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I'm an adult player from Denmark :)

I'm on "danishtime" that is about 8-9 hours in front of Mara-time (depends if its summertime (9 hours) or wintertime (8 hours)) :D

You can write to me in both Maramail or MaraTalk, ill answer as soon as possible :)

I accept all friends :D

Do you have any questions fell free to ask :)

Click for more Info rainbowstar12345 is my daughter (We are working on the Parent-control-form-thingy)

Finally got to lvl 15 at 9th September 2020 :D

Birth: 25th of July 1986

I joined Marapets on 13th Jun 2020

I collect danish things or things with Dannebrog (the danish flag) on :D

I also collect Pikaboo items
See my wishlist :)
Player for 2 years, 9 months & 10 daysJoined 13th Jun 2020 23:11
Im on danish-time :D
Player for 2 years, 9 months & 10 days Joined 13th Jun 2020 23:11

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