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I was a scientist working in a lab when the Wallachia X13 virus hit. I took the brunt of it, turning from an unassuming red zetlian, to a vampire zetlian. Well, I guess the chemical weapon we were inventing did it's job.
Outbreak the Vampire Zetlian
3 years, 1 month & 23 days OldBorn 21st Apr 2018 00:13

Orange Damaged
3 Years Old
11 Months 21 Days Old
1 Year 3 Months Old
Level 7 Scientist earning MP650MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP725MP a day
Speed 35  Charisma 12  Language 40  Maths 20  Science 80  Books 55  Coordination 15  Environmental Studies 6  Computer Science 6  Molecular Science 6