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The spooky tales of ravenclaw9 and her alleged next victim
Don’t disturb us, or die.

Q.: What’s your name?

A.: Raven. But also Swap, Snap, Freude, Gigi, and Spam, the names of my victims.

Q.: Would you please describe yourself in 5 words?

A.: Kill, dear, or be killed.

Q.: Could I be a friend?

A.: Maybe. With my knife.

Q.: How could I contact you?

A.: MM and MT, with messages written in blood.

Q.: What do you collect?

A.: Wardrobe items I stole from my victims after killing them.

Q.: Your doll looks weird. Why?

A.: Ask that again, and it might be your time to die.

Q.: Another word to describe yourself?

A.: Beware.

Q.: That’s all for now! Thank you!!

A.: Perhaps we should meet again soon…

Q.: Where?

A.: In the Underworld…

Q.: You’re forgetting something…

A.: I give you the curse of death as payment for reminding me!

Dear staff, my, oh my, where should we start? Hmm, I login from different devices, so that I don’t get bored looking at the same victim everyday. And I occasionally gift friends—oh, but doesn’t everyone say that hanging out with friends is fun? Nah, they’re wrong. Did you know you can kill them and not get caught in the act? Now that’s what I call fun.
Mwahaha…(Happy Maraween, darling.)
Player for 11 months, 26 days & 7 hrsJoined 2nd Nov 2019 02:37
I refuse to reveal my true identity, so I got my most recent victim's body and hid it inside a halloween snowman. I threw her blood everywhere and walked out.
Have a bad night, darling.
Player for 11 months, 26 days & 7 hrs Joined 2nd Nov 2019 02:37

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