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Depending on how the name is written, it can have different meaning.
For Yuji (勇二), his name has meaning of courage and bravery.
The name is very common, but for him it does not matter much.
In Japanese culture, we believe that dragons can take other forme.
Because of this, we hold them in great reverence.

Due to his scary look, he is often mistaken for a bad guy.
He really just likes computers.
Buys many variety of sweet breads and shrimp crackers from the grocers.
Since he is too busy to cook often, he stocks up on snacks.
Preference is sweet or spicy foods.

Currently he studies programming.
Unfortunately, he is very antisocial and must do at home study.
Doan sometimes must remind him to eat and sleep at proper time.
Yuji the Dragon Ercuw
8 months, 22 days & 1 hr OldBorn 28th Apr 2019 00:18

Grey Deeko
5 Months 25 Days Old
Teal Dracone
6 Months 0 Days Old
Level 1 Programmer earning MP175MP a day