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Freelance journo!

To the staff: I log in through different means (phone/laptop) and I tend to leave my account logged in from time to time. Please don't freeze me! I know I log in from different devices constantly.

(Also, Just because it says I'm online doesn't mean I actually am.)
  1. Finally earned enough to change my username!
    3rd Jan 2018 02:39
    3 years, 6 months & 23 days ago
  2. Marapets Appreciation Blog Post
    12th Jan 2016 06:38
    5 years, 6 months & 15 days ago
  3. Marapets Comeback
    31st Dec 2015 22:13
    5 years, 6 months & 26 days ago
  4. My Pets! :3
    15th Dec 2015 22:05
    5 years, 7 months & 11 days ago
  5. Circus Mission
    28th Mar 2010 06:33
    11 years & 4 months ago
Finally earned enough to change my username!
3 years, 6 months & 23 days ago
3rd Jan 2018 02:39

I've been semi-active since 2015 and since then I\'ve been saving my MPs up for my pet goals. 10m MPs for Valentine Snookle, 8m MPs for Fire Snookle, traded LOTS for my Chibs and Rusty, etc. I kept saving up for the next dream pet. (You can actually check one of my blog posts for a very detailed account of how I got my pets.) As of the moment, I don't have any particular new dream pet but I am hoping to trade my Quell and Lati for something cuter. In short, I can finally move to my next goal, which is to change my username! It's never really been one of my goals to have a pretty character or whatever (besides, good wardrobe items cost A LOT and I simply don't have MPs for that.)

I've had my username (xiopao) since 2007. Meaning, I made this account when I was 8 years old, which explains its stupidity.

Today, I was finally able to change my username! I've earned up to 9m MPs and I placed an offer on a trade. My offer got accepted last December 26, 2017 but for some reason, I wasn't allowed to change my username. I kept getting an error. I tried it again today, and it worked!!!

As of January 3, 2018, my username is officially Cambriel!

I'm so happy!!!

Marapets Appreciation Blog Post
5 years, 6 months & 15 days ago
12th Jan 2016 06:38

This post is for the pets who looked like 100x better with their revamp. (not in order)

1. Equilor - when I got back to Marapets I was really excited to own an Equilor because I was like, "Wow! So cute! But why does the name sound familiar...?" I thought it was a new non-LE pet. Turns out it was one of the pets I used to like when I was 9. Lol. Definitely an A++ transformation!

2. Fasoro - from the time I started Marapets up until now, Fasoros are really one of my favorite pets. I like it's revamp as well, but I hope the drawing of other costumes update as well! Imagine a redraw of Ice Fairy and Lightning Fasoros! Pretty cool, right?

3. Jessup - It was redrawn, right? It's not just my imagination? Because I swear I didn't like the Jessup before and when I look at it now, I can't imagine not liking it??? It's so cute! Especially the Cupid Jessup, that's why it's one of the pets I really want to have.

4. Kidlet - Same with the Jessup, I can't imagine not liking it?? So probably it was revamped as well.

5. Knutt - Wow. A++ transformation as well! Look at that change! I never would have gotten a Knutt before the revamp. Sorry but it really wasn't that cute. Now, I want like 1 more! (White) Really amazing transformation. Bravo, bravo!

6. Walee - Amazing transformation as well! Like the Knutt, I definitely wouldn't have gotten a Walee before the revamp! Now I want to have so many of it! Even the 4 basic colors look good on it. I want 2 more as well! Gimme a Hobo Walee!

7. Rusty - Ever if it is a Limited Edition pet, before the revamp I wouldn't have liked it either. After the revamp however, WOW. I spent weeks trading and earning to even just get one! REALLY great revamp. I want a Grey Rusty. So. cute.

8. Grint - another A++ transformation! The Grint is actually why I started this blog post. I was looking at the Pets tab of the sidebar and looked at all the pets available. I saw the Grint on the pet trades and was wondering its other colors because it looked so cute. I then saw its previous look and W O W. Just WOW. Best revamp ever! Right after seeing the available colors, I immediately went to the shop search oto get a Gold Grint Maker. I found the potion to be less expensive so I bought it immediately. It got me thinking about revamps that's why I made this blog post! <3

((I am aware that there are other pets who got a revamp too but I don't feel them enough to include them here.))

Pets that deserve their revamp too!

1) Osafo - c'mon little cutie you deserve it too!
2) Bolimo - pretty active Marapet arouond the site. it should definitely be revamped too!
3) Troit - only the new costumes look good on it. really needs revamp.
4) Speiro - ... really, really NEEDS a revamp
5) Vixen - already pretty cute but still has lots of potential

Top 3 Best Pet Revamps for me

1) Grint
2) Knutt
3) Equilor

I love the revamp, more so because it really gets to me. You wanna know why? Because when I was 9 and I just started Marapets, I realized that the Limited Edition pets are the cute ones, and there's no way I can get one. They're too expensive! I had to settle for pets I found less cute because they were non-LE. All my pet goals had non-LEs in them.

I'm really happy now because there are a lot more cute non-LE pets. Even now when I can have some of the LEs I want, I find myself wanting to have non-LE pets because they're just so cute! I'm not kidding about those pets I said I wanted! When I finish my pet goals and I get more money to buy Extra Pet Giftbox, I'll definitely get them! I really love this revamp because no longer do I need to have LE pets just to have cute pets!


Marapets Comeback
5 years, 6 months & 26 days ago
31st Dec 2015 22:13

I came back to Marapets this December 15 with the ff pets:

Vampire Phanty
Explorer Daisy
Firefairy Poera
Minipet Tantua
Red Newth
Blue Fasoro
Royal Tantua
Yellow Azul
Earthfairy Fasoro
Black Troit

Throughout the process of trading for my dream pets, I had these pets one time or another in 16 days of trading:

Seasonal Addow (giveaway)
Punk Mordo
Eleka Vixen (given to me)
Angel Knutt (giveaway)
Nefarious Echlin
Advent Echlin
Icecream Walee
Yellow Walee
Cupid Walee
Fire Snookle
Moonlight Vixen
Elf Mordo
Blue Kaala
Blue Equilor
Daylight Troit
Pampered Fasoro
Spacefairy Astro
Yellow Feliz
Blue Feliz
Red Feliz
Stoneage Nino
Balloon Zoosh

And now, at the end of 2015, I'm so proud to own these set of pets:

Fire Snookle
Daylight Troit
Pampered Fasoro
Angel Knutt
Earthfairy Fasoro
Elf Mordo
Moonlight Vixen
Cupid Walee


Pets I created

My Pets! :3
5 years, 7 months & 11 days ago
15th Dec 2015 22:05


Earthfairy Fasoro - got in 2012; traded for a Tundra Quell 2/3/2016. I've been wanting to trade it for so long but I feel like I'd be letting down my younger self who dreamt of this pet for so long. The owner of the Tundra Quell had the Earthfairy Fasoro as a dream pet of the present time though, so I felt like the trade was the right thing to do.

edit 2/24/2016: Saw the owner again and saw that he does not own the pet anymore and has currently deleted all traces of his alleged dream pets. Shouldn't have traded it off, then. Learn the meaning of dream pets!!! I looked up the new owner and the user cannot currently receive MM so :/

Daylight Troit - traded from Explorer Daisy and Firefairy Poera last 12/15/2015
Pampered Fasoro - bought Pampered Costume 12/16/2015
Elf Mordo - created Rehearsals 12/17/2015, bought Enchanted Stoneage Nino Plushie for 5.5mil, traded for this and a Punk Mordo 12/22/2015. I was able to rename her to Theatre when Marapets allowed pet names from inactive accounts to be used.
Moonlight Vixen - Snealy the Vixen was given by xixViperxix last 12/26/2015, bought Moonlight Costume for 2mil at 12/27/2015
Party Kaala - I was temple-ing Shirebound to be Party and when I was on level 4, Lonestyr gave me Cerye 1/20/2016 and I really felt like it was all a dream. <3 <3 I love my Party Kaala so much!
Floral Rusty - bought Floral Costume 12/27/2015, traded Chibi Dakota and Vampire Phanty for a Mutant Rusty 01/10/2016 (side note: I noticed that the trading fee was high but I didn't care because I really wanted a Rusty. I checked the pet's collections the next day and I was so surprised to see Olympic medals, 100 transformations, and 350 gourmets! I just wanted a Rusty and I got so much more! I thought my offer was an overoffer but now I'm thinking maybe it was, in fact, an underoffer! Omg so many collections! <3)
Cursed Chibs - bought Cursed Costume 1/20/2016, traded for a Chibs 01/25/2016 (I traded a Pampered Fasoro for a Statted Ghost Zoink and traded that for Toy Viotto. After buying an Astro potion, I traded that pet for a Mutant Rusty, and traded that one for a Stoneage Nino. I got a Zoink in the giveaway forums. I traded all three for a Yellow Vlad. I traded a Fire Snookle for a Chibi Ercuw and a Chinese Vlad. I traded the Yellow Vlad for an Advent Sindi. I traded the Chibi Ercuw and Advent Sindi for a Fire Snookle. (I realized I was being stupid.) I traded the Chinese Vlad for a Radioactive Figaro (because after having a Vlad for so long and having a bunch of "no thank you" replies, I realized people don't like Vlads) and a few minutes ago, I traded that Figaro for a Chocolate Chibs.)
Valentine Snookle - 2/12/2016 I had 10/15mil MPs for the Valentine costume but the Valentine AU set released and I was so happy to be able to buy a costume for 1,550,000 MPs! With the 8.5m, I was able to buy a Snookle maker on the same day. <3 <3 Update 20 Nov 2020: The Valentine costume redesign has been bugging me for months. It was hard to let go of my Valentine Snookle, but I absolutely hated how they looked like, so I bought a Rainy Costume for 5,700,000 MPs. Absolutely worth it. As I'm writing this, I realized I spent less than 2 mil MPs for the Valentine Costume and I should've done this months ago!!

*Pets I didn't know I wanted that I now have

Angel Knutt - given to me 12/16/2015
Cambriel - created 12/22/2015, bought Enchanted Fire Snookle Plushie for 8mil 12/22/2015 (fully intended to trade for a Mordo/Vixen/Lati but I surrendered to the cuteness), used the plushie 12/25/2015; traded 1/17/2016 for a Chibi Ercuw and Chinese Vlad because I was tempted by the pet values :< I'll miss you, Cambriel! On another note, I traded a Vlad for an Advent Sindi, and then I traded that Sindi and the Chibi Ercuw for a different Fire Snookle. So I guess I'll just miss the name, as I got it from a book series I loved.
Cupid Walee - traded Icecream Walee for a B/N Zoosh I got, I was thinking of what to trade it for, used an Enchanted Walee Dip for a person who needed help instead so it'll have a purpose and it turned Yellow, realized Walees are cute, looked up all costumes available, settled on Cupid, bought Cupid Costume for 475k, all on 12/31/2015; disowned on 1/31/2015 because I had no more pet space but vowed to myself I'd get a Cupid Walee again one day when I have more money and more pet space <3
Candle Jessup - I just saw the Candle costume and I was intrigued. I looked at the pets that could wear the costume and I liked the Candle Jessup. I immediately bought a Candle Costume that very same day but I don't have a name in mind so I kept it in my attic. I created Kandila and used on the costume on her on 06/22/2017. Kandila is the Filipino word for Candle. The Candle Costume cost me 900k MP.
Beige Doyle - While I was in the Create A Pet page intending to create Kandila, I saw that the Doyle pet is extremely cute! I searched the available colors for Doyle and immediately wanted the Beige Doyle. I had no more pet space so I couldn't create a new pet. I used the pet I got from a giveaway (Fykan) and turned it into a Beige Doyle on 06/22/2017. The Beige Costume cost me 1mil MP. Approximately 2 weeks later, I realized how impulsive I was. I didn't even like the pet anymore.


Visited my account again on 1 Sept 2019. It's amusing to read how I got my pets in the past! Yay for dream pets! I'm now saving up for a Mermaid Chibs.

Mermaid Chibs - I bought a Mermaid Costume on Sept 2 for 2,900,000 MPs. I bought an Enchanted Safari Limax Plushie on Sept 4 for 12,500,000 MPs. I bought an Olive Sindi Potion on Sept 5 for 6,900,000 MPs. I bought a Fairy Raulf Potion on Sept 29 for 17,000,000 MPs and a Holy Harp. Finally, on October 7, I got Merricat the Lava Chibs from account Mason in trade of my Safari Limax, Olive Sindi, and Fairy Raulf! (cost me 36,400,000 MPs total!)

to be decided - I bought an Enchanted Punk Limax Plushie on Sept 11 for 4,500,00 MPs and 2 AU then sold it on Oct 1 for 11,000,000 MPs.) I traded my Prison Echlin and Pinata Lati for a Tornado Snookle. I traded the Tornado Snookle with a Wizard Snookle because I was bored.

Sleepy Quell - Illaoi used to be an Angel Kaala, and I've always wanted to have a Sleepy Quell, but it was too expensive and I didn't think I can ever afford it. Come Elfmas on December 27, 2019, I got my pet wish!!! I'm so in love!!! Illaoi looks SO PRETTY!!!!!

Plushie Lati - I wanted to look for someone to trade my Wizard Snookle for a Lati, and then just buy the Plushie Costume. However, I was too impatient so I bought a Checked Lati Potion for 8,000,000 MPs and a Plushie Costume for 7,200,000 MPs on April 20, 2021! I created Petrosa on the very same day as well! Yay!!!! So cute!!!

Circus Mission
11 years & 4 months ago
28th Mar 2010 06:33

#1 - 16mps used
#2 - 105mps used
#3 - 97mps used
#4 - 57mps used
#5 - 260mps used
#6 - 6510mps used
#7 - 2190mps used
#8 - 1795mps used
#9 - 1658mps used
#10- 3569mps used
#11- 868mps used
#12- 4209mps used
#13- 1056mps used
#15- 2876mps used
#16 - 2360mps used
#17 - 2190mps used
#18 - 2838mps used
#19 - 2055mps used
#20 - 8340mps used
#21 - 6643mps used
#22 - 6700mps used
#23 - 6699mps used
#25 - 5845mps used
#26 - 451mps used
#27 - 89mps used
#28 - 54mps used
#29 - 226mps used
#30 - 98mps used

COMPLETED : 04 / 12 / 2010
APPX. MPs SPENT: 69,854 MP (2 unrecorded levels)

  1. Finally earned enough to change my username!
    3rd Jan 2018 02:39
    3 years, 6 months & 23 days ago
  2. Marapets Appreciation Blog Post
    12th Jan 2016 06:38
    5 years, 6 months & 15 days ago
  3. Marapets Comeback
    31st Dec 2015 22:13
    5 years, 6 months & 26 days ago
  4. My Pets! :3
    15th Dec 2015 22:05
    5 years, 7 months & 11 days ago
  5. Circus Mission
    28th Mar 2010 06:33
    11 years & 4 months ago