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Marapets is mobile friendly
25th September 2005
14 years, 9 months & 15 days ago

NEW FRONTPAGE - We have finally changed the frontpage of Marapets. It has only ever changed twice in the 13 months we have been open, but this time the change is staying. We hope you like the changes - it should really help us attract new members who do not know what we have to offer.

This new battle opponent comes from Enpiah. But how do you get this Xor Trading Card?

The Battle Huthiq poses have now been completed. You can also use your Orange and Purple Costumes on your new Huthiq - if you can get one!

NEW SHOP - The stars shop has opened for business on the Planet Enpiah. Already, 25 different constellations of stars are restocking. Everyone wants a piece of the Maradan Universe - and now you can!

One of the prizes from Ublish's Lair is this new Furry Costume. This is how the Furry Doyle looks.

The Planet Enpiah is now on the Ziranek map.

There are now nine more Illegal Concoctions restocking.

There is a new Plushie Costume and you can use it on the Huthiq. You can also get a new Baby Huthiq!

Can you find this new Stars avatar?

Ublish's Lair has now opened in Enpiah! Ublish is a spoilt Huthiq who wants to own the whole of Marada. You can help him on his mission, by collecting constellations of stars for him. If you can complete the 30 levels of his quest, you will receive some of these amazing prizes... if you fail, you will have to start again.

24th September 2005
14 years, 9 months & 16 days ago

NEW WORLD - The planet Enpiah has been discovered! Technology in Ziranek is getting better everyday, and now Marapets can fly from Ziranek to Enpiah. Be warned, this world is extremely weird. Please click on the map below to get there, until it is added to the Ziranek map later today.

There are now six more Illegal Concoctions restocking.

The Portal has now been moved to Enpiah. It will be removed from Ziranek later today.

NEW MARAPET - the 25th Marapet has now been discovered on the planet Enpiah! Huthiq is limited edition and should be obtainable within the next few days, as more of the world is released.

There is also a default avatar for Huthiq.
20th September 2005
14 years, 9 months & 20 days ago

With thanks to everyone who has supported us, some of our new servers are finally set up. You should notice that the site is a little faster, but the main part of the upgrade was for more space. This has already allow bigger Profiles - with maximum space of 1,000 characters and allow certain html. Signatures are also back too!

We now have new Club Poll and Club Quiz systems. They look much better and work now!

There is a new Secret Blog for you to find! Its been so long since the last one...

18th September 2005
14 years, 9 months & 22 days ago

Sorry for the lack of news updates recently. The site is constantly being worked on but some of it we have decided not to add to the news, such as server changes and improvements, until it is all completed. Please be patient.

NEW SHOP - Illegal Concoctions has now opened up on the planet Enpiah. However, as the technology in Ziranek is still not advanced enough to get to the planet, please click on the shopkeeper below to get there. Enpiah should be out within the next few weeks. These concoctions are some of the rarest items that actually restock, and have some very very useful outcomes.

Lots of old Avatars have been revamped!

Here are four new Avatars for you to find! They are not easy...

12th September 2005
14 years, 9 months & 28 days ago

The Bolimo has been updated.

The Clubs have had a new look. We hope you like the improvements to them.

There is now a Profile icon for farm and garage quests.

As so many have asked for new Referral Prizes, at 1000 referrals we will reward you with an random unbuyable Quell Potion!! These do not include any upgrade quell potions.
4th September 2005
14 years, 10 months & 6 days ago

The Osafo has just been updated.

We should be running slightly faster now as Journals and Marasites now have a server each. Editing them is down but should be back by monday.

The Walee now looks like this!

The Lottery has been drawn. We missed out July so the total has been shared between 2 winners. The winning numbers are 18, 08, 15, 17, 02, 24 by kathythediskdrive and 1, 17, 2, 6, 9, 20 bycassie88. Congratulations!
31st August 2005
14 years, 10 months & 10 days ago

As September is only a few hours away, the new Account Upgrade prizes have been released. The prizes from June are now retired. As August's water theme was so popular, we thought we would try a fire theme this month! Here are the prizes:

A rarity 27 Fire Costume that will never restock in the main shops.

A rarity 32 Flaming Axe that will never restock in the main shops.

A rarity 42 Flayee minipet that does not restock and therefore will be rare.

A rarity 49 Phospho Trading Card that will never restock in the main shops. Add this opponent to your deck, and earn the BP!

A rare, limited edition Fire Tantua Potion or Fire Quell Potion. These items will never restock and will retire. There is a one in four chance that you will get a Quell potion instead of a Tantua one.

As you can see from the Fire Tantua above, the Tantua has been given a fresh new look. Now it's my favourite pet =D

There are now nine new Beds restocking in the furniture shop. All previously unreleased furniture will be added today.

29th August 2005
14 years, 10 months & 12 days ago

If you haven't already seen the preview this is the new look for the Doyle.

There are now nine new Chairs restocking in the furniture shop.

The Paffuto had to change!

29th August 2005
14 years, 10 months & 12 days ago

As you saw before, here is the brand new Equilor. It will have the rest of its colours and poses re-drawn in the future.

There are now nine new Sofas restocking in the furniture shop.

The Murfin has also been re-drawn to look much nicer.

28th August 2005
14 years, 10 months & 13 days ago

The Grint has been redrawn. We wanted it to change so here it is. Only some of its colours have been completed, it may take a while for the other poses and colours to be completed.

There are now nine new Toilets restocking in the furniture shop.
26th August 2005
14 years, 10 months & 15 days ago

Since the Battle Arena opened on the island, so many Addows have been spotted in Marada that the pet is no longer Limited Edition. You can now create an Addow whenever you want.

Here is a preview of how the new Doyle will look!

How do you find this Mechanic Avatar?

There are now nine new Wardrobes restocking in the furniture shop.
25th August 2005
14 years, 10 months & 17 days ago

NEW LAYOUT - Our brand new layout has been introduced. Most of you know that our old layouts were very very basic, and ugly, just to make them load faster and less demand on the servers. Now we do not have to worry about this and have our brand new server. After testing it with some browswers and some computer's resolutions we found that having adverts on the right made the whole layout too wide so we have moved them to the top - it was not by choice, but they actually do not look too bad there. Hope you all like the changes!!

We thought you might to know what is happening next, as Marapets continues to improve th quality of some of its very old content. We are revamping the normal poses (basic colours only) to 19 of our Marapets. These drawings were done over a year ago, when quality was not top on our list! Here is a preview of how the new Equilor will look!

Oooh.. a Water Avatar!

There are now nine new Baths restocking in the furniture shop. All of the other furniture was not added because the furniture shop was hidden and it was unfair. Now it is in Minipet Island and all new furniture is restocking.
23rd August 2005
14 years, 10 months & 18 days ago

It has been so long since we have had some new avatars, but this Laiyee Avatar has now been hidden!!

MARAMAIL UPGRADES - As so many people have contacted us asking for an email address from Marapets, we have come up with Maramail Upgrades! We have tried to keep it very cheap, at $2.50 one time donation per 25MB space. For more information, please go to your Maramail inbox.

Marasites, Journals, Image Uploads and Clubs are now back to normal! For security reasons, we had to take them offline but they are now fixed. You should also notice the new and that we have added to improve them!

To help continue to improve the site, we have bought 10 new marapets Domain Names and 5 new Fax Numbers.
United States (413) 581-3750
Canada 1-514-372-3311
Germany 49-180-548-20036552
Netherlands 31-84-719-6938
France 33-8-2556-8226

There are now nine new Sinks restocking in the furniture shop.
22nd August 2005
14 years, 10 months & 19 days ago

After such a long time, the Zax and Rainbow avatars have finally been fixed. Sorry for the delay, and to make up for it, here is how to get them. For the Zax, you need t equip it to a pet of the same colour and view it. The Rainbow avatar is gained by viewing a rainbow minipet equipped to your rainbow pet.

We have removed the coloured Chairs from the site. If you had any of them, you should notice it has been replaced with a new Broken Table.

There is a new job avaliable in the city for pets. A job as a Teacher is now an option, with quite high income too!

There are now nine new Tables restocking in the furniture shop. The shop should be added to a map soon.
21st August 2005
14 years, 10 months & 20 days ago

Marapets reached its 1st birthday on the 15th August. As we are now in the second year, we are making many important changes to the site. Over the next few weeks, Marapets will have a lot of its old features upgraded and the whole site will be improved. Be prepared for a lot of changes.

The Terms and Conditions to the site have changed. Please read them.

All users over 13 will now have to verify their account with an email address in order to take advantage of certain parts of the site. There is also now a new Preferences page!

Nine new site images have been added. These include the new Privacy Policy, Shop Search and Terms and Conditions images. We will continue to improve and update out dated images over the next few weeks.

A new News system has been introduced. It will now be much easier to view old news. We have deleted all news from last year as it was filled with broken images and wrong information.