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Goal Species: Dragon Gizmo Doan is a surname in many countries.
In Vietnam, it demonstrates power and elegance.
There is also famous car dealership with the name Doan.... I think the jingle is stuck in my head.

Doan has a job financing, but not with cars.
He doesn't quite understand why people ask him about car insurance.
At least the pay seems not so bad.
Right now he lives with Yuji to save money.
Unfortunately, Yuji is not very dependable to pay much rent...

As roommates, Doan is more mature and acts as older brother to Yuji.
Often he must keep him out of trouble, or stop him from falling asleep at the PC.
Yuji's studies take much time and effort, so Doan try to help as he can.


Black Jacko
6 Months 4 Days Old
Red Tyras
1 Month 3 Days Old
Level 3 Businessman earning MP150MP a day

Star Sword
Yakubi Attack Gun