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    Posted on : 3rd Jun 2018 11:29   Posted by : Meggy

    Greedy Gertrude win

    Posted on : 12th Apr 2018 03:52   Posted by : Meggy
    Thank you for finishing my Mission on time. Here is your reward..

    Enchanted White Lorius Plushie

    GG was actually rather kind to me this run. There were a few UB items I had to buy, but for the most part, she asked me for items I already had. This is my first time beating GG and I don't expect to be able to do it again any time soon.


    Posted on : 29th Mar 2018 18:59   Posted by : Meggy
    Shadelings and Demons


    - Think of shadelings like specks of dust. When pieces of dust (in this case, shadelings) clump together, they make larger and larger clumps of dust. In this way, they're like dust bunnies made of pure evil.
    - Shadelings can be thought of as baby demons. They are abstract, amorphous beings made of pure, concentrated evil.
    - Some can be seen even by normal eyes, while others can only be seen through the aid of magical objects or people with a soul reading ability.
    - No two shadelings look alike. They can be ridged or fluid enough that they can pass through (and even posses) living creatures in their "infant" and "forming" states.
    - It can take hundreds of years for a Shadeling to develop from "infant" (which is just a speck) to a minor demon. If a shading merges with a corrupted living creature, this speeds up the process.
    - Shadelings to not have a personality or sentience. They can be controlled by higher level demons who use them to cause chaos.
    - Despite having no free will, they are primally driven to do evil.
    - They grow from evil and chaos and thrive off of fear and negativity. Anything from the cry of baby to discord among neighbors can cause them to grow and develop, even if it's slowly, over hundreds of years. They work like dust bunnies, attracting other pieces of shadelings over time.
    - As shadings grow and develop, their shape becomes more solid and they become more intelligent and purposeful in their intent. They become more and more dangerous.

    Effects of shadings vary.
    Human contact with a weak shadeling can result in anything from as minor as mood change and feeling a chill in the air to developing illnes. Advanced shadelings, under certain conditions, can change livestock into minor demons or corrupt human souls. Soul corruption causes a human's personality to change, making them more likely to kill or commit crimes of chaos. The soul possession can be temporary or permanent. This can lead to a human losing its soul and becoming a minor demon.

    -Minor Demons-

    When a shading grows up, it becomes a minor demon. Minor demons are monsters, normally with limited intelligence. (Think of them as creatures one would battle in an RPG.)
    - Knights and mercenaries have made a living protecting towns from these creatures but their numbers have started to grow more numerous, completely wiping out a number of small villages.
    - Minor demons are diverse in form. Some fly, some swim, some work in packs. They are always dark in color and always have a visible dark aura/fog around them.
    - Like shadelings, they grow from chaos and evil.


    These are fully developed demons. Some can take on a humanoid form and some are large enough to dwarf an entire village. They have human level cunning and intellect, but they are beings of pure evil.
    - These are the demon lords from old stories.
    - No fully developed demons have been seen by the time our story begins, but they are on the brink of forming.


    Posted on : 28th Mar 2018 12:01   Posted by : Meggy
    See this blog for information about shadelings and demons:

    In an ancient time, powerful demon lords ruled the land. None were more powerful than the king of demons, a titan made of pure, concentrated evil. It was an age of monsters; a dark, barren shadow realm. From out of the darkness, a powerful light came forth and destroyed the demons.

    Life was able to thrive and the age of humanity came to be.

    Whether or not people believe this or chalk it up as a scary story to tell children before bedtime, this is a tale most people of the land of Audalania are familiar with.

    But that’s not the end of the story.

    Audalania is a medieval world of magic and adventure— and a growing danger.

    For generations, the kingdoms of the land of Audalania lived in peace an prosperity. Food was plentiful and humans and other creatures of the realm shared the land in harmony.

    But peace can be a fragile thing.

    Recently, mysterious demonic creatures known as shadelings have appeared; terrorizing villages and travelers. The land itself has begun to wither. Prime farmland has not been producing as it should and some places are at the brink of famine, war, and possibly worse.

    The source of these demons must be found before the world plunges into chaos.

    Our story begins on the outskirts of Kuvilos, a large town built where the Aquani Channel meets the Majoris River. This is an bustling port city.

    - The Goodlands -
    Plentiful freshwater rivers and underground springs have made this land the the breadbasket of Audalania. The kingdoms here have been historically peaceful and prosperous. Most of the human population lives here.

    - The Greenlands -
    - Consists of Upper, Lower, and "Middle" Greenlands. The Middle Greenlands are a part of the Goodlands. These are forests. Though there are some small pockets of human population here, for the most part this is untamed wilderness; home to fairies and wood-dragons. The large trees on the map are all believed to be connected. These trees and the areas around them are protected by powerful magic, and few humans have ever seen them.

    - Agonei -
    - A desert continent. Many celebrated white magic users come from this barren realm.
    - The Orcono mountains are an extremely dangerous place for humans. The island off the east coast is surrounded by whirlpools and storms, making it impossible for humans to get to.

    - The Aquani Channel separates The Goodlands from Agonei. The waters here flow from west to east and are quite calm.

    - The Dragon Isles -
    An island populated mostly by outlaws and dragons. A rough place with varied landscapes including active volcanoes and lush forests.


    Humans are the dominant/most numerous race of the world of Audalania.

    Other races include, but are not limited to Elves, Trolls, Dragons (both humanoid shapeshifters and feral), satyrs, werewolves, and other fantasy creatures.

    Some have assembled into human society while others stick to the forests.


    Magic of this world can be broken down into White/Light Magic, Black/Dark Magic, and Elemental Magic.

    - Magic is like an individual's finger print. It is unique to every user. No one's magic is exactly the same, even if different people learn the same spells.
    - White magic and Black magic are incompatible. A healing wizard cannot cast a shadow spell. If they could, the very nature of their magic would change.
    - A person's magical properties are determined before they are born. Under normal circumstances, this cannot be changed.
    - Genetics can play a role in magical properties as there are family lines who are more inclined to have magic of a certain type.
    - Not all people can use magic or choose to pursue magic.
    - Magic is limited by the people who use it. Even the most talented of magic users are not almighty miracle workers. Magic is also limited by the user's energy. If a magic user is tired or hungry, that would effect their magic. A magic user can only perform so much magic before fatigue sets in.

    - White/Light Magic -
    This includes healing, purification, and light spells. People who can use white magic cannot use black magic.

    Healing - These powers can range from being able to heal minor scrapes to being able to heal near fatal wounds if one is experienced enough.
    -Even the most experienced, talented healers cannot bring back the dead.
    - Healing magic cannot be cast on one's self other than very simple first aid

    Purification - This is a way to exercise shadelings that plague humans, animals, or the land itself.
    - When Purification and Healing are combined, this can also be a way of healing illness. This wouldn't be a way of say, curing cancer, but it can help alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life.

    Light - Powers of light summoners can be as simple as being able to light up a cave or to weaken demons or even destroy shadelings.

    - Black/Dark Magic -
    This includes destruction magic and shadow magic
    People who use black magic cannot use white magic.
    - Black magic does not automatically mean evil. One of the realm's most kind-hearted, beloved kings was a black magic wizard.
    - Black magic does have the most social stigma because it is fearsome and destructive.
    - There are fewer wizards that use black magic versus white magic or elemental magic.
    - Many who have these abilities choose not to use them at all because they fear it, but even these abilities may be used for good by the right people.
    - Advanced practice of these magics are forbidden in all civilized countries.
    - Most black magic users do not use magic at all or rely instead upon elemental magic.

    Destruction - This power is like a bomb of black magic.
    - At its weakest, this ability creates a powerful blast that stuns anyone it hits. It creates a feeling of dread.
    - At its strongest, the blast can make everything and everyone it hits crumble to dust.

    Shadow - Power to control dreams and nightmares.
    -Advanced wizards can manipulate the shadows of living beings like a puppet.

    -Elemental Magic-
    These include the ability to summon and control Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.
    - White magic or black magic users can also have the ability to use Elemental magic. Generally speaking, dark magic users who use elemental magic will be more powerful than white magic users.
    - Elemental magic can be combined with white magic. An experienced healer/elemental user can make a healing flame or a healing potion from water, for example.

    Neutral Magic/Abilities:

    Other magical abilities include levitation/flight, the power to create illusions, and shapeshifting magic. These abilities are rare in humans, but common place with some species.
    - Specifically to shapeshifting and levitation: The rare humans who are capable of using these abilities usually need unique magical objects to cast use these spells. There can be exceptions to this but these people would be exceptionally rare.

    - Fairies and other species use illusion magic to keep people away from their homes or to give themselves the appearance of different creature without using shapeshifting magic.
    - People have used illusions to trick people in a way that has caused harm or death. This can be difficult or impossible to trace back to the caster. Because of this, society tends to be wary of known illusion magic users.

    - Shapeshifting magic is almost always used for the shapeshifter to freely change their own form from one species to one other species. An example being a dragon that can change into a human or a human that can change into a bird.
    - This is complicated magic and the ability to turn into more than one creature is incredible.
    - Shapeshifters who can alternate between multiple forms usually have a limited catalog of creatures they can transform into. Somewhere around five being the human limit, even for advanced sorcerers. (There may be exceptions)
    - Shapeshifters who can alter the forms of other individuals are extremely rare and this magic is forbidden in all civilized countries.

    Magical alignment (Dark magic or light magic) does not mean an individual is a good or bad person. An evil light magic wizard could exist who wouldn't think twice about causing an illusion that would make someone fall off a cliff or turn a human into a frog.

    Some people have the ability to see what others do not see. This power is known as soul reading, and it can be used to view "souls" and their magical alignment/abilities.

    - This power is stronger with some people than others. One doesn't need to be able to use magic to be a soul reader.
    - Using this ability and calling out someone's magical alignment in public without permission is extremely taboo.
    - Some people with this power can also see shadelings that may not normally be seen. They can also see if a shadeling is plaguing a living creature.
    - Soul Reading is a rare ability and people with this power may not even realize that they have it or know what they are seeing. Throughout history, people with this power have been thought to be insane because they fear things that other people would say aren't really there.
    - Nearly everyone in the world has at the very least some weak form of this ability. Someone may briefly see a shadleing out of the corner of their eye and believe it's an eye floater.

    Character profiles: Audalania (A Fantasy RP)

    Posted on : 28th Mar 2018 10:45   Posted by : Meggy
    Character Name: Kolbie Lukirth
    Character belongs to: Meggyness
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Race/Species: Undetermined Chimera-like Monster corrupt (Formerly human)
    Profession/skill set: Sorcerer - specializing in dark/destructive elemental magic (formerly Healing Wizard)
    Other: Has an intolerance to white magic. He can't use it and it can't be used on him without causing serious pain.

    The Lukirth family had been redound healers for generations. Grandson of the great healer Kaveil Lukirth, Kolbie lived in his care from a young age. For years Kolbie studied as his grandfather’s apprentice, learning the family trade of healing magic. Kolbie took over his grandfather’s trade before turning 15 after Kaveil passed away. True to his bloodline, the boy was a wizarding prodigy but he was also reckless and arrogant. In an attempt to increase his power and abilities, a freak accident occurred and Kolbie accidentally cursed himself to the form of a diminutive monster. (To mess up a spell so badly that one changes form so drastically is extremely rare and practically impossible under normal circumstances. A very weak type of demon, embedded itself in Kolbie's soul as he attempted very advanced magic, making his body that of a demon. His mind and soul are basically in tact.) He is still able to speak in this form.

    For two years Kolbie has lived in the shadows, surviving life as a scavenger at at times a thief while living life as an outcast. Most of his human contact over this time has consisted of being called “Demon” and “Vermin” or being chased out of villages by mobs with pitchforks. When he can, Kolbie continues to study magic, breaking in to libraries and magic guilds to do so.

    In his current body, the very nature of Kolbie’s magical abilities completely changed. He is incapable of using healing magic. His current abilities are more destructive and volatile in nature. He is capable of casting powerful explosion spells and fireballs, though the results can be somewhat unpredictable. He rarely uses destructive magic, even as self protection because it goes against his beliefs as a healer. At this point in his life, he prefers to simply study magic than to practice it. His current studies have been focusing on demon slaying magic.

    Despite no longer being able to use healing magic, he keeps his grandfather’s book of notes and spells close at all times. He can be prideful and quick to anger, especially if his family is insulted or when he feels he is correct or trying to be helpful and not being taken seriously because of what he is.

    Kolbie is believed to be dead by those who knew him as a human. In addition to his bizarre appearance, Magic is not intended to be changed in such a way that a wizard whose specialty is healing can not only change specialty to dark magic, but to be completely adverse to healing magic. There are rare people that have the ability to see souls, who may be able to tell his soul is not that of a demon. But when he claims to be a Lukirth (A family renowned healers) it would be natural for even an experienced soul reader to believe he is lying if they know anything about that family.


    Currently: A small green creature that seems to be half rodent/half reptile monstrosity. He is covered in a strange mixture of green fur and scales. His feet are hoof-like and he has a snake for a tail. He stands around two feet tall and wears clothing made of rags. The earrings he wars are magical amplifiers.

    (Drawn by me.)

    Kolbie's tail behaves -somewhat- independently of its host. It is mostly harmless, and quite friendly in nature. However, it will bite if provoked or its host is in danger. It does not eat, but will hunt for large bugs and rodents which get too close to Kolbie as he sleeps. His behaves more like a cat than a snake. If his tail is petted on it's head or scratched under its chin, it has a calming effect on Kolbie.

    As a human, he had dark color eyes and spiky dark hair.


    Character Name: Elleandra Votawin (Elle)
    Character belongs to: Meggyness
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Race/Species: Half human/Half troll
    Profession: Adventurer/Mercenary/Treasure Hunter
    Skill set:
    - Transformation magic (specifically, turning objects into other objects)
    - White Magic - Purification (Can also use lighting and healing magic poorly.)
    - Brute strength. She relies on this mostly.

    Other: Elle uses transformation magic to turn items that may be quite large or heavy into items that can be easily carried in her satchel. This also keeps valuable items inconspicuous.

    History: Elleandra had a rough childhood. her father passed away when she was only two and her mother was brutally murdered when she was eight, leaving the girl to fend for herself.

    Receiving very little compassion or aid, she grew up hardened and self-reliant, leery of people after the way her mother was treated.

    Elle is very loud, crass, and a bit of a troll in more ways than one. She's quick to laugh at the expense of others and sometimes takes her rowdy behavior too far. Though she would never claim to go out of her way to help another person without having some kind of reward, sometimes amusement is the only thing she needs.

    Though not heartless, she is more concerned with personal gain than ethics or the feelings of other people. Looking out for number one has always been her primary goal: not some sense of working for a greater good. However, she does feel compassion towards the downtrodden.

    Appearance: A stout, muscular woman with a pot-belly. She appears mostly human, but with silver mane and light gray skin. Her mane gives her a bearded appearance. Her ears are slightly long and pointed. She wears a pointed hat (Think witch's hat) and carries a small satchel which she keeps all of her belongings.


    Character Name: Zidane
    Gender: Male
    Age: Ageless (appears in mid 30's)
    Race/Species:Shadow Man- the stuff of nightmares.
    Nature/Personality: Dark

    Character Details:
    Zidane takes on two forms-Daytime Human, Nighttime Shadow.
    Daytime Human form:
    Tall and well built, Zidane appears to be in mid 30's. He does his best to blend with the humans during daylight hours with a brimmed hat and long overcoat. His hair and eyes black as a raven's feather.
    Nighttime Shadow form:
    Mostly featureless, he takes this form in the dark hours or as needed during the day. Humans rarely get a good look at him, but if they do, they are usually struck with paralyzing fear that lasts for many sleepless nights. Humans claim to see a shadow of a man with a brimmed hat and overcoat lurking over their beds at night, feasting on nightmares.

    Humans believe Zidane was a typical child growing up in another far-away village. Stories he tells humans are mainly lies, one must somehow be one with unsuspecting people during the daylight hours.
    Nighttime Zidane- no one knows- Tales of his appearance traveled back many centuries, each story as frightening as the last. He was often a tale parents tell trouble making children to get them to behave, fondly called the Boogeyman.

    -Can tell apart humans and non-humans by sense of aura
    -Travels within the shadows
    -Controls shadows to do his bidding
    -Enter human dreams to turn them to nightmares to feast upon at nights.
    -Has power of Dark Magic. (Drawn by Meggy)


    Name: Nanami Thorpe (her nickname is Nan but only by her closet friends)
    Character belongs to: miau_miau
    Gender: female
    Age: 17
    Species: elf
    Profession: works on the ships by the docks. Captain of the ship (The Raleigh) she can control the water.
    History: Nanami was raised by her older sister, Kimmer, when their
    parents died from illness. When Nanami was 14, Kimmer left her to elope with her boyfriend. Both were found dead on the side of the road two days later.
    Nanami is now struggling to stay alive and to keep a hold on her ship, since she is the only girl in the water. Very few people respect her for her water talent, so she has stopped showing it to everyone. It is not a secret, but just a fact she does not feel that she needs to share about herself.
    Nanami is adventurous with a soft heart. She wishes that she could be a mom more than anything, but she knows that she cannot provide a safe life for any children right now.
    Appearance: Nanami is tiny, about 5ft 3 inches. She has sea green hair and one brown eye, one green eye. She has a light figure with not a lot of curves, but stunning nonetheless. You can normally find her wearing a tank top with comfortable pants and boots. (I’m thinking like a Tomb Runner type outfit)


    Name: Willow Smallwood
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Race/Species: Human
    Profession/skill set:
    -She’s learning how to use her fire powers.
    -Almost a pro at using her bow and arrow.
    History: In the upper Greenlands, there is a village of humans, where their main residents are earth magic users. Or rather born with Earth powers. The place is beautiful, vibrant plants and colorful trees surrounded the homes and shops of everyone who lived here. Everything we ate, was grown by our own hands.
    Well, at least by their hands. Growing up in the village, it was usually customary for you to get your power under the age of ten. That was just a curiosity age anyways. All the children got their powers way before they even turned five. But as Willow went year after year of not being able to control any plants or grow anything that could survive, she gave up on it. It wasn’t uncommon for a child to not gain the power, but what happened to her was.
    When she was nineteen, she was out in town on her way to get some ingredients for a stew her mother was making. It was evening, so it was getting a little dark. The candles had been lit up through the village and it was nice and quiet. She was just going along peacefully when she had suddenly been grabbed from behind. Someone or Something was telling her to give him her money and maybe he wouldn’t kill her. But the way he had the tip of his knife blade against her side, she felt like he was going to kill her either way.
    She was full of fear. She couldn’t do anything. Had no power to help her. Had no weapons on her. All she could do was look helplessly around with wide eyes. Her pleas for help muffled by his gloved hand. She needed help, wanted it so badly. Wanted to do anything so bad. When suddenly all the candle flames headed her way. They had gotten huge! And she closed her eyes and tensed up when they came flying at her. But nothing hit her. She actually had felt the mans hand dropped and she moved forward. Looking behind her where the man was standing, she noticed that he was now a pile of ashes.
    Horrified she looked at the trail of flames that were made from the candles heading toward the man, and tried to find something to put it out. She was yelling for help and trying to get water to put the flames out. The middle of the village was being destroyed. All the grass was turning black and the plants were going up in smoke. She looked at the fire and wished it away, started making hand movement to will it away. Was she didn’t expect to happen was that it would actually happen. They flames slowly disappeared, returning back to the single candle lit flames around the village.
    The villagers only came out after the damage was done.

    But one had witnessed her controlling the fire and it was a sudden uproar. She was kicked out of the village, no matter how hard she tried to tell them it was an accident and that she had no ill will towards them because she couldn’t use Earth magic.
    Now she’s just traveling. Getting random jobs here and there to get money to continue traveling. She’s also trying to get her fire magic under control, but it’s hard. Now that it had been awaken by her emotions, she has to be careful about what she feels. Otherwise she might have another accident and she doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

    If anything was going to give a clue to her having a fire power, it would have to be that was was born with strawberry blonde hair. It wasn’t a dark shade of red but it wasn’t the normal blonde that went around the village. Usually everyone had ashy blonde hair, or more popular just plain brown. So she stood out from a young age. Her skin was unusually pale, even from working in the sun for long hours and Her eyes were golden brown, protected by long thick lashes. She was average height for her age, around five seven, or five eight. She would also say she was rather slim but fit. From working on the farms in her village, she had gained a good amount of muscle mass in her arms and legs. Her stomach is flat and hidden underneath her shirt was a four pack.
    She always has her bow and arrows on her, as well as a green crystal necklace given to her from her parents before she was banished.


    Name: Aurelia Andris
    Character belongs to: Valdez
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Race/Species: Humanoid Dragon
    Profession/Skill set: Although a weilder of dark magic, Aurelia never uses her powers. Instead, she works as a balcksmith's apprentice and creates the most magnificent and deadly weapons.

    History: Aurelia was very close with her parents who loved her very much. They too, like her were dragons. One day they left her at their home giving her only a dagger to fend for herself and told her that they would come back for her as soon as they had taken care of some important work. Aurelia waited eagerly and never gave up hope but that day never came and Aurelia soon learned to live life on her own and take care of herself without anyone's help.

    During her early years, Aurelia spent her time flying across Audalania as a dragon cheerful, with no worries whatsoever until one fateful evening which changed everything.

    On that evening she was wandering in the greenlands, playfully puffing out fire and smoke when suddenly the grass caught fire and then the trees nearby and finally the whole forest was engulfed in flames. It was only an accident and could have happened with any dragon but it happened with her and her life was never the same again. A lot of humans got hurt and one was even killed and Aurelia never stopped blaming herself for the incident.

    She decided to never use her powers ever again and started working under the guidance of Audalania's greatest blacksmith and weapons maker- Horatio Lazarus in the guise of a human, never revealing her dragon heritage to anyone ever again.

    Appearance: Aurelia was tall and slender, with long brown hair and piercing blue eyes which were beautiful but fierce. She had an athletic build and always carried her father's dagger with her- the only thing she had left of him.

    Her true dragon form was magnificent. She had a thick blue hide and blue eyes that shone even in the darkness. Her massive body could occupy a whole town and her flame had a beautiful golden hue that could captivate even the hardest of hearts.


    Name: Circe Feist
    Character Belongs to: TeaKitty
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Race/Species: Human
    Profession/skill set: Illusionist/Dark magic

    History: Circe comes from a long line of powerful masters of Light magic, with ancestors originating from Agonei. The Feist family have become highly respectable within the magic community for garnering many reputable Light sorcerers and sorceresses within the generations of their family tree. One can only imagine the surprise Circe’s parents felt when they discovered that their only daughter was a dark magic user. Dark sorcerers born into their family were uncommon, and were always met with disappointment. In the past, her family had tried desperately to turn Circe’s magic by using advanced healing spells, but to no avail. Whilst struggling to keep her dark magic in check and lacking any training, Circe discovered the existence of neutral magic, particularly taking a liking to illusions. Her father had no shortage of magic books and scrolls, so from a young age she began to teach herself. It was dangerous, of course, and at times proved to be quite disastrous. She spent quite a few moments from her early teens cleaning up the aftermath of small destruction spells that had backfired and illusions that spiraled out of control. The young illusionist had lost count how many times she could not tame the nightmare creations of her own magic and had been knocked unconscious from over exertion. She hunted through her father’s old sorcery artifacts to find an object that was best suited to her choice of magic. Eventually, her self-teaching paid off and she was able to command a wide range of complex and convincing illusions. Although she had proved to be skilled for her age, Circe’s parents were less than thrilled to be “raising a witch”. Fed up with their ignorance, she stole a magical stone talisman from her father’s study and decided to venture off into the world, trying to find people who could help her learn dark magic. She has now taken up with a group of travelling gypsy performers on the outskirts of Kuvilo, playing the role of a female magician to disguise her illusionist magic.

    Appearance: She has an athletic slender build with average height. Her eyes are a ghostly pale greenish-grey, framed with coal lashes and a small scar on her left eyebrow, remnants of a failed destruction spell. Her ink-black hair falls above her shoulders in a side part, though she often chooses to wear the top part up, tied with a few silver and emerald green beads. A strand of hair down the side of her head is plaited and tied with a tiny silver pendant, half hidden within the rest of her hair. The pendant is in the shape of a crescent moon, the Audalanian symbol for illusion and mystery. The pendant is a weaker magical object that Circe charmed using the talisman, in case she was ever recognized and needed a hasty disguise spell. The talisman itself is an oval-shaped black stone with ancient carvings on the surface. Circe has charmed it to look like an ordinary grey stone, lest someone steals it.

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