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^ Amazing doodle by valyria! <3

Maramail: Always open :)

Maratalk: Also always open :)

Friend Requests: Sure, as long as we've interacted before. Please no random
friend requests!

Club Invites: No, join mine!


I'm always happy to lend out my pets for goals, missions, avvies, etc. Check out my pets'

I'm also always happy to swap plates and photos, even for ones that I already have! I don't
really mind as long as they're similar priced :)


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Have a nice day!

If you can see this, MM me with the word bananas and if you're the first person, you get a free tiny gift ;)
Player for 9 months, 27 days & 4 hrsJoined 1st Jan 2020 19:44
Hi! I hope your day is going well.
Here, have a candy corn
Player for 9 months, 27 days & 4 hrs Joined 1st Jan 2020 19:44
~also unicorndragon

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