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vIArNl6.png Current Owner: Twi

Cordial has been my pet ever since I first started on this account.
I swapped for him when he was just a female punk knutt named Velvetea.
He was renamed Cordial and gender-swapped in October/November of 2017 with the name re-release.

He has been fed gourmets from the day they came out, but I've never kept up with them.
He's also my main battle pet, but I'm not focused on statting him.

Is he for trade? Never.

Pet Job Requirements to Level 20:
Maths: 200 total - 4
Cordial the Pink Gonk
11 years, 11 months & 20 days OldBorn 9th Jun 2008 17:17

White Diamond
2 Years 11 Months Old
Level 15 Banker earning MP8,000MP a day

Golden Goose Axe
Golden Goose Axe
Red Magic Powder
Red Magic Powder