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  • St. Patrick's Day 2018

    Posted on : 19th Mar 2018 08:41   Posted by : Tarot
    Leprechaun Prizes

    [] Behind the Rainbow
    [] Charmer Summoning Stone
    [] Clovers
    [x] Curious Contact Lenses
    [x] End of the Rainbow Stamp
    [] Glitter Boots
    [x] Lightning Storm
    [x] Lucky Curls Wig
    [] Lucky Horseshoe
    [] Lucky Jacket
    [x] Lucky Pants
    [x] Lucky Tunes
    [x] Lucky Vest
    [x] Mushroom Garden
    [] Patrick
    [x] Pot of Gold Pearl
    [x] Rain Storm
    [x] Rainbow Donut
    [] Rainbow Mobile
    [x] Rainbow Sweater
    [x] Shamrock Plushie
    [] Shamrock Shake
    [] St Patricks Day Cupcake

    Valentines Day 2018

    Posted on : 13th Feb 2018 08:14   Posted by : Tarot
    Candy Tree

    [x]Broken Heart Skirt
    [x]Charming Heart
    [x]Chocolate Bouquet
    [x]Dark Cupid Bow
    [x]Loser Tank Top
    [SOLD]Love Trumpet
    [x]Loveless Corset
    [x]Meh Candy Heart
    [x]Romantic Sunset
    []Songs of Love
    [x]Sweet Hair Buns
    [x]Valentine Azul Ears
    [x]Valentine Bouquet

    Hearts event

    [x]Chocolate Heart Sandwich
    [x]Cupid Heart
    [x]Frilly Top
    [x]Giant Bear
    [x]Healing Heart
    [x]Heart Cheesecake
    [x]Heart Sweater
    [x]Lace Veil
    [x]Love Harp
    [x]Love Stamp
    [x]Melting Heart Candle
    [x]Pride Shirt
    [x]Rose Crown
    [x]Rose in Mouth
    [x]Secret Crush Contact Lenses
    [x]Thank You Note
    [x]Timber Boots

    Christmas 2017

    Posted on : 7th Dec 2017 10:48   Posted by : Tarot

    [x] Broken Angel Wings
    [x] Broken Halo
    [x] Burnt Presents
    [x] Coffee Cup
    [x] Creepy Eyes Glowing Egg
    [x] Creepy Grin
    [x] Dark Linzer Cookies
    [x] Giant Candycane
    [] Hoofprint Book
    [x] Krampus Claw
    [] Krampus Cupcake
    [] Krampus Ear
    [x] Krampus Hoof
    [x] Krampus Horns
    [x] Krampus Pearl
    [x] Krampus Potato
    [x] Krampus Sack
    [x] Krampus Wig
    [x] Tired Sweater


    [Sold] Baby Grand Piano
    [x] Candycane Ornament
    [x] Candycane Pearl
    [x] Candycane Yule Log
    [x] Caroling Angel
    [x] Coal Drink
    [x] Coal Stocking
    [x] Cymbal Songs
    [x] Festive Brownie
    [Sold] Festive Cymbals
    [Sold] Festive Tuba
    [Sold] Festive Violin
    [x] Festive Vixen Plushie
    [x] Fireplace
    [x] Jingle Bell Rock
    [Sold] Jingle Bells
    [x] Jingle Bells Stamp
    [] Milk and Cookies Glowing Egg
    [x] Nutcracker Action Figure
    [x] Piano Hits
    [x] Piano Stamp
    [x] Rocking Reindeer
    [x] Sleigh Book
    [x] Stocking Costume
    [] Stocking Guide
    [x] Tuba Tunes
    [x] Violin Classics

    Secret Santa


    [x] Tall Yellow Present
    [x] Tall White Present
    [x] Tall Teal Present
    [x] Tall Magenta Present
    [x] Tall Lilac Present
    [x] Tall Coral Present
    [x] Tall Brown Present

    [x] Yellow Seasonal Present
    [x] Red Seasonal Present
    [] Navy Seasonal Present
    [x] Magenta Seasonal Present
    [x] Lilac Seasonal Present
    [x] Coral Seasonal Present
    [x] Beige Seasonal Present

    [x] Teal Peppermint Present
    [x] Orange Peppermint Present
    [] Olive Peppermint Present
    [] Navy Peppermint Present
    [x] Lilac Peppermint Present
    [x] Brown Peppermint Present
    [x] Beige Peppermint Present

    [] Chilled Olive Present
    [x] Chilled Navy Present
    [x] Chilled Brown Present
    [x] Chilled Beige Present

    Present Prizes
    [x] A Christmas Story
    [x] Christmas Macaroons
    [x] Driving Home for Christmas
    [x] Holly Pearl
    [x] Holly Stamp
    [] Linzer Bars
    [x] Linzer Cookies
    [x] Minature Santa Hat
    [x] Penguin Plushie
    [x] Penguin Stamp
    [x] Penguin Summoning Stone
    [x] Santa Beard
    [x] Seasonal Short Dress
    [x] Sheer Santa Top
    [x] Sleigh
    [x] Snowy Trees


    Thanksgiving 2017

    Posted on : 26th Nov 2017 15:34   Posted by : Tarot
    [xx]Autumn Leaves
    [x]Bale of Hay
    [xx]Beige Gobble Plushie
    [xx]Cornucopia Centrepiece
    [xx]Gravy Boat hat
    [x]Finished Thanksgiving
    [xx]Giant Pumpkin Pie
    [x]Invisible Gobble Plushie
    [x]Kiss the Cook Apron
    [x]Lilac Gobble Plushie
    [x]Magenta Gobble Plushie
    [xx]Navy Gobble Plushie
    [x]Orange Turkey Plushie
    []Red Turkey Plushie
    [xx]Stuffed Bib
    [x]Teal Gobble Plushie
    [x]Thanksgiving Pants
    [xx]Thanksgiving Turkey
    [xx]Totem Pole
    [xx]Turkey Book
    [x]Turkey Onesie
    [xx]Turkey Stockings
    [x]Turkey Sweater
    [x]Turkey Slippers
    [x]Yellow Turkey Plushie

    Halloween 2017

    Posted on : 15th Oct 2017 10:14   Posted by : Tarot
    Beelzebub Prizes

    [x]Beelzebub Stamp
    [x]Flaming Shoes
    [x]Severed Horn

    Halloween Alien

    []Armour Top
    []Bone Scythe
    []Cowboy Hat
    []Ghost Pencil
    []Peacock Feathers
    []Plastic Glowing Spider Ring
    []Red Riding Hood
    []Trooper Mask

    Pumpkin of Gold

    [x]Candycorn Pencil
    [xx]Devil Wing Hair Clips
    [x]Halloween Pucu Plushie
    [x]Plastic Spider Ring
    [xx]Skeleton Wing Gloves
    [x]Skull Candle


    [x]Haunted House
    [x]Haunted Tree
    [x]Black Trim School Blazer
    [x]White Trim School Blazer
    [x]Plain Pitiful Pigtails Wig
    [x]Wolf Hood
    [xx]Spider Hat
    [xx]Spider Web Donut
    [x]Skull Violin
    [x]Plastic Blue Spider Ring
    [x]Witch Pencil
    [x]Little Ghost Story
    [xx]Halloween Leido Plushie

    Trick or Treat

    [xx]2017 Pumpkin
    [x]Beige Pumpkin
    [xx]Big Ears Pumpkin
    [xx]Big Mouth Pumpkin
    [x]Big Teeth Pumpkin
    [xx]Cursed Pumpkin
    [x]Lightning Pumpkin
    [xx]Fire Pumpkin
    [xx]Moonlight Pumpkin
    [xx]Midnight Pumpkin
    [xx]Magenta Pumpkin
    [xx]Mummy Pumpkin
    []Nightmare Pumpkin
    [xx]Nimbus Pumpkin
    [x]Starry Eyed Pumpkin
    [x]Snaggletooth Pumpkin
    [x]Spider Pumpkin
    [xx]Water Pumpkin
    [xx]Winter Pumpkin

    [x]Pitiful Pigtails Wig
    [x]Police Officer Belt
    [xx]Police Officer Hat
    [x]Police Officer Pants
    [x]Police Officer Shirt
    [x]Possessed Phonograph
    [xx]Pumpkin Doughnut
    [x]Pumpkin Pencil
    [x]Pumpkin Shirt
    [xx]Pumpkin Skirt
    [x]Pumpkin Bath Bomb
    [x]Scarecrow Stamp
    [xx]Trick or Treat Pail

    Halloween Snowman

    [x] Crooked Staff
    [] Devil Suit
    [] Feathers
    [x] Gourmet Zombie Meal
    [x] Gun Holster
    [x] Halloween Azul Plushie
    [xx] Halloween Jacket
    [x] Harvest Scythe
    [x] Nightmare Glow
    [x] Nightmare Top
    [x] Pile of Leaves
    [x] Plastic Yellow Spider Ring
    [x] Skull Wreath
    [x] Spooky Doughnut
    [x] Spooky Shirt
    [x] Vampire Pencil

    Character Trick or Treat

    [x] Bat Bat
    [x] Broken Arm Cast
    [xx] Candycorn Doughnut
    [xx] Collared Dress
    [x] Frankenstein Pencil
    [] Ghostling
    [xx] Gothic Harness
    [xx] Knight Helmet
    [x] Plastic Red Spider Ring
    [x] Scary Eyes Stamp
    [x] Spiced Pumpkin Drink
    [] Spooky Drumset
    [x] Spootli
    [x] Toddler Overalls
    [x] Toddler Sweater
    [] Zombie Hand Stamp
    [xx] Zombie Jerky
    [] Zombie Plushie

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    Full House
    in 4 minutes
    715,775MP Prize

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