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Marapets is mobile friendly
Joined 22:32 PM on February 18
I'm a female
I accept friend requests
I respond to both MM and MT
Most (if not all) things in Gallery are up for trade so send me an MM if you want something from it!
I'm already in a club I love
I like to give people things at random
Pet Trades: I'm not trading any of my pets unless they're already trades
Pet lending: Sure
Pet Lending Fees (No tip needed) (Needs to be updated)
Shadar: 284,720MP
SwiftSapphire: 17,280MP
BrightBeryl: 15,280MP
PercyJacksonTheFish: 15,000MP
Joalie: 19,360MP
Buter: 10,320MP
Wailing: 8,440MP
Rhyanna2007: 2,640MP
Click Here I'm not on all the time so please understand that it may take me awhile to respond to you, but I promise I always will.
I'm always willing to take in pets
Shadar is my current transformation pet, so they're gonna be changing a lot when I get around to it, Shadar is my current main pet, and the others are either future/past transformation pets. SwiftSapphire isn't changing her looks at all, I like her as is. The rest are currently not for trades but they are liable to being changed, either in costume or species
Player for 1 year, 8 months & 3 daysJoined 19th Feb 2020 21:31
Player for 1 year, 8 months & 3 days Joined 19th Feb 2020 21:31

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