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  • Rapunzel Clothes Needed

    Posted on :
    5th Aug 2016 09:49
    Posted by : Tarot
    [x]Butterfly Wings
    [x]Flower Barette
    [x]Long Bunny Hoodie
    [x]Long Demon Hoodie
    [x]Rapunzel Wig
    [x]Regal Skirt - 31k BP
    [x]Remember Belt
    [x]Short Bunny Hoodie
    [x]Short Demon Hoodie
    [x]Splatter Top
    [x]Splatter Wig
    [x]Strawberry Dress

    Total BP Needed: x
    Total MP Needed: x

    Quell AU Items

    Posted on :
    11th Jun 2016 10:59
    Posted by : Tarot
    Wardrobe Items to buy

    [x]Bug Quell Wings
    [x]Gothic Quell Wig
    [x]Ice Fairy Quell Wig
    [x]Quell Contact Lenses
    [x]Quell Ears
    Quell Hoodie
    Quell Summoning Stone
    [x]Quell Tail
    [x]Rosy Cheeks Quell Summoning Stone
    [x]Streaked Gothic Quell Wig - Thank you ItsJake!!
    [x]Vampire Quell Wings

    Spring 2016

    Posted on :
    20th Mar 2016 17:54
    Posted by : Tarot
    New Restocking Items
    Unisex Clothing
    Sheer Rose Jacket
    Easter Blazer
    Relaxed Pocket Shirt
    Mini Argyle Vest
    Baggy Striped Tank Top
    White Bow Top
    Black Bow Top
    Bunny Sweater
    Hole Easter Dress
    White Bow Easter Dress
    Black Bow Easter Dress
    Ripped Jean Shorts
    Relaxed Pants
    Gentle Easter Skirt
    Long High Waisted Skirt
    Easter Long High Waisted Skirt

    Unisex Shoes
    Classy Heals
    Rexlaxed Shoes

    Contact Lenses
    Pollen Dusted Contact Lenses
    Dew Drop Contact Lenses

    Carrotastrophe Complete!

    St. Patrick's Day

    Unlucky Irish Contact Lenses
    Shamrock Tuxedo
    Shamrock Cardigan
    Shamrock Shirt
    Shamrock Button Up Shirt
    Shoulder Slumped Shirt
    Long Shoulder Slumped Shirt
    Button Up Clover Cardigan
    Lucky Clover Sequin Vest
    Lucky Clover Jacket
    I Heart Clover Shades
    Shiny Bob Wig
    Sequin Shamrock Hair Bow
    Shamrock Hair Bow
    Green Puff Socks
    Shamrock Socks
    Shamrock Striped Tights
    Shamrock Bowtie
    Plastic Shamrock Beads
    Shamrock Beads
    Shamrock Pumps
    Frilly Kilt
    Short Kilt
    Shamrock Skirt
    Clover Handkercheif Pants
    Frilly Tutu

    Green Breakfast
    Leprechaun Knutt Plushie

    Christmas 2015!

    Posted on :
    6th Dec 2015 16:55
    Posted by : Tarot
    Carol Singing

    Electric Violin
    Bass Guitar
    White Wrapped Tunes
    Ice Fairy Lament
    Iceberg Sirens
    Gold Wrapped Tunes
    Frosty Snow Jams
    Aura Tunes

    Krampus Prize

    Legend of Krampus
    Glowing Krampus Egg
    Headless Basil Plushie
    Headless Arinya Plushie
    Candycane Harpoon
    Naughty List
    Krampus Stamp

    Secret Santa Presents

    Cartoon Kaala Present {x1}
    Daylight Figaro Present
    Fairy Lorius Present
    Gold Vlad Present {x1}
    Red Fasoro Present {x1}
    Red Willa Present {x1}
    White Decadal Present {x1}
    White Lorius Present {x1}
    Blue Echlin {x1}
    Bug Jessup {x1}
    Candy azul {x1}
    Chibi yuni
    Cottoncandy Sindi
    Frostfire Ercuw
    Gingerbread kidlet
    Green Xoi
    Ice Fairy osafo
    Minipet Zoink {x1}
    Rainbow flab
    red daisy
    Red equilor
    Red Gizmo
    Red Paffuto
    Spring Troit
    Starry Justin {x1}
    Water Quell
    White ideus {x1}
    Yellow Huthiq

    Secret Santa Prizes

    Coolmint Shake
    Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix
    Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix
    Mint Shake
    Peppermint Hot Cocoa Mix
    Peppermint Shake
    Seasonal Potato Plushie


    Halloween 2015!

    Posted on :
    21st Oct 2015 13:20
    Posted by : Tarot
    Missing Items:

    Character TOT
    Yellow Candy Glowing Egg
    Red Candy Glowing Egg
    Purple Candy Glowing Egg
    Pink Candy Glowing Egg
    Blue Candy Glowing Egg
    Green Candy Glowing Egg
    Face Glitter
    Stitched Skin
    Goop Summoning Stone


    Alien Potato Chips
    Knutt tail

    Pumpkin Hunt
    Pastel Costume

    Butcher Knife
    Bloody Potato Chips

    Cursed White Glowing Egg
    Cursed Marapets Glowing Egg
    Cursed Red Glowing Egg
    Cursed Green Glowing Egg
    Cursed Blue Glowing Egg
    Welders Mask
    Elger Cookbook
    Black Cat Stamp
    Black Cat Hot Chocolate
    Black Cat Cocktail

    Halloween Chest
    Flashy Gloves
    Temptress Leotard
    Temptress Belt
    Bloody Apron
    Batty Boots
    Cobweb Tights
    Bat Tights
    Bloody Tears
    Thief Eye Makeup
    Bloody Knife
    Voodoo Pins
    Sea Witch Curse
    Halloween Decadal Summoning Stone
    Glowing Skull Egg
    Eyeball Martini
    Wounded Skin

    Skull Stamp
    Skull Pearl
    Scary Daisy Stories
    Ghost Plushie
    Chibi Daisy Plushie
    Devil Plushie
    Autumn Potato Chips
    Red Spookfruit
    Purple Spookfruit
    Orange Spookfruit
    Green Spookfruit
    Blue Spookfruit
    Black Spookfruit
    Daisy Pie
    Werewolf Plushie
    Pumpkin Spice Maple Donut
    Haunted Comics Issue V
    Haunted Comics Issue IV
    Haunted Comics Issue II
    Sunflower Shuriken
    Frozen Rose Boomerang
    Grass Blade
    Pumpkin Patchwork Daisy Plushie
    Harvest Patchwork Daisy Plushie
    Ghost Patchwork Daisy Plushie
    Candycorn Patchwork Daisy Plushie
    Daisy Cheese
    Glowing Sunburnt Bikini Egg
    Glowing Sunkissed Bikini Egg
    Glowing Tanned Bikini Egg
    Glowing Pale Bikini Egg
    Glowing Summer Arinya Egg
    Glowing Summer Yuni Egg
    Glowing Summer Troit Egg
    Glowing Summer Sybri Egg
    Glowing Summer Nino Egg
    Glowing Summer Decadal Egg

    Four Corners
    in 7 minutes
    124,772MP Prize

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