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Hello, my name is Malvado, and I will reign in the terror department! Of the olympics that is! I am training to become the world leader in the olympics, and it's a struggle. Someday, I will achieve my dream. i am always training!
My birthday was January 7, 2007 and i was wanted by my Mom, so I was adopted. She changed my name to Malvado from ftgftgfgf or something silly like that!
Malvado4214 the Eleka Gizmo
14 years, 5 months & 5 days OldBorn 7th Jan 2007 04:10

Grey Dragula
13 Years 2 Months Old
1 Year 11 Months Old
1 Year 6 Months Old
1 Year 6 Months Old
1 Year 6 Months Old
Blue Damaged
3 Months 10 Days Old
2 Months 15 Days Old
Hours Old
2 Months 2 Days Old
Level 12 Spy earning MP2,500MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP3,750MP a day
Strength 80  Defence 80  Speed 65  Health 35  Charisma 35  Language 60  Geography 65  Maths 30  Sports 55  Books 35  Balance 40  Magic 65  Spells 30  Stamina 55  Coordination 55  Computer Science 24  Law 20 

Earth Axe
Bloody Beasts Fang