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Marapets is mobile friendly
I am female
I am an adult
I am a Christian
I am an Australian
people who make accusations about others before finding out what the truth is, really annoy me

If you offer on a trade or msg me and I don’t get back to you just nudge me as I can be forgetful sometimes and I never mean to not get back to you.

I do not want to trade my pets...thankyou anyway

I am happy to loan my pets for goals and missions just send a message

NOTE TO STAFF: my daughter sparklyeyes and husband PhantomMike is on mara and use this connection when they plays.

Taliesin the Easter Figaro
1 year, 1 month & 3 days OldBorn 18th Sep 2019 16:18

4 Months 11 Days Old
Level 3 Model earning MP200MP a day