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Marapets is mobile friendly

I am always looking to trade photos. If you need any of my pets please let me know; I will arrange trades ASAP to help you out. If they are needed for a mission etc, I am happy to lend you the pet if I do not have a photo ready for you.

Only pets available for trade are in trades. Please don’t offer regarding any others.

Now the boring bit is out of the way, hello! I am mollie and I’m 22 from England. I play majority of the day and even log on for a few minutes when I wake up throughout the night. I never actually log out so if I don’t reply to you and it says I’m online, i’m not around but will respond ASAP.

note to staff: I may log in on different devices but my main device is my iPad. My IP may change from August-December quite a bit as I am between two homes in different parts of England.

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