to your Maramail inbox.

Marasites, Journals, Image Uploads and Clubs are now back to normal! For security reasons, we had to take them offline but they are now fixed. You should also notice the new and that we have added to improve them!

To help continue to improve the site, we have bought 10 new marapets Domain Names and 5 new Fax Numbers.
United States (413) 581-3750
Canada 1-514-372-3311
Germany 49-180-548-20036552
Netherlands 31-84-719-6938
France 33-8-2556-8226

There are now nine new Sinks restocking in the furniture shop.
22nd August 2005
14 years, 9 months & 2 days ago

After such a long time, the Zax and Rainbow avatars have finally been fixed. Sorry for the delay, and to make up for it, here is how to get them. For the Zax, you need t equip it to a pet of the same colour and view it. The Rainbow avatar is gained by viewing a rainbow minipet equipped to your rainbow pet.

We have removed the coloured Chairs from the site. If you had any of them, you should notice it has been replaced with a new Broken Table.

There is a new job avaliable in the city for pets. A job as a Teacher is now an option, with quite high income too!

There are now nine new Tables restocking in the furniture shop. The shop should be added to a map soon.
21st August 2005
14 years, 9 months & 2 days ago

Marapets reached its 1st birthday on the 15th August. As we are now in the second year, we are making many important changes to the site. Over the next few weeks, Marapets will have a lot of its old features upgraded and the whole site will be improved. Be prepared for a lot of changes.

The Terms and Conditions to the site have changed. Please read them.

All users over 13 will now have to verify their account with an email address in order to take advantage of certain parts of the site. There is also now a new Preferences page!

Nine new site images have been added. These include the new Privacy Policy, Shop Search and Terms and Conditions images. We will continue to improve and update out dated images over the next few weeks.

A new News system has been introduced. It will now be much easier to view old news. We have deleted all news from last year as it was filled with broken images and wrong information.