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About me! :)
twkKiR0.gif Hi! You can call me Rose! I am a huge bookworm, love cats, and I'm an introvert. I am usually on every day at least on at least once. As long as you are in my club or we have met in the forums, I will accept friend requests. All my original pets are named after Greek goddesses, and have 13, or 1313 at the end. (13 is my lucky number!). Please note- I do not actually think any of these "deities" exist, their stories are just so interesting! And I currently have even more free time, (social distancing) so I will be on longer and more. If you need to borrow one of my pets for goals, or if you would like a photo of one of my pets, mm me!

Currently reading: The Girl With the Red Balloon
By: Katherine Locke

Player for 6 months, 9 days & 18 hrsJoined 27th Dec 2019 23:27
Player for 6 months, 9 days & 18 hrs Joined 27th Dec 2019 23:27

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