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"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think" I'm always accepting friend requests!

My pets are only for trade if they're in pet trades.

My pets are always available for lending except when they're in temples. See my blog for more info.

If you have any of my wishlist items and are willing to trade, or disagree with the prices of items I have in trades, MM or MT me and we can work something out!

My MM and MT is always open! :)

~I am a female highschool student with three younger siblings and a 3 month old dog, so as you see if I don't respond immediatly it is because I'm very busy with school and my at home life. My birthday is July 24th, and I am a Leo. I love reading and am a huge fan of the Wings of Fire series by Tui T. Sutherland... comment 'SunnyIsTheBest!' on any of my blogs if you are one of the few awesome people who know about the series (Or just name your favorite character). Maybe this will convince you to read the series, because trust me, your life won't be complete until you hear Tsunami call Riptide a Squidbrain :) ~
Player for 4 months, 14 days & 18 hrsJoined 12th Jun 2020 17:44
Make Darcassan Anime Doyle {}
Make Remia Stone Age Chibs {}
Get to level 18 in progress goals {}
Complete Priscilla {}
Get Wardrobe Giftbox {}
Work on Wardrobe Collection {}
Player for 4 months, 14 days & 18 hrs Joined 12th Jun 2020 17:44

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