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  • Halloween 2018

    Posted on : 29th Oct 2018 23:19   Posted by : CJ


    []Beelzebub Pearl
    []Hellhound Trading Card

    *Character Trick or Treat*
    []Cat Stockings
    []Eclipse Necklace
    []Floaty Tank Top
    []Hip Wings
    []Magical Girl Staff
    []Medium Bangs Wig
    []Witch Sleeves

    []Autumn Shawl
    []Bat Glowing Egg
    []Cinnamon Latte
    []Halloween Elger Figurine
    []Mini Candycorn Witch Hat
    []Mini Hat
    []Pumpkin Candle
    []Rose Eye Patch
    []Side Bangs Hair Extension

    *Pumpkin Hunt*
    []2018 Pumpkin
    []Angel Pumpkin
    []Autumn Pumpkin
    []Autumn Trees
    []Cheese Pumpkin
    []Daylight Pumpkin
    []Desert Pumpkin
    []Devil Pumpkin
    []Falling Pumpkins Stamp
    []Halloween Candy Bag
    []Halloween Skirt
    []Ice Cream Pumpkin
    []Moonlight Pumpkin
    []Nightmare Pumpkin
    []Party Pumpkin
    []Prison Pumpkin
    []Pumpkin Book
    []Pumpkin Pearl
    []Purple Candy Bucket
    []Splatter Pumpkin
    []Valentine Pumpkin

    []Bat Book
    []Cracked Skin
    []Harpy Legs
    []Neck Bow
    []Pharaoh Staff
    []Pumpkin Pot
    []See Through Skirt
    []Skull Skirt
    []Straight Bangs Hair Extension
    []Yuni Head Horn

    Happy Birthday 14th Marapets

    Posted on : 26th Aug 2018 16:14   Posted by : CJ
    Black 14th Birthday Gift Bag
    Blue 14th Birthday Balloon
    Blue 14th Birthday Gift Bag
    Blue Party Horn
    Bow Pearl
    Bow Stamp
    Cake Popup Book
    Cream Hat
    Droop Top
    Frilly Boots
    Frilly Headband
    Frilly Pig Tails Wig
    Frilly Skirt
    Gradient Droop Top
    Green 14th Birthday Balloon
    Grey 14th Birthday Gift Bag
    Pink 14th Birthday Balloon
    Pleather Jacket
    Purple 14th Birthday Gift Bag
    Red 14th Birthday Balloon
    Red Party Horn
    Shredded Gloves
    Twisted Rose Cupcake
    Twisted Rose Glowing Egg
    Twisted Rose Pearl

    Lottery Winner

    Posted on : 29th Jul 2018 15:03   Posted by : CJ
    The Lottery has been drawn for this week. CJ is the winner of the 787,000MP Jackpot with the winning numbers of 4, 9, 18, 42, 44 and 46. Congratulations!

    *Missing Vending Machine Items*

    Posted on : 21st Jul 2018 08:43   Posted by : CJ
    Any help is welcomed and appreciated

    Bonus Clothing 33
    Bonus Clothing 62
    Bonus Clothing 85
    Bonus Clothing 104
    Bonus Clothing 110

    Dracorex Wings
    Gothabilly Wig
    Ice Cream Jacket
    Ice Cream Wig
    Musical Wig
    Rasta Wig
    Rockabilly Wig
    Thorn Wig
    Turkey Hat
    Valkyrie Wings

    Plates I have

    Posted on : 20th Jul 2018 22:21   Posted by : CJ
    These are the plates I currently have, any help is welcomed and appreciated:

    Alien Billy Plate
    Alien Fatty Plate
    Anubis Plate
    Applex Plate
    Bacon Plate
    Bellerina Plate
    Billy Plate
    Bitty Plate
    Black Damaged Plate
    Black Doomed Plate
    Black Loyal Plate
    Black Pingi Plate
    Black Pinto Plate
    Black Sk8er Plate
    Black Zetlee Plate
    Blue Addafo Plate
    Blue Damaged Plate
    Blue Decadonk Plate
    Blue Doomed Plate
    Blue Dracone Plate
    Blue Fatty Plate
    Blue Fidge Plate
    Blue Loyal Plate
    Blue Moneybag Plate
    Blue Two Million Plate
    Bronze Kade Plate
    Brown Jessido Plate
    Bubbles Plate
    Bush Plate
    Candipeed Plate
    Cirroc Plate
    Coal Plate
    Crafly Plate
    Crumbs Plate
    Damaged Plate
    Daniel Plate
    Dantiz Plate
    Daylight Fatty Plate
    Delayed Plate
    Doomed Plate
    Eggy Plate
    Fatty Plate
    Fawna Plate
    Fwidman Plate
    Gobbled Plate
    Green Cherub Plate
    Green Doomed Plate
    Green Dracone Plate
    Green Ember Plate
    Green Fatty Plate
    Green Jessido Plate
    Green Loyal Plate
    Green Misti Plate
    Green Toto Plate
    Green Tres Plate
    Grey Chilla Plate
    Grey Crush Plate
    Grey Damaged Plate
    Grey Doomed Plate
    Grey Loyal Plate
    Grey Wax Plate
    Gromps Plate
    Gutur Plate
    Hart Plate
    Hearty Plate
    Hethe Plate
    Holly Plate
    Iggy Plate
    Jason Plate
    Kringle Plate
    Lark Plate
    Leaflit Plate
    Legendary Plate
    Limited Plate
    Loyal Plate
    Lunash Plate
    Makara Plate
    Minibot Plate
    Misti Plate
    Native Legendary Plate
    Nebbi Plate
    Nyuchan Plate
    Orange Bacon Plate
    Orange Damaged Plate
    Orange Doomed Plate
    Orange Fatty Plate
    Orange Limited Plate
    Orange Puff Plate
    Orange Quelow Plate
    Parpy Plate
    Partridge Plate
    Pingi Plate
    Pink Anubis Plate
    Pink Chibimo Plate
    Pink Damaged Plate
    Pink Dantiz Plate
    Pink Doomed Plate
    Pink Fatty Plate
    Pink Loyal Plate
    Pink Peiko Plate
    Pink Plump Plate
    Pink Toto Plate
    Pink Zetlee Plate
    Pippin Plate
    Plapus Plate
    Plugged Plate
    Popo Plate
    Purple Damaged Plate
    Purple Devan Plate
    Purple Doomed Plate
    Purple Loyal Plate
    Purple Reezul Plate
    Purple Tinsel Plate
    Purple Toto Plate
    Purple Zetlee Plate
    Rainbow Andy Plate
    Rat Plate
    Red Fatty Plate
    Red Loyal Plate
    Red Sheepbow Plate
    Red Tinsel Plate
    Red Toto Plate
    Red Two Million Plate
    Rock Plate
    Rudolph Plate
    Rupper Plate
    Salvus Plate
    Scorpion Plate
    Shnuggle Plate
    Springo Plate
    Sunny Plate
    Teal Toto Plate
    Tefty Plate
    Teto Plate
    Tinsel Plate
    Toodles Plate
    Toto Plate
    Tubby Plate
    Two Million Plate
    Velox Plate
    Volum Plate
    White Bacon Plate
    White Hund Plate
    White Jessido Plate
    White Loyal Plate
    White Sewage Plate
    White Stitch Plate
    White Two Million Plate
    White Vamps Plate
    Yellow Anubis Plate
    Yellow Aphid Plate
    Yellow Damaged Plate
    Yellow Doomed Plate
    Yellow Loyal Plate
    Yellow Tinsel Plate
    Yellow Vorto Plate
    Yellow Zetlee Plate

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