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Marapets is mobile friendly
LRtSEnV.png 20 y/o | they/them | no thoughts head empty

welcome to my profile!

you can call me grave or felix if you want

maramail me if you would like to borrow one of my pets for goals/missions/etc. i'm also happy to swap plates and photos.

p.s: maximilien is my learnie and gourmet foods pet. his lending fee, at the time i checked, was 309,040MP.

to staff: i log in from multiple devices; usually on mobile, but i sometimes log in from computers.
Player for 4 months, 16 days & 13 hrsJoined 17th Jul 2020 09:41
Player for 4 months, 16 days & 13 hrs Joined 17th Jul 2020 09:41

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