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  • My Mara story (short version)     30th Sep 2018 16:46
  • thankyou     22nd Dec 2007 15:01
  • pearl Avatar     6th Sep 2007 08:58
  • where my pets got their names     5th Sep 2007 20:09
  • complainers     20th Aug 2007 00:46
  • my mara journey and my pets st...     27th Jun 2007 10:12

  • My Mara story (short version)

    Posted on : 30th Sep 2018 16:46   Posted by : luv1another
    I will start with how I found Mara pets. I was a moderator on a Christian website and a friend had joined Mara and wanted friends to play. I decided to give it a go. That was August 2006. At the time my marriage was falling apart and I had depression ( it wasn’t diagnosed and treated for at least 3 years) so distractions like Mara were good. I enjoyed Mara, I was also a big fan of Stephen Lawhead the Author. So needless to say I started naming my pets after his books and Characters 😊

    My divorce finally happened in 2009 after a year and a bit of separation. I met my new husband just before the divorce was official and married in late 2010. I kinda let Mara slip away after this as there were too many real life things going on with a new relationship and his divorce and our marriage etc. I popped in now and again when I got sent vault codes but really didn’t play. Then about a year ago when the valentine event was on I started playing a bit and was coming on more often. However the Easter event 2018 caused me to pop back in more often and then the safari event had me coming everyday. I am now here everyday unless on holidays or something lol.

    I have continued to name my pets after Stephen Lawhead books and Characters and have used a few of my old costumes and plushies to make new pets.

    I am happy to loan my pets if you need to borrow for goals or missions and if I have more than 1 item in my gallery I will probably sell the spare for a reasonable price or items I don’t have.
    Anyway that’s my Mara story 😊. Happy to be back and enjoying the new challenges.



    Posted on : 22nd Dec 2007 15:01   Posted by : luv1another
    thank you to all the wonderful and helpful players on mara that have helped/are helping me get through tough times. to those that have helped with avatars and fates or just anything you are all very special and wonderful people. I am not going to list names cause I may accidentally miss someone and feel bad then.
    thankyou to my wonderful club for being a bunch of terrific people you rock!!!
    thankyou to the adult forum members that have helped out in diffrent ways you guys are awesome.

    thankyou, thankyou, thankyou


    pearl Avatar

    Posted on : 6th Sep 2007 08:58   Posted by : luv1another
    ok for those wanting the pearl avatar here is the list of pearls you need to get it... dont have any more than whats needed or any less LOL took me an hour to work out which ones to have in the inventory LOL...

    Pearl with a hat
    recycled pearl
    tomatoe pearl
    digital pearl
    Fairy pearl
    Happy Pearl
    inside out pearl
    Chibs pearl
    princess pearl
    robot pearl
    devil pearl
    seasonal pearl
    Halloween pearl
    funky pearl
    musical pearl
    Ghost pearl
    starry pearl
    Rainbow pearl
    heart pearl
    spotty pearl
    flowery pearl
    cream pearl
    moss green pearl
    wooden pearl
    snowy pearl
    Gold pearl
    fuschia pearl
    mint chocolate pearl
    white pearl
    cyan pearl
    yellow pearl
    burgundy pearl
    lilac pearl
    dark blue pearl
    mouldy pearl
    ice pearl
    silver pearl
    light blue pearl
    grey pearl
    dark green pearl
    pink pearl
    green pearl
    brown pearl
    bronze pearl
    red pearl
    lavendar pearl


    where my pets got their names

    Posted on : 5th Sep 2007 20:09   Posted by : luv1another
    in case anyone is interested all my pets except timius who is named after my good friend tim are from Stephen lawhead books

    Albion... is a place in the song of albion series

    Celtic_Knot...was because it was used to decorate Christian tombs and Stephen Lawhead incorporates them into his books

    Banfaith... is like a prophetess in the song of albion series

    Byzantium... is a book he wrote

    empyrion... is a book by stephen lawhead

    Goewyn... was the name of the banfaith in the song of albion series

    The Mystic rose... is another of stephen lawheads books from the celtic crusades series

    Tegid... is one of the main characters in song of albion

    Shadow lamp...another book

    LadyEsme a character in dragon king trilogy

    Endless knot... is from the book the endless knot in the song of albion series.

    Timius.... named after my good friend Tim, who was my lifeline during depression

    Ynys Sci.. is an island in the song of albion series

    Lady alinea ....also dragon king trilogy

    Dream thief ....One of 3 space books he wrote

    BrightEmpires .... is a recent book series

    Tuck2017...named after a friend I had but lost contact with he went by the name tuckeverlasting on line

    SpiritWell... another Lawhead book

    TheSilverhand another lawhead book

    SummerStars... a Lawhead book

    Paradise war....was a book in the dragon king trilogy

    FatalTree.... another Lawhead book

    Lawhead... obviously is the authors last name

    Brown ears... is an early children’s book

    EndlessKnot....a book in the song of Albion series

    DaBozz... needed a mafia pet for goals and to use a mafia costume thought the Basil’s and Gizmos looked best of the pets that can wear it couldn’t seem to do a trade for a basil and managed to get the gizmo. None of the Lawhead themed names fitted so tried the boss but any names like that were gone so went a little creative

    Iron lance...a book from the Celtic crusades series

    Dragon from the dragon king series

    N3twork.... I was originally going to give away so didn’t name after a lawhead name but instead was going to make into a digital pet

    SkinMap... is another Lawhead book

    DrCosimo .... was a Character in the bright empires series

    CityofDreams.... is a book written with Stephens son Ross

    so there you go any pets I want to keep are named after Stephen lawheads books except timius who I am never giving away either :-P


    Posted on : 20th Aug 2007 00:46   Posted by : luv1another
    you know what I hear lots of complaints sure some are legit like the fact that only a few people have been able to get stamps and are saving them all till they retire so they can make a huge profit... its not very fair to most other players that it was done that way or that some peoples greed doesnt allow them to be fair to others.
    but then there are the ones who dis Ian or the mods or the site... I mean seriously this is a game Ian needs money to keep the site buy servers to buy advertising to employ people to make games etc etc etc.... if he tells you account upgrades are disappearing in a week and leaves it for two weeks so what couldn't he just have been busy or something? if he tells us that there is a new upgrade coming in a few days and it takes two weeks SO WHAT? I mean seriously...if you can do better why don't you jolly well start your own site and lets see how you do...quite frankly I think 3 years to be running and still improving stuff is a great effort...take a look around and see how many people get this far folks...there are forums folding everyday because they cant keep up with demands on time or cash.
    so before you get your knickers in a knot or whine because somethings not retired a week after it was said it would or the colour of the new blood isnt what you wanted or whatever think how much time and effort Ian takes to try and make this site pleasant for you all.
    thanks Ian and staff for all you do here

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