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Marapets is mobile friendly
Pets Are not for Trade.
However I Will lend for goals and avatars.

Please no club invites, I am not a very social person and I never interact in them.

I <3 lamp

Pets are not for trade. Will lend for goals and avatars however.
  1. Missing photo's
    26th Aug 2018 01:03
    2 years, 4 months & 24 days ago
  2. Missing plates
    27th Nov 2015 17:51
    5 years, 1 month & 19 days ago
  3. Missing Gourmet food
    25th Sep 2013 21:05
    7 years, 3 months & 22 days ago
  4. Poops
    17th Mar 2014 18:04
    6 years, 10 months & 1 day ago
  5. Missing Newspapers
    25th May 2019 12:26
    1 year, 7 months & 25 days ago
  6. Missing avatar solutions
    26th Apr 2014 02:01
    6 years, 8 months & 23 days ago
  7. Gobble war items/St Patricks 2014 event
    5th Dec 2013 15:50
    7 years, 1 month & 11 days ago
  8. Job perks I have
    20th Sep 2013 07:37
    7 years, 3 months & 28 days ago
  9. Avatar/Goal Pets
    4th Jul 2013 04:26
    7 years, 6 months & 15 days ago
Missing photo's
2 years, 4 months & 24 days ago
26th Aug 2018 01:03

List is always up to date.Please look at blog and not collection. I have notes of what photo's I will not take.

If it's missing from Collection, this list is still the only thing that matters. Please don't offer if you can't find it here.

Not taking Reward, temple, or telescope photo's.

Advent Gizmo
Advent Poera
Advent Vixen

American Kujo

Ancient King Baspinar-Getting myself

Autumn Pucu

Baby Kujo

Bee Zoosh

Blitzen Arinya

Bootleg Poera

Breeze Sindi

British Ercuw
British Gobble
British Limax
British Raulf
British Zola

Bronze Ercuw

Burnt Justin

Camouflage Echlin
Camouflage Ike
Camouflage Nino
Camouflage Raulf
Camouflage Snookle
Camouflage Viotto
Camouflage Vixen
Camouflage Vlad

Checkered Arinya
Checkered Dakota
Checkered Eyru
Checkered Hump
Checkered Nino
Checkered Quell
Checkered Sindi
Checkered Straya
Checkered Sybri
Checkered Vixen

Cheese Arinya
Cheese Dakota
Cheese Kujo
Cheese Mordo
Cheese Snookle
Cheese Viotto
Cheese Willa

Chibi Tasi

Christmas Azul
Christmas Xoi
Christmas Zoink

Christmastree Yuni

Clown Huthiq

Defective Willa

Devil Kaala

Eleka Raulf
Eleka Willa

Enpiah Gizmo
Enpiah Oglue
Enpiah Ushunda

Evil Clown Astro
Evil Clown Azul
Evil Clown Rofling

Fade Dakota
Fade Eyru
Fade Hump
Fade Ike
Fade Kidlet
Fade Kronk
Fade Limax
Fade Nino
Fade Snookle
Fade Troit
Fade Yuni

Floral Pucu-Getting myself

Frostfire Vlad

Galaxy Gizmo
Galaxy Hump
Galaxy Limax
Galaxy Quell
Galaxy Sindi
Galaxy Tasi
Galaxy Yuni
Galaxy Zoink

Gingerbread Huthiq
Gingerbread Mordo

Glass Dakota
Glass Sindi

Goblin Eyru

Green Dakota

Hairy Viotto

Halloween Gizmo-Getting myself
Halloween Ike
Halloween Osafo
Halloween Rofling
Halloween Sindi
Halloween Tasi
Halloween Zola

Hobo Basil

Ice Huthiq
Ice Kujo
Ice Raulf

Ice Cream Figaro
Ice Cream Kujo
Ice Cream Lati
Ice cream Zola

Ice Fairy Quell

Insideout Dakota
Insideout Eyru
Insideout Limax
Insideout Phanty
Insideout Pucu
Insideout Quell
Insideout Troit
Insideout Willa
Insideout Zoosh

Invisible Daisy
Invisible Lati
Invisible Mordo
Invisible Nino
Invisible Oglue
Invisible Phanty
Invisible Pucu
Invisible Troit
Invisible Vixen

Island Dakota
Island Gizmo
Island Huthiq
Island Yuni

Lava Arinya
Lava Gizmo
Lava Huthiq
Lava Kujo
Lava Nino

Leopard Gizmo
Leopard Gobble
Leopard Justin
Leopard Kujo
Leopard Limax
Leopard Mordo
Leopard Nino
Leopard Poera
Leopard Quell
Leopard Raulf
Leopard Snookle
Leopard Straya
Leopard Sybri
Leopard Viotto
Leopard Vixen
Leopard Willa
Leopard Yuni

Leprechaun Basil
Leprechaun Chibs
Leprechaun Quell
Leprechaun Raulf

Lightning Kujo
Lightning Snookle

Love Astro
Love Basil
Love Dakota
Love Gizmo
Love Hump
Love Kujo
Love Oglue
Love Raulf
Love Snookle
Love Straya
Love Tasi
Love Troit
Love Vlad
Love Zoink

Midnight Kronk
Midnight Lati

Millionaire Zoink

Minipet Kujo
Minipet Raulf
Minipet Tasi

Monster Kronk
Monster Zoink

Native Willa

Negative Basil-getting myself
Negative Gizmo
Negative Troit
Negative Zoink
Negative Zoosh-Getting myself

Ninja Doyle
Ninja Eyru
Ninja Kronk
Ninja Newth
Ninja Nino
Ninja Reese
Ninja Snookle

Old Lorius
Old Poera

Origami Addow
Origami Arinya
Origami Crindol
Origami Equilor
Origami Gonk
Origami Grint
Origami Hump
Origami Huthiq
Origami Jessup
Origami Knutt
Origami Kujo
Origami Mordo
Origami Troit
Origami Viotto
Origami Walee
Origami Zetlian

Pastel Dakota

Pirate Yuni

Pixel Sindi
Pixel Ushunda

Plushie Limax

Poison Sindi
Poison Vixen
Poison Willa

Rainbow Gobble
Rainbow Phanty
Rainbow Quell
Rainbow Straya
Rainbow Wallop

Recycled Zoink

Redpanda Fasoro
Redpanda Figaro
Redpanda Hump
Redpanda Kaala
Redpanda Knutt
Redpanda Nino
Redpanda Tasi

Royal Fairy-Getting myself

Seasonal Crikey
Seasonal Limax

Sewer Fairy

Sewers Arinya
Sewers Astro
Sewers Dakota
Sewers Gizmo
Sewers Ike
Sewers Kujo
Sewers Lati
Sewers Limax
Sewers Mordo
Sewers Nino
Sewers Oglue
Sewers Poera
Sewers Rofling
Sewers Rusty
Sewers Sindi
Sewers Sybri
Sewers Troit
Sewers Vixen
Sewers Walee
Sewers Zoosh

Shaved Justin
Shaved Pucu

Skeleton Addow
Skeleton Gizmo
Skeleton Tasi

Sketch Huthiq

Sleepy Yuni

Slime Tasi
Slime Viotto
Slime Zoink

Snow Huthiq
Snow Poera
Snow Pucu

Snowman Huthiq
Snowman Viotto

Sparkle Dakota
Sparkle Gizmo
Sparkle Ike
Sparkle Justin
Sparkle Sindi
Sparkle Sybri
Sparkle Ushunda
Sparkle Zoink

Splatter Limax

Starry Kronk
Starry Mordo
Starry Raulf
Starry Sybri
Starry Zola

Stoneage Dakota

Strobe Astro
Strobe Basil
Strobe Gizmo
Strobe Hump
Strobe Huthiq
Strobe Lati
Strobe Zoink

Thunder Dakota
Thunder Gizmo
Thunder Hump
Thunder Kronk
Thunder Nino
Thunder Poera
Thunder Troit
Thunder Zoink

Tiger Dakota
Tiger Limax
Tiger Poera
Tiger Rusty
Tiger Sybri
Tiger Tasi
Tiger Viotto
Tiger Zoink

Underwater Limax

Undying Fairy Nino

Valentine Ushunda

Vampire Gobble

Vintage Marada-Getting myself

Zombie Leido-getting myself

Missing plates
5 years, 1 month & 19 days ago
27th Nov 2015 17:51

Always up to date. Always look at blog and not collection.

If it's missing from Collection, this list is still the only thing that matters. Please don't offer if you can't find it here.

Press+hold Ctrl+F to search the list



Black Efall
Black Fandor
Black Lost
Black Mizu
Black Snoop
Black Ush

Blue Chuckles
Blue Dasher
Blue Lost
Blue Lucifer
Blue Pixel
Blue Sk8er
Blue Tearex
Blue Zound

Brown Tantow

Brushy-Getting myself



Daylight Efall
Daylight Yoop




Green Dasher
Green Efall
Green Fasorul
Green Googlag
Green Laiyee
Green Snoween
Green Sprite
Green Tweblud
Green Twindly
Green Vile
Green Yoop
Green Zound

Grey Moneybag
Grey Murfow
Grey Pinto
Grey Plynx
Grey Psyclone
Grey Sewage
Grey Snowman
Grey Snuggles
Grey Superhero
Grey Vile











Orange Batz
Orange Centaur
Orange Dantiz
Orange Grouchy
Orange Maeven
Orange Mizu
Orange Plynx
Orange Tail
Orange Valentino



Pink Blake
Pink Lidge
Pink Maeven
Pink Pinkal
Pink Plynx
Pink Superhero
Pink Tail
Pink Tearex
Pink Yule

Purple Centaur
Purple Chevron
Purple Chook
Purple Drenched
Purple Fild
Purple Lost
Purple Maddox
Purple Snoop
Purple Snowman
Purple Superhero
Purple Tantow
Purple Vorto
Purple Yeti


Red Buckaroo
Red Dasher
Red Drab
Red Erto
Red Fild
Red Lost
Red Pinto
Red Sk8er
Red Snowman
Red Snuggles
Red Tearex
Red Yakuow


Summer Yoop






White Billy
White Efall
White Fawlt
White Laiyee
White Leprechaun
White Lidge
White Lurve
White Moneybag
White Newstin
White Snowman
White Tearex
White Vorto


Yellow Filondor
Yellow Grouchy
Yellow Pinto
Yellow Prancer
Yellow Pumpkin Ed
Yellow Reezul
Yellow Rweek
Yellow Silkie
Yellow Snoop
Yellow Snuggles
Yellow Twinkle
Yellow Vile
Yellow Vorto
Yellow Yeti


Missing Gourmet food
7 years, 3 months & 22 days ago
25th Sep 2013 21:05

Not trading or buying for Fairy or goal rewards.

Not buying anything over 3m

Foxfire mini's


press and hold ctrl+f to search list

2048 Brekkie Mate
2048 Gumball


Anime Potato
Astro Dip
Azul Easter Egg


Baby Pearl
Baspinar Potato
Beanberry Sundae
Bee Pearl
Beige Gumball
Black Forest Cake
Black Gumball
Black Gummi
Black Potato
Black Yolk
Bloody Potato
Blue Easter Egg
Blue Eyeball Gummies
Blue Gummi
Blue Potato
Blue Yolk
Bone Potato
British Potato
Broken Easter Egg
Broken Egg Pearl
Bronze Potato
Brown Bunns
Brown DNA
Brown Gummi
Brown Potato
Brown Yolk
Bubblegum Snowcone
Bug Candy
Burnt Pearl


Calico Gumball
Camouflage Potato
Checkered Easter Egg
Cheese Fries
Cheese Potato
Cheese Gumball
Chibs Ice Sculpture
Chili Cheese Fries
Chocolate Beach Cake
Chocolate Cherry
Chocolate Croissant
Chocolate Pearl
Chocolate Potato
Christmas Pretzel
Circle Easter Egg
Cotton Candy Potato
Cupid Potato


DNA Pearl
Daisy Ice Sculpture
Dark Side Pearl
Deviled Easter Egg
Digital Pearl
Doyle Easter Egg
Drake Sugar Cube


Earth Fairy Pearl
Easter Cupcake
Easter Egg
Eleka Easter Egg
Eleka Horns
Empty Plate
Enpiah Ice Cream
Ercuw Blood
Explorer Pearl


Festival Gumball
Fire Fairy Cupcake
Frankenstein Cupcake
Frankenstein Pearl
Frankenstein Potato
Fresh Chocolate Melon Bread
Fresh Cruller
Fresh Matcha Melon Bread
Fresh Melon Bread
Fresh Strawberry Melon Bread
Frozen Candycane
Frozen Crab Claws
Frozen Frog Legs
Frozen Pot Pie
Frozen Shrimp


Geek Pearl
Genie Potato
Giant Poinsettia
Gingerbread Pearl
Gold Easter Egg
Golem Sugar Cube
Gonk Easter Egg
Greedy Fairy Sugar Cube
Green Blood
Green Bunns
Green Eyeball Gummies
Green Potato
Green Yolk
Grey Bunns
Grey DNA
Grey Gummi
Grey Potato
Grey Yolk
Griffin Sugar Cube


Halloween Pearl
Hazel Eyeball Gummies
Heart Shaped Sausage Pizza
Hick Easter Egg
Hippow Easter Egg
Homeless Fairy Sugar Cube


Ideus Easter Egg
Inside Out Potato
Insideout Pearl


Jar of Artifacts
Jar of Bubbles
Jar of Butterflies
Jar of Buttons
Jar of Cotton
Jar of Fog
Jar of Herbs
Jar of Jewels
Jar of Rocks
Jar of Sunshine
Jezebel Easter Egg


Kidlet Easter Egg
Killer Pearl
King Baspinar Arm
King Baspinar Tail
Kronk Easter Egg


Ladybird Pearl
Lela Easter Egg
Lemon Lime Big Sip
Light Pearl
Light Side Pearl
Low Fat Yule Log
Lucky Easter Egg
Lush Easter Egg


Mac and Cheese
Magenta Jelly
Magenta Potato
Matcha Souffle
Merman Sugar Cube
Midnight Chibs Paw
Midnight Potato
Milk Chocolate Decadal
Milk Chocolate Poera
Miniature Pumpkins
Minipet Pearl
Mint Chocolate Decadal
Mint Chocolate Kaala
Mint Chocolate Zoink
Moon Pearl
Moonlight Fairy Sugar Cube
Moonlight Potato Chips
Mordo Easter Egg
Mouldy Gumball
Mud Pie
Mummy Gumball
Munch Chocolate Bar
Mutant Food
Mutant Friday Fish Burger
My Girl Candy Heart
My Love Candy Heart
My Treat Candy Heart


Naga Martini
Native Potato
Neapolitan Ice Cream Vixen Lolly
Nefarious Pearl


One Hundred Cake
Orange Bunns
Orange Chocolate Ideus
Orange DNA
Orange Gummi
Orange Yolk
Osafo Easter Egg


Paffuto Easter Egg
Panda Onigiri
Panda Pearl
Party Pearl
Pepper Ice Cream Cone
Phanty Easter Egg
Pickle Potato Chips
Pickle Smoothie
Pingi Easter Egg
Pink Easter Egg
Pink Gummi
Pink Osafo Marshmallow
Pink Potato
Pink Yolk
Pixie Pearl
Plushie Fairy Burger
Plushie Fairy Doughnut
Plushie Fairy Lolly
Plushie Fairy Pie
Poera Easter Egg
Poison Jelly
Puddle of Piddle
Pumpkin Pancakes
Purple Bunns
Purple Cupcake
Purple DNA
Purple Easter Egg
Purple Gummi
Purple Yolk



Rainbow Fairy Ice Cream
Rainbow Pizza
Red Bunns
Red Eyeball Gummies
Red Gummi
Red Yolk
Renat Easter Egg
Roasted Chestnuts
Royal Fairy Sugar Cube


Sausage Pizza
Scrooge Easter Egg
Seasonal Potato
Severed Chibs Head
Severed Decadal Head
Sewer Fairy Cupcake
Sewer Fairy Sugar Cube
Sewer Mousse
Shilpy Easter Egg
Simerian Pearl
Skater Pearl
Slice of Angel Pizza
Slice of Daylight Pizza
Slice of Moonlight Pizza
Slime Potato Chips
Snowman Jelly
Snowman Pancakes
Snowman Pearl
Soap Flavoured Gummy
Soft Pretzel
Soy Sauce
Space Pearl
Spam Fairy Cupcake
Spam Fairy Pearl
Spam Fairy Potato
SPAM Fairy Sugar Cube
Sparkle Pearl
Spring Pearl
Spring Potato
Spy Pearl
Square Easter Egg
Striped Easter Egg
Superhero Pearl


Tantua Easter Egg
Teal Gumball
Tiger Pearl
Tooth Fairy Sugar Cube
Tree Pearl
Tree Potato
Triangle Easter Egg
Turkey Dinner


Ugly Teeth Gumball
Undying Fairy Pearl
Unicorn Potato Chips
Ush Easter Egg


Vacation Gumball
Village Pearl


Werewolf Pearl
White Bunns
White Chocolate Decadal
White Easter Egg
White Gummi
White Potato
White Yolk



Yellow Bunns
Yellow DNA
Yellow Gummi


6 years, 10 months & 1 day ago
17th Mar 2014 18:04

Pipe Dream

Adorab Poop

Bacon Poop
Bananey Poop
Batty Poop
Batz Poop
Baxter Poop
Billy Poop
Blake Poop

Caribow Poop
Chiliz Poop
Chlug Poop
Cian Poop
Cubby Poop

Devil Poop
Devilray Poop
Dumpling Poop

Egbert Poop
Eggy Poop
Embers Poop

Fawlt Poop
Fee Poop
Fiestan Poop
Floss Poop
Forte Poop
Frex Poop

Ghosty Poop
Gingerbread poop
Grimmus Poop
Gromps Poop
Gruffle Poop

Imposter Poop

Jinn Poop

Koa Poop

Lambit Poop
Liiing Poop
Lubadore Poop

Maestro Poop
Meepo Poop
Merant Poop
Miraffe Poop

Naia Poop

Orville Poop
Osafup Poop

Plapus Poop
Pugwash Poop
Pumpee Poop

Reesoro Poop
Rutabaga Poop
Rweek Poop
Ryno Poop

Schoot Poop
Shnuggle Poop
Shyee Poop
Silkie Poop
Skelly Poop
Slig Poop
Snixie Poop
Snoween Poop
Snowy Poop
Spootli Poop
Stego Poop
Superhero Poop

Tefty Poop
Tokem Poop
Treat Poop
Troogle Poop
Tubby Poop
Turdle Poop

Ush Poop
Ushunoro Poop

Vile Poop

Waffleo Poop
Willafo Poop

Yolk Poop

Sewer Struggle

Ant Poop
Apollo Poop

Chickle Poop

Sewer Pipes

Anjet Poop
Arizona Poop
Aviv Poop
Azint Poop

Bloobloo Poop
Boris Poop
Buzzy Poop

Camero Poop
Chariot Poop
Chidow Poop
Chook Poop
Chutt Poop

Dracorex Poop
Easter Poop

Fang Poop
Fidge Poop
Fraggle Poop

Hart Poop
Huxen Poop

Jinnie Poop

Mort Poop

Neesta Poop

Patrick Poop
Pinkal Poop
Pinto Poop
Poppy Poop

Reaper Poop
Romantic Poop
Rosie Poop

Sabertooth Poop
Shroomy Poop
Spark Poop
Sphinx Poop

Tadi Poop
Toto Poop
Twittle Poop

Verano Poop

Wax Poop

Missing Newspapers
1 year, 7 months & 25 days ago
25th May 2019 12:26


Baspinar Castle News Jul 2010
Baspinar Castle News Aug 2010
Baspinar Castle News Sep 2010
Baspinar Castle News Oct 2010
Baspinar Castle News Nov 2010
Baspinar Castle News Dec 2010

Biala News Jul 2010
Biala News Aug 2010
Biala News Nov 2010
Biala News Dec 2010


Baspinar Castle News Jan 2011
Baspinar Castle News Feb 2011
Baspinar Castle News Mar 2011
Baspinar Castle News Jun 2011
Baspinar Castle News Jul 2011
Baspinar Castle News Aug 2011
Baspinar Castle News Oct 2011
Baspinar Castle News Nov 2011
Baspinar Castle News Dec 2011

Biala News Jan 2011
Biala News Feb 2011
Biala News Apr 2011
Biala News Jun 2011
Biala News Jul 2011
Biala News Aug 2011
Biala News Sep 2011
Biala News Nov 2011

Candyland News Jan 2011
Candyland News Apr 2011
Candyland News Aug 2011
Candyland News Dec 2011


Baspinar Castle News Jan 2012
Baspinar Castle News May 2012
Baspinar Castle News Aug 2012
Baspinar Castle News Sep 2012
Baspinar Castle News Oct 2012
Baspinar Castle News Dec 2012

Biala News Jan 2012
Biala News Feb 2012
Biala News Apr 2012
Biala News Jul 2012
Biala News Aug 2012
Biala News Oct 2012
Biala News Nov 2012
Biala News Dec 2012

Candyland News Jan 2012
Candyland News Feb 2012
Candyland News Apr 2012
Candyland News Aug 2012
Candyland News Dec 2012


Baspinar Castle News Jan 2013
Baspinar Castle News Feb 2013
Baspinar Castle News Apr 2013
Baspinar Castle News May 2013
Baspinar Castle News Jun 2013
Baspinar Castle News Jul 2013
Baspinar Castle News Aug 2013
Baspinar Castle News Sep 2013
Baspinar Castle News Oct 2013
Baspinar Castle News Nov 2013
Baspinar Castle News Dec 2013

Biala News Jan 2013
Biala News Feb 2013
Biala News Apr 2013
Biala News May 2013
Biala News Jun 2013
Biala News Jul 2013
Biala News Oct 2013
Biala News Dec 2013

Candyland News Feb 2013
Candyland News Aug 2013


Baspinar Castle News Nov 2014

Biala News Dec 2014


Baspinar Castle News Jan 2015
Baspinar Castle News Apr 2015

Biala News Jan 2015
Biala News Mar 2015
Biala News Apr 2015
Biala News Aug 2015
Biala News Sep 2015
Biala News Nov 2015

Candyland News Jan 2015


Baspinar Castle News Jan 2016
Baspinar Castle News Feb 2016
Baspinar Castle News Mar 2016
Baspinar Castle News Apr 2016
Baspinar Castle News May 2016
Baspinar Castle News Jun 2016
Baspinar Castle News Jul 2016
Baspinar Castle News Aug 2016
Baspinar Castle News Sep 2016
Baspinar Castle News Oct 2016
Baspinar Castle News Nov 2016

Biala News Jan 2016
Biala News Mar 2016
Biala News Jun 2016
Biala News Jul 2016
Biala News Aug 2016
Biala News Sep 2016
Biala News Nov 2016
Biala News Dec 2016

Candyland News Jan 2016
Candyland News Feb 2016
Candyland News Aug 2016
Candyland News Dec 2016


Baspinar Castle News Jan 2017

Biala News Jan 2017
Biala News Mar 2017

Candyland News Apr 2017


  1. Missing photo's
    26th Aug 2018 01:03
    2 years, 4 months & 24 days ago
  2. Missing plates
    27th Nov 2015 17:51
    5 years, 1 month & 19 days ago
  3. Missing Gourmet food
    25th Sep 2013 21:05
    7 years, 3 months & 22 days ago
  4. Poops
    17th Mar 2014 18:04
    6 years, 10 months & 1 day ago
  5. Missing Newspapers
    25th May 2019 12:26
    1 year, 7 months & 25 days ago
  6. Missing avatar solutions
    26th Apr 2014 02:01
    6 years, 8 months & 23 days ago
  7. Gobble war items/St Patricks 2014 event
    5th Dec 2013 15:50
    7 years, 1 month & 11 days ago
  8. Job perks I have
    20th Sep 2013 07:37
    7 years, 3 months & 28 days ago
  9. Avatar/Goal Pets
    4th Jul 2013 04:26
    7 years, 6 months & 15 days ago