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  • Game Shop

    Posted on : 10th Jun 2018 00:08   Posted by : CJ
    *Games Redemption Shop*

    []Gamer Shorts - 400 Score Points
    []Gamer Stamp - 7,500 Score Points
    []Gamer Trading Card - 2,500 Score Points
    []Games Plushie - 1,000 Score Points
    []Neon Costume - 10,000 Score Points
    []Robo Bop - 600 Score Points
    []School Eraser - 20 Score Points
    []Single Lace Glove - 750 Score Points

    []3-D Glasses
    []Gamer Shirt
    []Laser Gun

    *Video Games*
    []Anagram Sam Game - 2 Score Points
    []Balloon Burst Game - 13 Score Points
    []Cloud Nine Game - 14 Score Points
    []Cup Shuffle Game - 4 Score Points
    []Double or Nothing Game - 2 Score Points-
    []Duck Or Dive Game - 15 Score Points
    []Kamilah Pyramid Game - 21 Score Points
    []Mummy Multiplier Game - 7 Score Points-
    []Newth Racing Game - 17 Score Points
    []Open Graves Game - 9 Score Points
    []Slate Pyramid Game - 20 Score Points
    []Sokoban Game - 10 Score Points-
    []Spooks Busters Game - 12 Score Points
    []Temple of Tableaus Game - 25 Score Points-
    []Temple of Transformation Game - 22 Score Points
    []Temple of Transmogrification Game - 25 Score Points
    []Temple of Transubstantiation Game - 28 Score Points
    []Temple of Transumption Game - 26 Score Points
    []Temple of Transuranics Game - 23 Score Points
    []Temple of Transvaluation Game - 27 Score Points
    []Test Your Strength Game - 11 Score Points

    Cracker Prizes

    Posted on : 28th Dec 2017 19:47   Posted by : CJ
    Blue Addow Cracker
    Blue Arinya Cracker
    Blue Astro Cracker
    Blue Basil Cracker
    Blue Chibs Cracker
    Blue Crikey Cracker
    Blue Crindol Cracker
    Blue Dakota Cracker
    Blue Doyle Cracker
    Blue Echlin Cracker
    Blue Equilor Cracker
    Blue Ercuw Cracker
    Blue Eyru Cracker
    Blue Fasoro Cracker
    Blue Figaro Cracker
    Blue Flab Cracker
    Blue Gizmo Cracker
    Blue Gobble Cracker
    Blue Gonk Cracker
    Blue Grint Cracker
    Blue Hump Cracker
    Blue Ideus Cracker
    Blue Ike Cracker
    Blue Jessup Cracker
    Blue Justin Cracker
    Blue Kaala Cracker
    Blue Kidlet Cracker
    Blue Knutt Cracker
    Blue Kujo Cracker
    Blue Lati Cracker
    Blue Leido Cracker
    Blue Limax Cracker
    Blue Lorius Cracke
    Blue Mordo Cracker
    Blue Murfin Cracker
    Blue Newth Cracker
    Blue Nino Cracker
    Blue Oglue Cracker
    Blue Osafo Cracker
    Blue Paffuto Cracker
    Blue Phanty Cracker
    Blue Pucu Cracker
    Blue Quell Cracker
    Blue Raulf Cracker
    Blue Renat Cracker
    Blue Rofling Cracker
    Blue Rusty Cracker
    Blue Sindi Cracke
    Blue Snookle Cracker
    Blue Speiro Cracker
    Blue Tantua Cracker
    Blue Tasi Cracker
    Blue Troit Cracker
    Blue Vixen Cracker
    Blue Vlad Cracker
    Blue Walee Cracker
    Blue Willa Cracker
    Blue Xoi Cracker
    Blue Yakubi Cracker
    Blue Yuni Cracker
    Blue Zetlian Cracker
    Blue Zoink Cracker
    Blue Zola Cracker
    Blue Zoosh Cracker

    Green Arinya Cracker
    Green Basil Cracker
    Green Bolimo Cracker
    Green Chibs Cracker
    Green Daisy Cracker
    Green Echlin Cracker
    Green Ercuw Cracker
    Green Fasoro Cracker
    Green Flab Cracker
    Green Gizmo Cracker
    Green Gobble Cracker
    Green Gonk Cracker
    Green Hump Cracker
    Green Ideus Cracker
    Green Ike Cracker
    Green Jessup Cracker
    Green Kidlet Cracker
    Green Knutt Cracker
    Green Leido Cracker
    Green Lorius Cracker
    Green Murfin Cracker
    Green Newth Cracker
    Green Nino Cracker
    Green Paffuto Cracker
    Green Phanty Cracker
    Green Pucu Cracker
    Green Quell Cracker
    Green Sybri Cracker
    Green Tasi Cracker
    Green Viotto Cracker
    Green Vlad Cracker
    Green Willa Cracker
    Green Yakubi Cracker
    Green Yuni Cracker
    Green Zoink Cracker
    Green Zola Cracker
    Green Zoosh Cracker

    Red Arinya Cracker
    Red Astro Cracker
    Red Bolimo Cracker
    Red Chibs Cracker
    Red Crindol Cracker
    Red Daisy Cracker
    Red Dakota Cracker
    Red Fasoro Cracker
    Red Figaro Cracker
    Red Flab Cracker
    Red Gobble Cracker
    Red Gonk Cracker
    Red Huthiq Cracker
    Red Kidlet Cracker
    Red Knutt Cracker
    Red Limax Cracker
    Red Lorius Cracker
    Red Mordo Cracker
    Red Oglue Cracker
    Red Osafo Cracker
    Red Paffuto Cracker
    Red Pucu Cracker
    Red Quell Cracker
    Red Renat Cracker
    Red Rusty Cracker
    Red Sindi Cracker
    Red Snookle Cracker
    Red Speiro Cracker
    Red Tasi Cracker
    Red Troit Cracker
    Red Viotto Cracker
    Red Vixen Cracker
    Red Willa Cracker
    Red Xoi Cracker
    Red Yakubi Cracker
    Red Zetlian Cracker
    Red Zoosh Cracker

    Yellow Addow Cracker
    Yellow Arinya Cracker
    Yellow Azul Cracker
    Yellow Basil Cracker
    Yellow Bolimo Cracker
    Yellow Chibs Cracker
    Yellow Crikey Cracker
    Yellow Crindol Cracker
    Yellow Daisy Cracker
    Yellow Dakota Cracker
    Yellow Decadal Cracker
    Yellow Doyle Cracker
    Yellow Echlin Cracker
    Yellow Ercuw Cracker
    Yellow Eyru Cracker
    Yellow Figaro Cracker
    Yellow Flab Cracker
    Yellow Gizmo Cracker
    Yellow Grint Cracker
    Yellow Hump Cracker
    Yellow Huthiq Cracker
    Yellow Ike Cracker
    Yellow Jessup Cracker
    Yellow Justin Cracker
    Yellow Kaala Cracker
    Yellow Kidlet Cracker
    Yellow Knutt Cracker
    Yellow Kronk Cracker
    Yellow Kujo Cracker
    Yellow Lati Cracker
    Yellow Lorius Cracker
    Yellow Mordo Cracker
    Yellow Newth Cracker
    Yellow Nino Cracker
    Yellow Oglue Cracker
    Yellow Paffuto Cracker
    Yellow Phanty Cracker
    Yellow Poera Cracker
    Yellow Pucu Cracker
    Yellow Quell Cracker
    Yellow Raulf Cracker
    Yellow Reese Cracker
    Yellow Renat Cracker
    Yellow Rofling Cracker
    Yellow Rusty Cracker
    Yellow Sindi Cracker
    Yellow Snookle Cracker
    Yellow Speiro Cracker
    Yellow Sybri Cracker
    Yellow Tantua Cracker
    Yellow Tasi Cracker
    Yellow Troit Cracker
    Yellow Ushunda Cracker
    Yellow Viotto Cracker
    Yellow Vixen Cracker
    Yellow Vlad Cracker
    Yellow Willa Cracker
    Yellow Yakubi Cracker
    Yellow Yuni Cracker
    Yellow Zetlian Cracker
    Yellow Zola Cracker
    Yellow Zoosh Cracker

    Biala Christmas Tree
    Giant Marshmallow Hot Chocolate


    Posted on : 23rd Dec 2017 07:29   Posted by : CJ
    23rd Dec 2017 03:49

    Congratulations! You won a Full House at Bingo and won 10 Account Upgrade Credit.


    21st May 2018 00:05

    Congratulations! You won a Full House at Bingo and won 299,302MP.


    23rd May 2018 01:34

    Congratulations! You won a Full House at Bingo and won 164,266MP.

    Elf I need

    Posted on : 14th Dec 2017 20:58   Posted by : CJ
    Elf Cupcake
    Elf Gumball
    Elf Hits
    Elf Mittens
    Elf Movie
    Elf Sugar Cookie

    Maraween 2017

    Posted on : 20th Oct 2017 16:05   Posted by : CJ

    Cowboy Hat
    Ghost Pencil
    Peacock Feathers
    Plastic Glowing Spider Ring
    Red Riding Hood
    Trooper Mask



    Haunted House
    Plain Pitiful Pigtails Wig
    Skull Violin (Need 3 more)
    White Trim School Blazer

    *Pumpkin Hunt*
    Beige Pumpkin
    Carvey Trading Card
    Possessed Phonograph

    *Pumpkin of Gold*

    Devil Suit
    Gun Holster
    Halloween Azul Plushie
    Nightmare Glow
    Spooky Doughnut


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