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The newest vault code is: maraween-2018-is-here which gives you Fake Cursed Costume and 666MP

On my marasite there's some useful information about all kinds of things including how to change the color of links you've already visited, games, vault codes, sudoku answers, crossword answers, and much more. Please feel free to check it out!








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  • ATM Club Contest List

    Posted on : 5th Oct 2018 10:11   Posted by : Dani
    To make life easier on everyone I figure someone should have a place where all contests can be found. So this blog is it! Make sure you check it here and there as new contests will crop up. I am planning at least 5 this month alone, and know Birdy has some she is planning. If you are hosting a club contest of any kind please let me know so I can post the link to the blog here! The contests will be listed with the ones ending soonest first, and will be updated as contests end.

    Halloween Coloring Contest
    Color one of the images provided, or create or find your own.
    Ends October 25.

    Halloween Dress up Week 4
    The theme is Trick or Treat
    Ends October 28.

    A fun little crossword to do.
    Ends October 30.

    Club Trick or Treat
    A fun trick or treat game played in blogs.
    Ends October 31


    ATM Club Mystery Item Contest

    Posted on : 22nd Sep 2017 10:44   Posted by : Dani
    This contest starts October 11, and ends October 18. To enter please mail me with your guess, if you get it wrong you may guess again if you like. There will be a drawing with all those who correctly guess the item. If the item is in shop search the winner wins the item plus 500k mp if the item is not in shop search the winner only wins the item. If 10 people guess correctly a 2nd place winner of 500k will be chosen via random generator as well. If 15 people guess correctly there'll be a 3rd place winner of 250k added and if 20 people guess correctly there'll be a 4th place winner of 150k added, finally if 25 or more people guess correctly there'll be a 5th place prize of 100k added.

    The item is:

    Checkered Oglue Stamp has been sent to Supernatural


    ATM Club Halloween Crossword

    Posted on : 23rd Oct 2018 14:33   Posted by : Dani
    For ATM members only. This contest ends October 30.

    I have a crossword for you to solve this time. To enter simply maramail me the answers. You can mail me a typed list or you can mail me an image with the answers filled in, either way works!

    There will be a random drawing from all those who complete the puzzle. First prize is Onryo Costume. Second place gets Skull Glowing Egg. Third place gets Eleka Collar. There will be 5 runner up places that get 500k mp each.


    ATM Trick or Treat

    Posted on : 19th Oct 2018 16:37   Posted by : Dani
    Trick or treat Smile Hope lots participate this year!

    ATM Club Trick Or Treat

    Posted on : 19th Oct 2018 16:27   Posted by : Dani
    Abs did this last year, and I thought it was really fun. While abs is no longer with us (God bless and R.I.P. Abs), I figure that's no reason to let something that was fun be discontinued.

    From now until October 31 we'll have the club trick or treat Smile It's simple actually, make a blog, please name it ATM Trick or Treat, post the link to your blog in the comment section here. People will visit your blog and either give you tricks or treats! You then visit other blogs of people who are participating and give them tricks or treats! You do not have to give items . You can leave artwork on the person's blog (just know that for some reason the img tag doesn't work in the comment section anymore), you can leave a story, poem, joke, or you can send an item.

    An example of a trick or treat comment would be "When you knocked at my door I dropped a fake one dukka coin in your bag". Then send the fake one dukka coin to the person. Or you can go more elaborate with something like "The last house on the block was set back away from the street. The streetlight was burnt out, shrouding the property in darkness, leaving only the jack o lanterns to light the way. As you walk to the house you see shadows moving among the trees. Your heart in your throat you climb the stairs and ring the bell. "T-t-trick or t-t-treat" you stammer when the door opens. "Happy Halloween" a croaky voice says. You feel something drop into your bag. You rush away, when you get to the light you reach into your bag to see what was given to you. You find a severed foot! (Then you would send severed foot to the person who's blog it is).

    You can be as creative as you like leaving the comments Smile If your trick or treat isn't an item make sure you note that by saying something like "Enjoy your..." story, art, poem, whatever and then posting the whatever.

    Visit as many blogs as you like, you do not have to visit them all, but please do at least visit some. There will be a drawing done on October 31 from those who participate and secret prizes will be given to the winners of the drawing!

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