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Marapets is mobile friendly
I am an adult player and a member of Mara:Force, happy with my club and do NOT want invites from other clubs. I am friends with GuardianWarrior and sometimes share computers or Wi-Fi connections with him. My pets are not for sale or trade and rarely loaned. Never to people I do not know well or who are not in our club. Do not ask me to vote for you unless you are a fellow club member or we are good friends. Please do NOT send a Friend Request if you are 'collecting' Friends. I don't want to be part of a collection. Thank you anyway. Cursing one of my pets = Will get you blocked.
Maramail begging = Reported
Maramail Chat = Closed to Strangers.
Marafriends = Okay, only if you are not 'Friend Collecting'.
Be your Boyfriend? = No.
Pet Trades = Closed.
Chat-Speak = Friends only! This is a play site, not a chatroom.

Note to Staff: My friend GuardianWarrior has an account here and may use my computer. We send things to each other randomly or if one needs something and another has it. Please, do not ban us for this. Thank you.
Player for 16 years, 4 months & 25 daysJoined 30th May 2005 21:50
May 2021 bring all the good 2020 did not!!

I joined Marapets on May 30, 2005.
Player for 16 years, 4 months & 25 days Joined 30th May 2005 21:50

Daniel_Of_Abydos has collected 24 of 77 Giftboxes

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Enchanted Plushie Machine
Extra Pet (32)
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Multiple Pet Olympics
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Photo Parlour
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Shop Pricer
Simerian Statue
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