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Marapets is mobile friendly
I have a Viotto now! If anyone needs to borrow for a goal, just let me know!!!

I'm Jennifer, an adult player from Canada

Since I have discovered Marapets I have become addicted. I can't get enough. I'm here every day. I love collecting plushies, plates, and photos. Please note that I am very much an introvert and not a big talker so I will talk to you about mara related things but I don't do idle chit chat. Please don't take offense - it's just who I am.

I do not respond to MT - MM only, please.

Click for more about me, lending, and deals in my shop. I will always give discounts on plushies, plates, photos, magazines and newspapers in my shop, for collectors only.

I also lend pets. MM for fees on whichever pet you need to borrow. The only thing you need to worry about is fees, I do not require a tip of any kind.

I am always looking for pets to borrow for goals. If anyone is willing to lend, I would really appreciate it and I will most certainly tip. Right now I need:
Space Fairy

I'm trying to collect all plushies, plates, photos, and stamps. Most recently I've started to collect current issues of magazines and newspapers. My main goal is to reach level 75! Gonna get there someday, in the meantime I intend to have fun.
Player for 6 months, 10 days & 15 hrsJoined 21st Apr 2020 21:15
Player for 6 months, 10 days & 15 hrs Joined 21st Apr 2020 21:15

jenniferesheppard has collected 10 of 77 Giftboxes

Fasoro Falls
Ferris Wheel
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Photo Parlour
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jenniferesheppard has collected 2 of 25 Maps