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Current Status: Stressed. Not ignoring anyone, just dealing with r/l

My name is Wolfe, not Nomad. It has been Wolfe for decades. Nomad means a Wolfe wandering around. There are many of us Wolfs, Wolfes, Wolves, Wolfies here on this site. We are a loyal breed.

Online daily (I keep a tab open) except Sabbath (Saturday)

Ha! Please don't mind my attire at times. Drew insists it is the "in" thing. Sometimes I wonder.



Currently a work in progress. Just testing right now!

Formerly known as Noble I was here in the early days of Marapets. I played for a long while. Sadly I had to leave due to intense studies at my college. When I returned, I did not remember my password (goodness, had been awhile!) so I made a new name, figuring I would delete this account after I was able to retrieve my old account. After some discussion with staff, I felt it was best to remain in this one (as per rules here when a new account is made). Anyway, if I recall, I also was not a very nice person then. Oh, how things have changed! I am much happier and more relaxed and enjoying life! So, this is the "new" me. The other account has since been deleted.

I have severe social anxiety disorder. This means on most days I am unable to speak to another person in any manner (real life/face to face; social media; private message; forum posts; etc. . .). I do have good days where I "come out of my shell" and am able to talk to others. This is something that has developed over the years, which is odd because I used to be a public speaker in front of many. So, I do not intentionally ignore people. I just come around as I am able, even to "touch base".

I am currently working on various collections and avies (finding as many as I can)

Pet Peeves: a/s/l
banana hairs. Yep, banana hairs
Player for 1 year, 5 months & 6 daysJoined 27th Feb 2019 06:22
Currently working on adding to wardrobe, book reading, gourmet food and avatars.
Player for 1 year, 5 months & 6 days Joined 27th Feb 2019 06:22

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Jelly Castle
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