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Marapets is mobile friendly
26th January 2007
13 years, 11 months & 25 days ago

You can now complete the Christmas Treasure Map at the new Ice Caves in Biala! These caves can then be visited for free once every 18 hours by one of your pets. You can gain magic stats, MP and your pet can also be fully healed!

The Biala map has been updated with the new ice caves.

Just a reminder that the Seasonal Pearl will be retiring this weekend.

We have some new Azul Photos for you album.
24th January 2007
13 years, 11 months & 27 days ago

With Queen Eleka's return and the strange disappearance of King Baspinar, it was possible for Queen Eleka's Castle to reopen. Its really deserted right now, but as the Queen gets more settled, I'm sure more will be happening there...

We would like to thank everyone for their patience over the past couple of weeks while we completed very important Site Maintenance. The majority of the maintenance has been completed, so we shouldn't have any major downtime or errors again for a while. We hope you can now notice the improvements around the site, in terms of speed and bugs being fixed.

As the Plot/War event will begin soon, we thought it was time to release the new Layout for the whole event. The event is scheduled to last until the end of March - beginning of April and the war will involve new quests, restocking and of course, the new Battle Arena that will be out soon.

There will be another Email Newsletter sent over the next few weeks to let everyone know about the plot. Each newsletter will have a special code where you can collect free Account Upgrade credit and MP from the Vault!
23rd January 2007
13 years, 11 months & 28 days ago

Minipet Island Land War - Part 2

Breaking news! The day we've all been hoping will never come is here.... Queen Eleka has returned with this messsage...

I, Queen Eleka, have returned and thus proclaim myself the only and supreme ruler of all Maradan Lands South of the River, including Minipet Island and Jenoa. These lands, which have been righfully mine since time began were falsly claimed by the tyrant Baspinar I who despicably placed me under a spell of Banishment so he could steal my realm and my property!

I am disgusted to see what has become of my formerly proud realm, and shall shortly be bringing the Dark Side of Marada back to it's former glory. Too long has it been forgotten about and reviled! This must change!

I demand that all 'light' Marapets vacate my territory immediately! Especially Angel Murfins. Ugh! I will not tolerate goodness and light where I might accidentally see it.

Dark marapets are to prepare to report to my castle in order to serve their Queen. Together we will build an empire that will outdo any that has come before. We will bring Marada into a new age! So powerful and great that our enemies will quake before us like the snivelling worms that they are! Prepare, Marada, for our glorious future!

As all Maradans are aware, the search for our King, Basinar XII continues. Maradan police report that they are following up all leads but as yet have no definite information as to his whereabouts. A statement was issued this afternoon that they are looking into rumours of a diamond trade that occured yesterday. It is alleged that several distinctive diamonds which may have been the famed 'Baspinar Diamonds' (originally imported from far away lands and set into the royal crown 400 years ago by the late King Baspinar IX) were noticed passing through the trades.

We would also advise that everyone be particulary watchful of their marapets at this worrying time. Reports are coming in of many strange disapearances in the area south of Dukka Caves. Several angel murfins have been reported missing with no trace, and also one burnt chibs (though we think that one may be a hoax and now in hiding after it changed into a yellow xoi during a small accident with the portal)

Finally we must ask that all Maradans now help us in a vitally important task - we need YOUR help in searching for the King. Search your marahomes, look around you as you travel... The King must be found, and with every Maradan working together we cannot fail to succeed!

21st January 2007
13 years, 11 months & 30 days ago

The Lottery has been drawn for this week. z00ofLove is the winner of the 322,100MP Jackpot with the winning numbers of 14, 8, 18, 19, 24 and 20! Congratulations!

Last Week's Raffle has now ended. KimberlyDonnelly2133 is the winner of the Red DNA and 100,000MP prize with the winning raffle ticket number 5625! Congratulations! Make sure you buy your tickets for today's raffle - only 10MP per ticket!
18th January 2007
14 years & 2 days ago

We have now fixed every broken Avatar except for Uploads and Journals, because those are not on this website and are being done later. We have decided that we will not be bringing back the Marapets Email service and have therefore decided to change the @ Avatar to something different. We have also released all three of the email upgrade items in the Limited Edition Account Upgrades Items page. You can now buy those for a limited time. Please note that the Seasonal Pearl will be retiring for good from next week.
18th January 2007
14 years & 2 days ago

The Trades are now back! Sorry that they were down for so long, but they have been totally changed to run much faster. Thanks to account upgraders, we have bought a new server for the Trades system and I've spent two days recoding the trades to work better. The old scripts were not good enough for the amount of players online and the amount of use trades get, with trades sometimes taking as long as 8 seconds to load and 59 seconds to search. This has been totally changed, and you shouldn't see any part of trades take more than 1 second to load, unless the whole site is experiencing problems.

There is also a Trade Refunds link at trades for you to get back your mp, rp and bp you had offered on people's trades before trades were closed.
17th January 2007
14 years & 3 days ago

We would like to give you a quick update with our Maintenance so far. We have completed a whole site recode, which means that we were able to fix every known glitch, error and bug around the site. All we have left to fix now is Promote Marapets, Trades and broken Avatars. There is still the ongoing problem of sudden Server Errors randomly occuring and shutting off the whole site for a few seconds. We are well aware of it, and its nothing to do with any glitches around the site or slow servers. We have found out what is causing it and its currently being worked on so that the problem will be gone in a couple of days. We have also fixed one of our Image Servers which had been broken for nearly 2 weeks, and have also added another new image server, so images should be running a lot more instantly. Marasites, MaraUploads and MaraJournals will be getting extensive work very shortly, but we're first trying to get the whole of Marapets working as it should. We'd liek to thank you for your patience over the past 2 weeks, but as you should notice already, every part of the site that is open is working perfectly - just in time for our War.

A brand new Flash Game has been released in the Strategy Games section. You can play Hexxagon now!

Fresh from the circus, these two Clown pets have just been released.
16th January 2007
14 years & 4 days ago

The Lottery has been drawn for this week. Sami11307 is the winner of the 336,000MP Jackpot with the winning numbers of 10, 16, 13, 14, 12 and 17! Congratulations!

Last Week's Raffle has now ended. gators1108 is the winner of the Red DNA and 100,000MP prize with the winning raffle ticket number 11260! Congratulations! Make sure you buy your tickets for today's raffle - only 10MP per ticket!
11th January 2007
14 years & 9 days ago

Site Maintenance
We'd like to thank you all for your patience while the site went down for maintenance. The downtime was actually longer than planned because it was more successful than we had hoped, allowing us to get more done while the site was down. The site has now moved to its new network, which you should by the end of the week notice has helped to improve the site's reliability. Its still not 100% complete because we're still testing and monitoring results and recoding to keep improving performance. Our network sites, like MaraUploads will not be on the new network yet, so if you change your password it will not change on these sites. These will be updated soon though. If you find any errors or glitches that are new, please report them right away.

The Forums have been updated too. We hope you like their new design!

Here is the new Plushie Ercuw!
10th January 2007
14 years & 10 days ago

Today's new Flash Game has just been released. It can be played 3 times a day with a maximum payout of 1,500MP per game. Newth Box can now be found at the puzzle games category of the games section.

We would like to apologise for the downtime we've been having randomly for the past couple of days. The issue will be solved tomorrow, which will mean that at sometime tomorrow (Thursday) we will be going offline for a couple of hours for Site Maintenance. This will be a major upgrade for us, so please be patient tomorrow while we get it all ready. There may be a few new errors/glitches that appear tomorrow. Just let us know of them asap and we'll get them fixed right away.
9th January 2007
14 years & 11 days ago

Minipet Island Land War - Part 1
Dark times may be ahead for Marada... There have been many worrying events in the last 24 hours, which we feel we cannot keep hidden any longer. However frightening it is, you, the Maradan public have a right to know. The first sign of trouble was when the residents of the Undying Woods were woken in the early hours of the morning by Elger having a fit. One of the newths (a very brave one!) was sent to find out what the trouble was this time and reported back that Elger was 'extremely displeased' (that's not the exact words she used, but we have to keep things clean) that she was no longer the most evil being in Marada. The newth then stuttered something about 'Queen Eleka' and ran away crying before we could get any more information from him.

As a few of you may know if you've been reading the Maradan encyclopedia set, Queen Eleka once ruled the dark side of Marada. Legends of the horrors of her reign are still told today, tales of a dark castle where nightmares can become reality, tales of a queen so beautiful and so evil that Marada has never again seen the like in a thousand years. For it was one thousand years ago today that the good King Baspinar the First finally defeated Eleka and banished her from our lands.

Naturally, mention of Queen Eleka concerned us greatly, and so several more newths were sent south from Dukka Caves to investigate the ruins of the Dark Castle. Unfortunately, although 24 hours have now passed, we have not heard back from them. We can only hope that they have run in terror and have not met some terrible fate.

Of course by now I'm sure you are wondering why, if all this has been happening, there has not been some proclamation from our King, Baspinar XII, to reassure us of his protection. We regret to have to inform you that an hour ago we were contacted by a palace aide who told us that Baspinar has now been missing for over 12 hours! The castle and grounds have been searched thoroughly, and the search is now widening into Puchala Village and the foothills of Biala.

We would like to assure you that there really is no need for panic at this time. Although the King's location is not yet known, it is possible that there may still be some simple explanation for all of this. We'll keep you updated on any new events as they happen.
8th January 2007
14 years & 12 days ago

The Random Events have been recoded and are now back.

The Space Quell has been released!

Pets can finally Die again. If your pet is neglected, you will get a random event saying you have 7 days to cure your pet. After those 7 days, if you haven't cured your pet you will get another random event where your pet has moved to the Gates of the Graveyard, which has just been recoded. You then have only 7 days to recover your pet. After that, it is moved to the Graveyard where *anyone* can pick up your Zombie pet and own it forever.
7th January 2007
14 years & 13 days ago

The Price Changes has returned to Dukka Caves. It has been down for almost 15 months now and was totally forgotten about. Its been recoded and restored now.

Pot of Gold Glitch Notice
There has been a glitch with the Pot of Gold for a while now which we have only just found out. When you donated one item by itself, it never actually made it to the Pot of Gold. Over 78,000 items were lost to this and were floating around in the database. 16 of these were missing Flayees for the avatar! We have fixed the problem and all of these items have been returned to you, in your inventory. Sorry for the problem and we hope you appreciate our efforts to return them - even if you are now flooded with total junk you thought you had gotten rid of!

I have fixed Shoutboxes on marasites, so you can now chat on them and get the Shout Avatar!

Flash Game Stamps now appear in your albums.

The Fairy Fasoro has been released!

7th January 2007
14 years & 13 days ago

The Lottery has been drawn for this week. xSilverwing is the winner of the 301,800MP Jackpot with the winning numbers of 10, 1, 2, 5, 3 and 7! Congratulations!

Last Week's Raffle has now ended. dottie50475052 is the winner of the Red DNA and 100,000MP prize with the winning raffle ticket number 1636! Congratulations! Make sure you buy your tickets for today's raffle - only 10MP per ticket!
6th January 2007
14 years & 14 days ago

We have just released a brand new game/feature in Lush Lake. This was supposed to be released as part of our million members party but that week was so packed full we never got around to releasing it. One in a Million is a FREE game you can play every 90 minutes. You guess how many coins are in the jar and if you do manage to guess correctly, you will win 1,000,000MP!!

We have fixed quite a few bugs and glitches around the site today and will carry on to do so all week. This has included updated all of the world maps, except for Dukka Town, Slater Park and Gigantic Paradise, for bigger versions with the new style of labels and new profiles with counters that were missing before.

We know you are all looking forward to our Plot/War so I will let you know a few more things about it. In a few days the plot will begin with a news release. The plot itself will be quite short, with most of it being user involvement. The war IS NOT JUST battling - there will be many other ways for you to take part. And finally, war points that you gain for the side you are fighting for will be redeemed in the war redemption shop to be released on mini pet island. You will be able to spend these points on items only released during the war and bonus prizes which will be added - which include X Box 360, Ipod Nano aswell as many other great prizes avaliable. The whole event will also last several months, ending in time for the annual Easter Hunt.
5th January 2007
14 years & 15 days ago

The Editorial for this week has just been released.
5th January 2007
14 years & 15 days ago

Today's new Flash Game has just been released. It can be played 3 times a day with a maximum payout of 1,500MP per game. Phanty Rescue can now be found at the puzzle games category of the games section.

There are also two new Avatars for you to find!
4th January 2007
14 years & 16 days ago

Happy New Year

It hasn't been a great start for 2007 so far for Marapets, but we would like to let you know what has been happening for the past few weeks. As Laimay was getting married in mid December, we decided that both Laimay and I will have the whole of December off for a break, so that she can get married, have her honeymoon and move into her new apartment and so that I can go on holiday. While we were gone, the site was run by the great team of blue stars staff and I managed to keep the site without any downtime for the whole month.

However, what we didnt know was that our main database server had been installed wrong over 6 months ago, and that the disks on that server were quickly been filled up, not from our data but from server error logs which we not noticable. A few days ago, the server ran out of disk space to save new data. This meant that new items, pets, members and a few other things were acting odd as they couldn't be saved. To stop the server from crashing, we had to quickly shut the whole of the site to try and fix the problem. This was not easy and it has taken a team of us the past few days to fix the problem, which was very close to losing us lots of valuable data, such as items and pets from the December. Luckily enough, we managed to catch the problem in time and fix it, but would like to apologise to you all for the lack of warning and notice for the downtime. It has cost a lot of money to get this fixed, and we hope that you understand how serious this maintenance was. The problem has been fixed and cannot happen again.

We will be continuing with small maintenance this week while the site is open, with much overdue glitch fixing and we will be returning to normal with regular news.

You may also like to know that in a few days, a new and unexpected visitor will be returning to Marada, and she may even be declaring WAR....

You may all be sick of looking at the maintenance error page, but the Burnt Chibs is now avaliable!
31st December 2006
14 years & 20 days ago

The Lottery has been drawn for this week. Pudgybunny is the winner of the 644,400MP Jackpot with the winning numbers of 1, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9! Congratulations!

Last Week's Raffle has now ended. mishi8 is the winner of the Red DNA and 100,000MP prize with the winning raffle ticket number 26406! Congratulations! Make sure you buy your tickets for today's raffle - only 10MP per ticket!
24th December 2006
14 years & 27 days ago

The Lottery has been drawn for this week. catken1 is the winner of the 993,900MP Jackpot with the winning numbers of 22, 21, 18, 15, 17 and 14! Congratulations!

Last Week's Raffle has now ended. BxXXxXXxXXxJ is the winner of the Red DNA and 100,000MP prize with the winning raffle ticket number 22545! Congratulations! Make sure you buy your tickets for today's raffle - only 10MP per ticket!
20th December 2006
14 years & 1 month ago

We'd like to apologise for the advent calendar not working today.
As some of you may have heard on the forums, our Christmas Newths who pack the calendar prizes all went on strike demanding more pay! Ian has been negotiating with them today, and after a promise of paying them in salmon rather than pilchards they have agreed to go back to work. It doesn't seem fair to let it only run for a half day today as some members would miss out, so it will be working from midnight mara-time and continue for an extra day at the end to make up for today.
19th December 2006
14 years, 1 month & 1 day ago

Marada is looking particularly heavenly today... Maybe it's something to do with these new Angel pets!

Our elves are having a special giveaway for our younger members today... As its been harder for people with an under 13 account to participate in some of the other givaways, 20 random under 13s who our elves spot online today will win either a Christmas costume or one of the enchanted christmas plushies!

Some more stamps are now available for you to buy:

Congratulations to the following members who won a seasonal or christmas tree stamp!
lilaj378, alezma2, CanadasBabe, moka1973, maradev, gota15377, Dangelica, x0Dante, mrkite, and cyberkitty

Finally, has your club got a holiday layout? If so then tell your club leader to send an invite to our Chief Elf! (her username is "Elf" ). Ten of the most festive clubs will be getting a rare seasonal item to use as a club prize! (Please note - clubs must be active to participate in this giveaway and only ONE invite per club should be sent)
17th December 2006
14 years, 1 month & 3 days ago

The Lottery has been drawn for this week. snedden11 is the winner of the 1,034,500MP Jackpot with the winning numbers of 8, 12, 10, 21, 25 and 11! Congratulations!

Last Week's Raffle has now ended. haywaysay is the winner of the Red DNA and 100,000MP prize with the winning raffle ticket number 34101! Congratulations! Make sure you buy your tickets for today's raffle - only 10MP per ticket!
14th December 2006
14 years, 1 month & 6 days ago

OK, own up - who has been running around Marada shaving the pets?! This poor Fasoro and Sindi were found shivering in the woods. We hope you have central heating in your marahome if you decide to get one!

Today the elves are on the lookout for people who have a seasonal picture in their forum siggy. Perhaps a christmas or other winter festival picture, or something icy or wintery... 10 random people who have one will win a retired seasonal or christmas tree stamp! If you are under 13 and do not have access to the forums then dont worry - there will be a giveaway just for our younger members soon...

Six new stamps are now restocking...

These Enchanted Yakubi Plushies have been added to the plushie machine! We have also found the Enchanted Christmas Newth Plushie that the Newths were hiding and have forced them to add it.
10th December 2006
14 years, 1 month & 10 days ago

Congratulations to idunnowhy, Aliyah, Dev0na, Firstborndragon, and chickflickgal who are now the lucky owners of their choice of seasonal pet!

After much persuasion (and a promise of free fish sandwiches) the Plushie Machine Newths have agreed to make Enchanted Christmas Addow Plushies much less rare for a while! This will hopefully last until Christmas, but they might end it sooner if we run out of fish sandwiches...