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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
Pets Are not for Trade.
However I Will lend for goals and avatars.

Please no club invites, I am not a very social person and I never interact in them.

I <3 lamp

Pets are not for trade. Will lend for goals and avatars however.
Juliannaia the Villain Vlad
13 years & 21 days OldBorn 7th Nov 2007 15:56

Pink Renuw
6 Years 3 Months Old
Negative Snixie
6 Years 5 Months Old
Purple Yolk
6 Years 6 Months Old
Level 3 Athlete earning MP600MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP650MP a day
Level 4  Strength 40  Speed 40  Health 40  Charisma 4  Sports 40  Magic 20