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➤【Cigar|Dune|Varka|(And so on and so forth...)】

I enjoy weird looking things and a good laugh.
I collect wearables and useless trinkets and enjoy my time doing nothing.
Sometimes you will find me in some random subforum here.
I'm forgetful, most of the time. If I don't respond, it's not on purpose.
If it's in dire need of an answer, just mail back again.
Welcome to the boring part

I do not accept the following...
☒ Random friend requests. [If I want us to be mutuals, I will send the request...
Though your free to request to be friends if we have communicated in the past.]
☒ Club invites [I forget they exist most of the time]
☒ Mails asking me to vote for you. [I'll pass.]
☒ If gallery is for sale. [What on earth could you possibly want from there]
☒ If pets are for trade. [Are they in pet trades? No? Then not for trade]
And whatever else your beautiful brain will think of.
The answer with high chance, will be a no.
But shoot your shot if you're desperate I guess.

My humour is like a depressed duck. Not funny nor alive.
Oh would you look at that. You're done.
You finished reading this rubbish of a profile.
Congrats I guess.
Look at all of those other people who also achieved this.
Wild huh?

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Player for 3 years, 4 months & 10 days Joined 28th Sep 2019 06:03

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