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welcome to my Grotto
I'm Alexandra and I am coal
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<3 <3 <3 <3
Thank you Nicholas for Codaline!
Thank you RubyThief for Leylou!
Thank you jofa for Leylou's costume!
Thank you Nheira for Ruxon!
Thank you Fasoroest for Release (soon to be Sop)!
Thank you Clefable for Roared! (Now JP!)
Thank you Brix for Chokes' dragon costume!
Thank you Poco for Thrive!
Thank you Cosplay for the full Foxfire map and giftbox!
Thank you Mangafox for my namesake, Ax!

thank you to all the players that show me kindness and understanding <3

~ (Unique Visit) Counter added 4/3/2018 ~

Staff -- please note I log in from numerous devices.
Darigan the Dragon Raulf
2 years, 4 months & 22 days OldBorn 15th Jul 2018 17:13

2 Years 4 Months Old
Red Nodio
1 Year 10 Months Old
Red Dracone
1 Year 5 Months Old