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The Stock Market is where you can invest your own MP in many of the Shops through out Marada. The share price of each shop changes throughout the day, depending on the level of stock, number of customers, weather, profit, events and other various factors. If a company goes bankrupt you will lose any MP invested in this company.

You can buy shares in a company with a price of MP100MP or above and below MP1,000MP. You can only make one purchase of shares every 3 hours and sell within 2 hours of investing. A purchase can be between 1 and 100 shares in one company.

Shar just sold shares in Weapons for MP1,120MP +7.7%
Guineagirl just sold shares in Car Parts for MP963MP +6.9%
Rosie11 just sold shares in Footwear for MP1,088MP +13.9%
Peguin just sold shares in Coffee for MP3,392MP +12.2%
PlasticDolly just sold shares in DVDs for MP1,258MP +27.6%
Shar just sold shares in Balloons for MP1,511MP +23.8%
Jabba just sold shares in Fast Food for MP1,230MP +75.2%
rhaider just sold shares in Clothing for MP3,998MP +93.7%

Invest in my Toys Shop

Total Stock:
Total Value:
Average Rarity:
Average Price:

Number of Shares

Between 1 and 100 shares

Price per share last week
Current price per share

  Toys News

Toys shares are up 0.64% at MP948MP
31st Oct 2020 06:13

Toys shares are up 0.11% at MP942MP
30th Oct 2020 16:39

Toys shares are down 0.32% at MP941MP
30th Oct 2020 08:17

Toys shares are up 0.11% at MP944MP
30th Oct 2020 04:21

Toys shares are up 0.21% at MP943MP
29th Oct 2020 19:53

Toys shares are down 0.21% at MP944MP
28th Oct 2020 05:58

Toys shares are down 0.21% at MP946MP
27th Oct 2020 18:22

Toys shares are up 0.21% at MP949MP
26th Oct 2020 23:38

Toys shares are down 0.11% at MP947MP
26th Oct 2020 20:33

Toys shares are down 0.21% at MP948MP
26th Oct 2020 15:57

Toys shares are up 0.53% at MP952MP
26th Oct 2020 08:24

Toys shares are down 0.35% at MP859MP
25th Oct 2020 08:51

Toys shares are down 0.23% at MP865MP
23rd Oct 2020 09:12

Toys shares are down 0.57% at MP867MP
23rd Oct 2020 03:23

Toys shares are down 0.11% at MP872MP
22nd Oct 2020 20:38

Toys shares are down 0.68% at MP873MP
22nd Oct 2020 14:35

Toys shares are up 0.69% at MP874MP
20th Oct 2020 08:37

Toys shares are down 0.12% at MP861MP
18th Oct 2020 04:33

Toys shares are up 0.46% at MP871MP
16th Oct 2020 18:11

Toys shares are up 0.93% at MP870MP
16th Oct 2020 08:30