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  • Maraween 2017

    Posted on : 20th Oct 2017 16:05   Posted by : CJ

    Cowboy Hat
    Ghost Pencil
    Peacock Feathers
    Plastic Glowing Spider Ring
    Red Riding Hood
    Trooper Mask



    Haunted House
    Plain Pitiful Pigtails Wig
    Skull Violin (Need 3 more)
    White Trim School Blazer

    *Pumpkin Hunt*
    Beige Pumpkin
    Carvey Trading Card
    Possessed Phonograph

    *Pumpkin of Gold*

    Devil Suit
    Gun Holster
    Halloween Azul Plushie
    Nightmare Glow
    Spooky Doughnut


    Memory Points

    Posted on : 12th Oct 2017 14:57   Posted by : CJ
    [x]Defective Arinya Plushie (55 Memory Pts)
    [x]Defective Astro Plushie (60 Memory Pts)
    [x]Defective Azul Plushie (37 Memory Pts)
    [x]Defective Basil Plushie (54 Memory Pts)
    [x]Defective Chibs Plushie (99 Memory Pts)
    [x]Defective Crikey Plushie (53 Memory Pts)
    [x]Defective Decadal Plushie (150 Memory Pts)
    [x]Defective Equilor Plushie (41 Memory Pts)
    [x]Defective Eyru Plushie (100 Memory Pts)
    [x]Defective Fasoro Plushie (34 Memory Pts)
    [x]Defective Gizmo Plushie (61 Memory Pts)
    [x]Defective Gobble Plushie (90 Memory Pts)
    [x]Defective Gonk Plushie (56 Memory Pts)
    [x]Defective Kaala Plushie (50 Memory Pts)
    [x]Defective Knutt Plushie (38 Memory Pts)
    [x]Defective Kronk Plushie (58 Memory Pts)
    [x]Defective Leido Plushie (29 Memory Pts)
    [x]Defective Newth Plushie (41 Memory Pts)
    [x]Defective Osafo Plushie (21 Memory Pts)
    [x]Defective Paffuto Plushie (26 Memory Pts)
    []Defective Poera Plushie (57 Memory Pts)
    []Defective Quell Plushie (90 Memory Pts)
    []Defective Raulf Plushie (110 Memory Pts)
    []Defective Reese Plushie (35 Memory Pts)
    []Defective Renat Plushie (43 Memory Pts)
    [x]Defective Rofling Plushie (110 Memory Pts)
    []Defective Rusty Plushie (65 Memory Pts)
    []Defective Sindi Plushie (100 Memory Pts)
    []Defective Speiro Plushie (40 Memory Pts)
    []Defective Sybri Plushie (85 Memory Pts)
    []Defective Tantua Plushie (36 Memory Pts)
    []Defective Ushunda Plushie (30 Memory Pts)
    []Defective Viotto Plushie (26 Memory Pts)
    []Defective Walee Plushie (38 Memory Pts)
    [x]Defective Xoi Plushie (27 Memory Pts)
    [x]Defective Yakubi Plushie (10 Memory Pts)
    []Defective Yuni Plushie (80 Memory Pts)
    [x]Defective Zetlian Plushie (15 Memory Pts)
    []Defective Zoink Plushie (59 Memory Pts)

    []Glitched Booster (2,500 Memory Pts)
    []Glitched Glowing Egg (5,000 Memory Pts)
    []Glitched Gumball (750 Memory Pts)
    []Glitched Noises (2,000 Memory Pts)
    []Glitched Potato (1,000 Memory Pts)
    []Glitched Spell (250 Memory Pts)
    []Glitchzilla Attacks (3,000 Memory Pts)
    []Villain Soundtrack (225 Memory Pts)


    Posted on : 2nd Oct 2017 20:27   Posted by : CJ

    *Double or Nothing*
    ~Congratulations! You found the 'Dukka Fairy' Hidden Avatar

    ~Congratulations!! You guessed correctly!
    Level 10

    ~You have moved onto the next level

    ~You have won a Book of Swords!

    ~Try again! Will the coin land on heads or tails?

    Maraween 2016 items I Need

    Posted on : 28th Sep 2017 16:52   Posted by : CJ
    Beelzebub Candycorn
    Beelzebub Summoning Tome
    Beelzebub Trident
    Cerberus Plushie

    #Pool Party Items I Need

    Posted on : 28th Sep 2017 16:20   Posted by : CJ
    So OMG!!! So I didn't realize how many items I was missing!!! Any help much appreciated.

    American Cupcake
    Ball of Summer Yarn
    Banana Freezie
    Banana Gummy Feliz
    Beach Ball Book
    Beach Glowing Egg
    Black Astro Plushie
    Black Polkadot Ruched Swimsuit
    Black Polkadot Ruffle Top Swimdress
    Black Polkadot Swim Shorts
    Black Polkadot Swimsuit
    Black Strip Swimsuit
    Black Stripe Jammer
    Black Stripe Speedo
    Black Stripe Swimsuit
    Black Stripe V Neck Swimsuit
    Black Sunburst Swimsuit
    Black Wave Jammer
    Blue Astro Plushie
    Blue Checkered Jammer
    Blue Raspberry Gummy Feliz
    Blueberry tail
    Boots Tank Top
    Breezy Tank Top
    Brown Astro Plushie
    Cherry tail
    Cherry Duo Popsicle
    Cherry Freezie
    Chibi Hump Potion
    Chibi Rofling Potion
    Chocolate Duo Popsicle
    Coconut Gummy Feliz
    Devilkini Beelzebub Plushie
    Equilor Bubble Blower
    Flag Tank Top
    Floral Cross Tank Top
    Foxfire Suncream
    Gingham Speedo
    Grape Duo Popsicle
    Grape Freezie
    Green Astro Plushie
    Grey Astro Plushie
    Happy Pool Party Stamp
    Heartbreaker Tank Top
    Hot Dawg
    Illuminot Tank Top
    Lime Gummy Feliz
    Metalic Swim Briefs
    Muscle Tank Top
    No Newths Stamp
    Orange Astro Plushie
    Orange Gummy Feliz
    Pink Astro Plushie
    Pool Party
    Pool Rules
    Pools Closed Poster
    Potato Chips
    Rainbow Jelly
    Rainbow Stripe Swimsuit
    Rainbow Stripe V Neck Swimsuit
    Red Astro Plushie
    Rich Tank Top
    Rose Swim Shorts
    Ruffle Swim Dress
    Ruffle Swimsuit
    Sad Pool Party Stamp
    Sailor Swimsuit
    Sand Cake
    School Swimsuit
    Sea Salt Glowing Egg
    Sea Shell Soda
    Sea Star Stamp
    Sea Water Glowing Egg
    Serenade of the Sea
    Skulls Tank Top
    Storm Songs
    Stormy Pool Party
    Summer Love
    Summer Romance
    Sunlight Stamp
    Tagged School Swimsuit
    Taro Bubble Tea
    Tub of Rainbow Yogurt
    Tuxedo Swim Briefs
    Vanilla Icicle
    Watermelon Freezie
    Watermelon Icicle
    Whale Plushie
    White Astro Plushie
    White Checkered Jammer
    White Polkadot Criss Cross Swimsuit
    White Polkadot Ruffle Swimdress
    White Polkadot Ruffle Top Swimsuit
    White Polkadot Speedo
    White Polkadot Swim Briefs
    White Polkadot Swim Shorts
    White Polkadot Swimsuit
    White Stripe Speedo
    White Stripe Swim Shorts
    White Stripe V Neck Swimsuit
    White Vertical Stripe Jammer
    Yellow Astro Plushie

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