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  • NEW mini LENDS!

    Posted on : 25th May 2019 07:42   Posted by : munchlaxxx3
    I have just added Baline, Clover, Goop, Irkette, Puffnut, Terra, USB & Vampider to my lending service!

    is there anything YOU would like me to add to my lending service?


    check out my gallery here:

    check out my lending page here:

    lending rules :)

    Posted on : 5th Apr 2019 17:25   Posted by : munchlaxxx3
    all items must be returned within 15 minutes if items aren't returned or are stolen, I will report you!
    you may NOT send my items to others.
    tips are appreciated! gourmets Osawotx3 hasn't eaten or photos/ plates I don't have


    -for Bride & Groom doll, please be sure to have a repair from the Carpenter! or you will have to replace the item

    -for Nicky, please make sure you have something else in your inventory, just in case. it's 5 mil to replace!

    -MM/MT to put auction items up: Giant Turnip & Fried Egg Plushie

    -MM/MT to send items:
    Secret Admirer Notes & Alien Phone Book


    for pet lends, you may MM/MT me for current fees.

    for more lends, check out my gallery or my marasite

    lending is easier if we're both online!


    Posted on : 31st Mar 2019 13:21   Posted by : munchlaxxx3
    candyland- 300 candy tree quests (74 more)
    city sewers- 150 sewer monster
    kamilah- 100 Desert Spy quests (74 more)
    lowlyhood- 50 drew quests
    simeria- 25+ Simerian Explorer quests
    slater- 100 stalker quests (46 more)
    undying- 350 haunted house quests (100 more)
    vortex- 100 Shusan quests (17 more)
    ziranek- 250 computer repair (50 more)

    baspinar- lv 20 Troll (20 more)
    biala- lv 12 Blitzen (12 more)
    city of marada- lv 20+ Tarquin's (20 more)
    eleka's- complete Fates (1 more)
    gigantic- complete Rubbish Dump (10 more)

    nimbus- 1000/ 2000 magazines
    puchalla- 836/ 1000 photos

    dukka- LE potion
    enpiah- mutant @ lab
    foxfire- complete carpenter map
    jenoa- fishing map
    minipet- fishing map
    lush lake- Olympics at Expert

    TC/ AU swaps!

    Posted on : 19th Jan 2019 13:48   Posted by : munchlaxxx3

    extras: Water Top
    Aquarius Pants
    Aquarius Shirt

    extras: Aries Chopped Wig
    Aries Flame Chopped Wig x2
    Aries Wig x2
    Aries Hair Extension x2
    Aries Jewel Belt
    Aries Shirt
    Aries Tattoo
    Aries Contact Lenses
    *lending my fire pet for Arizona avatar!


    need: Capricorn Tail
    High Capricorn Shoes
    Capricorn Wig
    extras: Makara Tail
    Seashell Necklace

    extras: Carnival Suit
    Carnival Feliz Costume
    High Carnival Shoes

    need: Rebel Jewellery Set
    extras: Rebel Jacket

    extras: Gemini Top

    done? hopefully..

    need: Devious Wings
    Floating Pumpkins
    Crystal Ball
    Snake Bottom
    Cauldron Soup
    Festive Pumpkin Latte
    Gingerbread Skeleton
    Summoning Circle
    extras: Alchemy Table


    extras: Imperial Sandals x2
    Warrior Shin Guards
    Warrior Gauntlets

    extras: White Whistle Leo Pants
    Leo Jacket
    need: Leo Shirt

    extras: Libra Sword x3

    need: love hearts
    extras: Be Mine Book
    Love Wig x2
    Heart Underwear
    Arrow Heart Tank Top

    extras: Sword x2
    Flower Crest
    Laced Top
    Half Armour
    Glam Tunes

    need: Pisces Mismatched Contact Lenses
    minipet & avatar **
    extras: Pisces Sparkle Eye Shadow
    Pisces Long Jacket
    Pisces Jacket
    Pisces Flat Boots x2
    Pisces Boots
    Pisces Shirt x2

    extras: Safari Hits by Mara
    Bird Watching Guide
    Crate of Addows
    Safari Photos
    Safari Goggles

    need: Sagittarius Shirt
    Archer Top
    extras: Sagittarius Rose Tattoo

    need: Bedazzled Pants
    Bedazzled Shoes
    Bedazzled Trousers
    Scorpio Contact Lenses
    Scorpio Desert Guide
    Scorpio Tattoo
    Scorpio Wig
    Scorpio Shirt

    need: Sporty Socks
    Shredded Capris
    extras: Loose Crop Top
    Loose Striped Shirt

    extras: Steampunk Wig x2
    Steampunk Dress
    Steampunk Boots

    ---St Patty's Day
    need: Irish Waves Wig
    Spring & avatar
    extras: Clover Bottoms
    Clover Vest
    Flower Beard
    Shamrock Shades


    extras: Secret of the Light Book x2

    need: Sweetheart Skirt
    Winter Kujo Onesie
    extras: Frosty Adventure Book
    Winter Beanie x2
    Pixie Wand
    Sweetheart Blouse
    Wool Sweater

    ---Wonderful Wizard
    need: Frilly Socks
    Bottle of Courage
    Ruby Slippers
    Starry Staff
    Wicked Dress
    extras: Scarecrow Top
    Scarecrow Pants

    ---extra AU items
    **not including costumes/ enchanted plushies or treasure maps

    Deady Bear Plushie
    Casual Jacket
    Watering Can
    Jingle Bell Book
    Easter Tea Cup
    Butterfly Hair Bow
    Mermaid Glowing Egg
    Mermaid Pearl
    Mermaid Tail Stamp
    Mermaid Tales
    Pearls and Shells
    Songs Beneath the Sea
    Leopard (DVD)
    Leopard Book
    Leopard Glowing Egg
    Leopard Pearl
    Leopard Snarl
    Leopard Stamp
    Ants Life
    Beetle Stamp
    Cricket Cookies
    Dung Beetle Pearl
    The Beetles
    The Moderately Hungry Caterpillar
    Sparkle Knutt Stamp
    Bandana Pearl
    Bandana Tunes
    Book of Cowboy Hats
    Cowboy Glowing Egg
    Cowboy Stamp
    Rhinestone Cowboy
    & all Jinn AU items

    ---Chests I need:
    Arctic, Apocalypse, Desert, Dukka, Galactic, Harmony, Party, Summer, Underwater, Wonderland

    ---awesome guide:

    ---for TC minipet avatars, please see my gallery or lending page!

    ~pet lending :)

    Posted on : 21st Jun 2018 06:58   Posted by : munchlaxxx3
    Balloon- 8k
    Breeze- 8k
    Cheese- 8k
    Chibs- 101k
    (gives Purrfect avatar)
    Defective- 8k
    Ice- 8k
    Space- 8k
    Valentine with 3 avatars- 8k
    Pirate- 22k
    Love pet with 14 avatars- 23k
    Earth Fairy- 24k
    Fire pet with 3 avatars- 24k
    Gothic- 24k
    Space Fairy- 24k
    Zombie- 24k
    Chocolate- 27k
    (gives chocolate avatar)
    Halloween- 27k
    (gives 6 avatars)
    Detective- 28k
    Snow- 28k
    Phantom pet with avatar- 29k
    Fancy- 101k
    Bug- 108k
    Kronk- 108k
    Digital- 188k
    (2 avatars)
    Moonlight- 450k
    instruments pet- 2.4 mil
    (with 12+ avatars)

    **LE Pets
    -fees updated 4/5-
    Blue Chibs- 101k
    (gives Purrfect avatar)
    Minipet Kronk- 108k
    Calico Rusty- 108k
    Sparkle Zoosh- 115k
    Mermaid Straya- 160k
    (mermaid avatar when fed sushi)
    Digital Gobble- 188k
    (Hacker Avatar when profile viewed & turkie avatar)
    Moonlight Quell- 485k
    (working on Wide Pride avatar)

    -please remember, for this goal you have to use the Pet Exchange. meaning you need to send me a CE for the MP it takes for me to pet my pet back! I don't want to lose MP for your goals.

    I also lend avatar & goal items

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