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  • Goodbye My sweetpea, mrpeaboddis.

    Posted on : 22nd Apr 2019 07:48   Posted by : Poppi
    My heart is broken a thousand times. My sweetpea, MrP has deactivated her account, permanently she says.

    When I 1st came to marapets she was one of my very 1st friends. I would have never come this far without her generosity and more importantly her friendship.

    We connected and chatted for hours on end here on Mara then on other social medias.

    I dont know a kinder soul. A genuine person full of hope and sometimes self doubt.

    Her modesty of her own greatness kept her grounded and sweet.

    Her heart was open to just be a friend of Epic proportions.
    Although I am old enough to be her mother, we just became so close through mara.

    Those who say real friendships can not happen on the internet honestly do not know what friendship is.

    I will miss her name popping online on my friends list, but I will never forget her impact on my Maraplaying and mostly her just being the Sweetest Pea in all of Marada.


    ATM 2.0 Easter/Spring Quiz and Raffles prizes

    Posted on : 5th Apr 2019 21:51   Posted by : Poppi
    Easter Music
    Easter Costume
    Dancing Easter Eggs
    Easter 2012 Stamp
    Minipet Easter Egg
    Spring Pearl
    Spring Potato
    Spring Bouquet Stamp
    Spring Songs
    Spring Easter Egg
    Easter Bunny Stew
    Easter Bunny Carols
    Chocolate Almond Chickle
    Dark Chocolate Chickle
    Milk Chocolate Chickle
    Mint Chocolate Chickle
    Orange Chocolate Chickle
    White Chocolate Chickle
    Chocolate Cherry Chickle
    Chocolate Cream Chickle
    Chocolate Strawberry Chickle
    White Stargazer Lily
    Easter Egg Potato
    Easter Egg Bop
    Easter Bunny Fountain
    White Bow Easter Dress
    Hole Easter Dress
    Easter Bunny Plushie
    Easter Egg Goblet
    Lilac Pearl
    Ball of Lilac Yarn
    Enchanted Lilac Crindol Plushie
    Enchanted Lilac Fasoro Plushie
    Enchanted Lilac Flab Plushie
    Bootleg Easter Bunny Trading Card
    Bootleg Easter Bunny
    Spring Dress
    Hidden Easter Eggs
    Easter Tea Cup
    Spring Sugar Cube
    Mr. Rabbit
    Velvet Rabbit Plushie
    Bunny Feet
    Bunny Ears
    Bunny Hair Clip
    Bunny Print Shirt
    Bunny Cuffs
    Bunny Balloon
    Bunny Beanie
    Egg Hat
    Chocolate Bunny Cookie
    Chocolate Bunny Summoning Stone
    Butterfly Hair Bow
    Egg Recipe Book
    Boiled Egg Carrot x2
    Long Egg Socks
    Egg Stockings
    Easter Egg Shirt
    Egg Bomber Trading Card
    Easter Egg Hunt Map
    Sweets Galore Book
    Grumpy Ladybug Book
    Petal Book
    How to Multiply Book
    Vintage Easter Bunny Plushie
    Easter Bunny Necktie
    Butterfly Wings

    it takes hard work but not impossible.

    Posted on : 15th Mar 2019 10:42   Posted by : Poppi
    GrantPutnam is missing 6 Books
    GrantPutnam is missing 38 Gourmet Foods
    GrantPutnam is missing 2 CDs
    GrantPutnam is missing 14 DVDs
    GrantPutnam is missing 0 Musical Instruments
    GrantPutnam is missing 0 Spells
    GrantPutnam has not played with 1,467 items

    You are missing 276 Hidden Avatars
    You are missing 31 Trading Cards
    You are missing 7 Glowing Eggs
    You are missing 7 items in your wardrobe
    You are missing 2,796 Photos
    You are missin 187 Plates
    You are missing 1,154 Plushies
    You are missing 27 Stamps from your Stamp Album

    ☆☆Trade Blog☆☆

    Posted on : 9th Mar 2019 23:36   Posted by : Poppi

    I hope you are reading this because you are interested in something in my trades. This is just to help you so we both have a pleasant experience and we can both achieve our goals.

    Before I start. ONLY CONTACT ME BY Maramail. NO Mara Talks please. MTs are for my really close friends and my club staff. Thank you!

    Also if I do not respond to your trade alert please send a mail. If I still do not respond, check my profile page, If I am away on vacation/holiday I will post that somewhere on my profile along with the date of my return.

    1. If a Trade is RSVD - That means it is not up for sale or negotiations. It is already been bargained for. **Please note: Who or What it is RSVD for is my business, not yours. Yes I had an issue with this.**

    2. I am currently working on (re)pricing all my trades. Please feel free to browse trades at leisure. I am always adding more items. Note** m = million(s) k = thousand(s) in MP

    3. I will accept all currencies BP, RP and AU in the following exchange rates:
    BP = 1:2mp
    RP = 1:7mp
    AU = 1:1,000,000 -1,200,000mp

    4.I will be willing to exchange for items HOWEVER those items must be on my wishlist. I will consider Enchanted LE plushies, even though they are not on my wishlist.

    5. Please for the love of all that is good, do not ask me to price match. I will not respond. If you want it that cheap please contact the person selling the item that cheap.

    6. My prices are not always fixed. Feel free to make an offer that reflects near the price I posted. I may or may not accept. But I never bite your head off.

    7. I will not separate Sets. I will clearly mark which lots are sold as a set with 1 of 3 as an example. Don't ask.

    8. I am not a fan of bulk sales. I feel my prices are low already. See #6.

    9. If you are offended by my prices, My apologizes. But I dont want to hear about how offended you are. LOL.

    I may add or delete from this blog in the future as things arise.

    Thank you for reading.

    Have fun playing!
    Aka~ BrB, Dracul, Freaky, HarleyQuin, JellyBeans, Jennie, Jennifer, Jingle, Michonne, MrsPoppi, Myth, Poppi, PoppiPopsicle, Romantic, Taz, Turkie

    My Pets ~ Names and Costumes made for each other

    Posted on : 12th Feb 2019 19:05   Posted by : Poppi














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