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Marapets is mobile friendly
Hello to every marapets player and your pets!

pls tell me how my doll looks this style is new to me :)

(Thank you for buying Graveyard Keeper Costume for £4 Account Upgrade Credits)


Counter Started On: 10/18/2020

8b88ab8a89a46a1204f2815b872a764747d82deb.jpg Friend request: I’ll happily accept!

Pet lending: Sure! But LENDING ONLY

Everything pet: My chirpy AtlanticBird

Pet trades: Not Atlanticbird

Online Status: I am online daily, usually pops in every hour or so, between 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Canadian time

Personal Info: I live in Canada. I can speak more than one language. English is not my first language. As for marapets, I came upon it on another website. I did not spend any money on this game.

To Staff: Yes LunaM1604 and I are cousins. We also sometimes login from each other’s devices

And by the way also check out my gallery! Not really for sale but if you need them always willing to discount!

P.S. Thank you iger/Koob for completing one of my goals. :)

Also, for the people who have long noses (no insults there haha), I have: 10 million in my bank; I spent: About 130 million T_T


Player for 6 months, 5 days & 7 hrsJoined 26th Apr 2020 16:56
Turn my aqua osafo to a blue pucu
Get a nice chibs

MT: Available/MM: Not preference

Happy Maraween! 🎃 👻
Player for 6 months, 5 days & 7 hrs Joined 26th Apr 2020 16:56

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