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Marapets is mobile friendly
E5fzUIx.jpg Welcome to my profile (:

I'm a 21yo from the United States.

Trades: I accept MP or AU on all of my listed trades. I also consider trading for any items on my wishlist. My wishlist is updated regularly. My pets are not currently up for trade. If I ever do choose to trade any of my pets I will put them in pet trades.

I like helping people with their goals and quests. If I have something in my gallery or trades that you really need or you want to haggle, MM to discuss.

I often switch between my laptop and mobile phone and rarely log out so online status may be deceiving.

~MT~Open but I prefer MM
~Friend Requests~Open
Player for 1 month, 10 days & 21 hrsJoined 8th Sep 2020 18:39
Player for 1 month, 10 days & 21 hrs Joined 8th Sep 2020 18:39

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